The Tabernacle, it’s Spiritual Significance, Part 4

Within the Walls of Justice

After having admitted that we are sinners, and that our course in this world was heading in the wrong
direction away from God we made the determination to turn ourselves around and to adjust our course in
the right direction. Henceforth we determined to dedicate ourselves to living righteously to the best of our

Now through faith in Christ as represented in the entrance curtain we take the “
first step”, and pass into
the “
holy place” or what we call the courtyard. Passing through this doorway resulted in four things, viz.

(1) The forgiveness of sins.

(2) A tentative status of justification temporarily known as “faith justification”, thereafter,

(3)Being justified by faith, we have peace with God” (Rom 5:1) that is we are no longer
considered as God’s enemy, but rather as his friend, and as a friend we are equated certain favors,
foremost of these is the opportunity to

(4) Likewise we secured a provisional status as an antitypical Levite a member of the Household of

*It should be rightfully understood that all who are presently being drawn to the Father through the Son
(in this the Gospel Age) are in truth only being drawn for one purpose, and one purpose only and that is
to make them aware of the special privilege and offer now being presented at this time, “
Now is the
(or receivable) time” the acceptable time to present oneself a living sacrifice… which is our
reasonable service. (
2 Cor 6:2; Rom 12:1)

They have been
tentatively justified by their faith just for this purpose, providing them ample time to
count the cost” once having been made aware of this special grace or favor, a favor offered only now
during the Gospel Age

Having now entered the courtyard we can now take a closer look at the courtyard curtains, the post and
their various appointments to see what they were composed of and why, and likewise what they and the
courtyard typify now and in the distant future. As previously stated the curtains of the courtyard
consisted of fine woven linen,
white linen; linen represents the justice of God; white represents purity
and holiness. Thus these curtains symbolized the righteousness of Christ as a “
covering” or “robe” to
those justified within.

To those within, this curtain represents a wall of faith, but to those without a wall of unbelief
hindering their view and access to the holy things within. These curtains were upheld by wooden posts (or
pillars) which stood in
*copper sockets likewise suspended by silver fillets or rods which ran from one
post to the next. Each post was capped with a silver chapiter or ferrule and tied to the ground by means
of cords (rope) both from the inside and the outside of the curtain wall. The rope was attached to silver
hooks on the post and tied to the ground by copper pins (or tent pegs).

The significance of this is this, “
The posts which stood in the court and upheld the white curtains,
justified believers…They are of wood, a corruptible material. This shows that they are not
actually perfect as human beings; for since
human perfection is represented by copper, these posts
should be either made of copper, or covered with copper to represent actually perfect human beings.
They were made of wood, but were set into sockets of copper, which teaches us that, though actually
imperfect, their
standing nevertheless is that of perfect human beings. It would be impossible to more
clearly represent
Justification by faith.” (T 113)

“The work of the Church (pictured in the posts) in the past ages and in the future is to hold up to the
view of
the world without (those represented in the “camp” condition) the spotless righteousness of
Hidden behind the snowy white curtain covered by this robe, standing alone by divine
power, but
linked together by the truth, (the silver fillets or rods) they form a long united row,
reaching down the stream of time “a glittering host in bright array”
… Truly as the Apostle Paul
says, we are surrounded by a “
cloud of witnesses”. Within the court there were solemn mysteries
transpiring, and many beautiful sights (
holy things) which it was not lawful for those without to even
catch a glimpse of. They must first see and appreciate the righteousness of Christ (
as pictured in the
Entrance Curtain). R100

And so the courtyard represents the condition of Justification entered through faith in Christ, the “gate”.
The posts themselves representing these justified ones, the white linen curtain the robe of Christ
righteousness, which both covers and
separates them from those without in the “camp”, or unjustified

Now say the posts were positioned on the outside of the curtains, (
as pictured in the diagram above)
what would this imply? It would imply that they were no longer covered by the righteous robe of Christ
that they had gone outside of the courtyard, outside “
the holy place”, and back into the “camp
condition, amongst the unjustified. Remember it was the
interior of this courtyard which was considered
holy ground and therefore designated the “holy place”, for there in the tabernacle dwelt the presence of
God, the great "
I Am that I Am", outside of this enclosure resides the world of mankind under the reign
of sin and death and thus separated from the holy and righteous God by means of the linen curtains
which represent His justice, His righteousness.

Justice is the foundation of God’s Throne. The whole superstructure of His Kingdom is built upon justice.
He will not do less than justice, and this is what He requires of every creature. Nothing less than absolute
justice will be permitted. Because of Adam’s sin, justice is calling for the death of the whole world, and
that is the reason the whole world is a dying world. Nevertheless because of his great love for his creation
He has provided a way out a way in which he can be just and yet justify (
Rom 3:26) He has shown us
what that way is: that being our Lord Jesus, the way, the truth, the life. (
See What Pastor Russell Said,

Nor is it possible to hold both positions at the same time, one cannot serve both God and mammon (the
world) at the same time, that is be a part of the justified as represented in the courtyard and at the same
time a part of the unjustified as represented in the “
camp”, “one cannot serve two masters”,
simultaneously, thus any presentation of the post which shows them integrated into the curtain walls
themselves (
as pictured above), exposed from both within and without the courtyard would likewise be a
faulty depiction of the type, not to mention the fact that the posts, the silver chapiters (capitals), fillets
and hooks along with their copper sockets were all considered as part of the “
holy things” of the
Tabernacle, things which the children of Israel were forbidden to look upon, thus placing them outside the
curtain wall or integrated into the walls of the curtains in the typical sense would be a serious breach of
God’s word and as such would bring about the death of everyone within eyesight.

The posts hidden behind the white linen curtain pictures the covering of our sins with the robe of Christ's
righteousness; however should they be pictured as being exposed whether fully or partially outside of
these curtains walls this would imply that one had “
put off” the robe, and was now standing in the filthy
rags of their own self- righteousness. (
Matt 22:11; Isa 64:6)  It is only when the posts are pictured as
within the curtain walls surrounded by this “wall of justice, of righteousness” separating them
from the world that the true lesson is taught, any other depiction other than this is erroneous and
speaks volumes as to the author’s knowledge and understanding of the “
deep things” of God.


All the pillars of the court round about shall be fastened together with [rods of] silver; their
hooks of silver, and their bases of copper

Exod 27:17 Darby Bible Translation

The foregoing is the proper translation, however most translators render what should be copper as
brass” or “bronze”,

Copper is a pure metal with a distinct reddish or orange tint, with a metallic luster. The cubic crystalline
structure is face-centered, and reflects only red and orange colored light from the visible spectrum, giving
it the familiar reddish hue. Compared to adjacent metals in the periodic table, copper is harder than zinc
but softer than iron. The metal is malleable, meaning that it can be elongated with pressure and molded
into different shapes. Copper is also ductile, which enables it to change form and be stretched into long
thin structures without breaking. Pure copper's melting point is 1,981°F (1,083°C, 1356°K). Its most
important properties include superior heat transfer, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Brass is a combination of two metals, primarily copper and zinc. Brass was first known to exist in about
500 BC. Brass is stronger and harder than copper, but not as strong or hard as steel. It is easy to form
into various shapes, a good conductor of heat, and generally resistant to corrosion from salt water, with
a low melting point (900 c), all this makes it a good choice for use in the tabernacle and probably the
reason why many translators use it.

Bronze is a metal alloy consisting primarily of copper, usually with tin as the main additive, but
sometimes with other elements such as phosphorus, manganese, aluminum, or silicon. Bronze dates to
about 3500 BC., its hard and brittle, melts at 950 centigrade but depends on amount of tin present.
Bronze resists corrosion (especially seawater corrosion) and metal fatigue more than steel and is also a
better conductor of heat and electricity than most steels, likewise a good choice.

God however chose copper for a very specific reason being that copper is a pure metal unlike brass or
bronze and more accurately pictures the lesson which he intended to teach in the tabernacles shadow.
Copper is the reflection of Gold, Gold representing the divine nature,
copper the perfect human
, even as the perfect man Adam was created pure, (holy and perfect), an earthly image or
reflection of his Creator.

We shall continue our look at the posts and their spiritual significance in our next post.

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