The Tabernacle, its Spiritual Significance, Part 7

“Wolves” in the Courtyard

In our previous post we discussed the “Brazen Altar” and the “Laver”, the first representing the great
ransom sacrifice of Christ and the latter the means by which we cleanse ourselves from the defilements of
the world through the washing of the word in preparation to entering the dwelling place of the Almighty
as pictured in the Tabernacle, however what we felled to mention is how few there be who make it this far
most unfortunately after having entered the courtyard through faith in Christ, are quickly corralled and
taken away.

What do you mean taken away, taken away where and by whom?

Recall the Words of our Lord in John 10:1,

Most assuredly, I say to you he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs up
some other way, the same is a thief and a robber

Apparently some (the thieves here mentioned) have gain entry into the Lord’s sheepfold by other means
(through subterfuge, deception and lies) their purpose not to join with those seeking the LORD, but
rather to rob, to steal away some of the Lord’s sheep. We are warned of such false prophets who come
to us dressed as sheep, but who are actually ravenous wolves (
Matt 7:15) unfortunately the sheep
especially the young “
lambs” are very timid and easily led astray and so it doesn’t take much to corral
them, thus “
with covetousness shall they with false words exploit you” (2 Pet 2:3) and speaking
perverse things seek to draw away disciples unto themselves.

And so we fine waiting just inside the courtyard enclosure amongst the various professing Christians, the
Blind guides”, “False Shepherds”, “robbers” "who climb up another way" (Matt 23:16; Ezekiel
34; John 10:1-3
), those who would speedily misdirect and detour these “sheep” desiring true
communion with God, this these blind guides accomplish by means of various man-made rules and
teachings (creeds and etc.), and thus the majority of the sheep are quickly corralled into one or another
of the various enclosures or “
pens” (the various denominations and or man-made organizations) set up
outside the "gate", in the “camp”, and so many who at first were on the right path have been
diverted from this course, which if they had been left to followed would have led them to the “
”, the “Straight gate”, the “narrow way” of sacrifice (Matt 7:14), of full consecration and covenant
relationship with the LORD.

Woe to you lawyers! (Doctors of the Law as they were then called, but now Doctors of Divinity
nevertheless both designated by the Lord as the “
blind guides” of the blind) For you have taken away
Through traditions and speculations) the key of knowledge (the key to the privileges and
opportunities of the Gospel age as they pertain to the church and her special calling, the “
”, a call to sacrifice now and by and by to glory later, much of which is taught through the
Tabernacle types
) you did not enter in yourselves (enter into “His rest” through faith and
consecration, and thus never entered the “
Holy”, the spirit begotten condition, Why? Because you were
blinded by your own ignorance and disbelief preferring the teachings and traditions of men over that of
the Word of the Lord.
), and those who were to enter in (who passing the Laver were standing just
outside the Tabernacle
) you have hindered (misled through false teachings and misrepresentations).”
Luke 11:52

That is through your own ignorance you have deceived them into thinking they have done everything
require of them in their return to God, yet there remained
one more crucial step. You thoroughly
convinced them that a mere confession of faith in Christ was all that it took, not only to be saved, but to
be begotten of the spirit or “
born again” as you like to call it, that all such believers were assured of a
heavenly inheritance. The blame for this deceit however belongs to both the blind guides and the blind
who follow them as the vast majority of professed Christians have long since placed far too much faith in
the “
wisdom of men”, in their ministers, Pastors, teachers and etc., rather than in the Word of the Lord
There is no scriptural evidence to support the theory that a mere profession of faith grants
anyone spirit begettal

In the Tabernacle type only those who had entered into the courtyard, who had recognized the brazen
altar as typifying Christ sacrifice, and subsequently washed at the laver (typifying the washing of the
word) and from there gone forth to present themselves at the entrance to the Tabernacle (typifying the
surrendering of the will, consecration), only these having passed the “
first vail” and entered the “holy
were begotten of the spirit. The vast majority of professed Christians have yet to have experienced a
change of natures and are still of the earth, earthly “
natural men” lingering in the courtyard, in the
tentatively justified condition.

Speaking of these blind guides and false shepherds (the “
rams and the goats”) the Lord states,

Is it too little for you to have eaten up the good pasture, that you must (likewise) tread down
with your feet the residue of your pasture and to have drunk of the clear waters
(of truth), that
you must foul
(pollute) the residue (the remainder) with your feet? And as for my flock (those who
are approaching me
), they eat what you have trampled with your feet, and drink what you have
fouled with your feet… You have pushed with side and shoulder, butted
(from the true path) all
the weak ones
(those new to the Christian faith) with your horns (you’re supposed positions of
power, authority
), and (thus) scattered them abroad (some into the wilderness condition [“outside
the camp
”] others trapped within the various confines of Babylon [the “camp”], in one of the various
enclosures or pens found there
)." Ezek 34:18-21

“The 'Court,’ the justified human condition, is entered by faith only; but while we must retain the faith
that justifies,
we must do more, if we would experience a change of nature and become 'new
,’ `partakers of the heavenly calling,’ to be `partakers of the divine nature.’

Entering the `Holy,’ therefore implies our full consecration to the Lord’s service, our begetting
of the spirit
and our start in the race for the prize of the divine nature—the terms of which are
faithfulness to our vow, crucifying the justified flesh, presenting our human wills and bodies living
sacrifices to God; no longer to seek human pleasure, honor, praise, etc., but to be dead to these and
alive to the heavenly impulses. Yet, into this condition also, we still come through Christ Jesus our Lord,
who not only opened for us the `
Gate’ of justification through faith in his blood, but who also opened the
Door’ (the first Vail) into the Tabernacle, `a new way of life,’ as spirit beings, through and beyond
the second vail, by the sacrifice of our justified flesh,
hence the two apartments of the Tabernacle,
the `Holy’ and the `Most Holy,’
two phases or stages of the new life to which we are begotten
by the Holy Spirit

Justification means `to make right.’ It does not signify a change of nature, (it) merely means to
make right that nature which was
. . . God could not accept us as a sacrifice unless first we were
justified . . . justification must come first for God cannot accept an imperfect sacrifice. We must be made
right by
the imputation of Christ’s righteousness; and we believe that the very instant after Christ has
imputed His merit, the very next minute the Father accepts our sacrifice and grants us the indication that
we are accepted by giving us the holy Spirit.” (
Q408; CR349)

So the question is asked,
‘I thought we were already covered in the robe of Christ’s
righteousness as represented in the white linen curtains of the courtyard?’

This is true but just as those in the courtyard condition are only “tentatively justified” so too with
regards to the “
robe of Christ’s righteousness” it is only given as a temporary measure so that the
individual might enter the “
holy place” of God (the courtyard), and thereby take the necessary steps to
approach God.

We will continue with our next post.