The Tabernacle, its Spiritual Significance, Part 18

Beneath the First Vail        

In our last post we examined a few of the requirements which are necessary
before passing beneath
the First Vail
, now we wish to examine those which transpire while we are passing beneath the First
, all of which prove necessary if we are to enter the first chamber of the Tabernacle, the "Holy".

(1) It is at the first vail we become a true Christian, a follower ordiscipleof Christ. (Refer back to
Part 12 of our study for more on this

(2) Most importantly it is here that we received the imputation of the righteousness of Christ, here
we received our “
wedding robe”.

(3) Thus our justification which was for a time only tentative in nature became vitalized, actual
, that is we were reckoned as fully justified human beings, which in turn resulted in,

(4) Our consecration or sacrifice being made “holy and acceptable” (Rom 12:1) upon the Lord’s altar.

(5) Here we sacrificed or forfeited our restitutional or earthly life rights secured to all through the
ransom sacrifice of Christ.

(6) Not only did the human will die at this point, but likewise as human beings we were hence forth
considered dead. "
For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.” (Col 3:3)

(7) We were baptized (made participators) in Christ death, that is “being made conformable to his
” (Rom 6:3; Phil 3:10) i.e. following in his example we willingly laid down all our earthly rights and
privileges as human beings, including our restitution rights reckoned ours at the moment when we were
fully justified.

(8) At this point we were joined to thebody of Christ”, and became members of the Royal

(9) Following which we were begotten by the Father through the Holy Spirit to anew nature
a spirit nature, one possessingthe mind (or disposition) of Christ”, howbeit presently this new
creature is only in its embryonic condition inhabiting the old earthen vessel which has been “
(made alive, holy,
Rom 8:11; Eph 2:1) to be used up in the service of the Lord and the brethren,
consumed upon the Lord’s altar. T
hus the LORD accomplishes his share in our sanctification.

(10) We received the “spirit of adoption”, as members of the house of sons; sons of God
brethren of Christ
(Rom 8:15)

(11) Here at the first vail having been begotten of the Father and made priests with our Lord we receive
the holy anointing,
the Holy Spirit as an evidence of our acceptableness to the Father.


The third entrance or “vail” generally referred to as the Second Vail likewise has requirements before
entry is permitted. Once again the elaborately woven curtain and its chosen colors depict faith in Christ as
the only means of access.

In order to pass beneath this vail it is required that one has
made their calling and election sure, that
they have been proven faithful “
even unto death”, literal death.  (2 Pet 1:10; Rev 2:10) The first vail
represents the death of the will and in essence the death of the flesh, the second vail the actual death of
the flesh.

When we presented ourselves to the Lord as “
living sacrifices*” we actually died there, died to the flesh
and were begotten to a new nature, a spirit nature, however the Lord would first prove us, to see if we
would prove faithful to our calling and election, therefore we were permitted to continue to occupy these
earthen vessels “
quickened” (made holy through the righteous covering of Christ) that our imperfect
works while using up the life of this vessel would be considered as perfect in the eyes of the Lord. As
living (human) sacrifices we are being consumed upon the Lord’s altar. This as you know is quite
necessary as the Lord has stated, “
flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven”, that is
the spiritual phase of the kingdom, this flesh must give way to our new spiritual bodies should we prove
*What is a living sacrifice?

“Our initial idea of sacrifice is the killing of victims; and in fact the Jewish temple was a great
slaughterhouse of sheep and oxen; the smoke of the offerings for sin went up to heaven continually from
the altar of burnt offering. The temple was more like a butcher's shop than a church. But if those
sacrifices for sin were the most conspicuous of the offerings, there were also others where no blood was
shed. These were not offerings for sin, and could not be, for without shedding of blood is no remission.
They were offerings of thanksgiving. A
living sacrifice is a sacrifice of thanksgiving.” (The Herald of
Christ’s Kingdom
Nov/Dec 1987, Page 1)

From the foregoing and from our previous posts it should now be evident to all just how very
important the
First Vailis in the over-all Tabernacle picture, one might even suggest that next
to the Ark of the Covenant it is the
hubor central focal point of the whole picture.  

As was stated in the first segment of this study, “
The Tabernacle is the key to the divine plan, which
alone explains the
mysteryof this Gospel age, which is the church and her special call to the
privileges of sacrifice now and the privileges of glory by and by
." (R4434)

It is in the “
courtyard” that (“Many are called”) made aware of this special “grace”, or privilege to
enter the race for the high calling which is in Christ Jesus our Lord
, the entry fee however is
expensive, it will cost you everything, in fact (a full and complete consecration of one’s self to the Lord
following in the Master’s footsteps). This entry fee is made at the “
door” to the Tabernacle; it is here at
the “
First Vail” that the race begins. As for those who will receive the “prize” this goes only to the (“few
who are chosen
”) who have proven themselves to be “faithful unto death”, who have thus passed the
finish line, the “
Second Vail”.

Do you not know that those (the many who are called) who run in a race all run, but only one (the
receive the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.” (1 Cor 9:24)

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