The Tabernacle, it’s Spiritual Significance, Part 10

The Tabernacle, “Now and Then”


The Courtyard of the Tabernacle represents a condition which is not yet complete or perfected
at the present time.

Presently it represents the condition of those approaching God, that is to say,

Whoever is coming near to God by believing in the work of Jesus, and who trusts in the
precious sacrifice, these are in
a tentatively justified position, but (reckoned as actually)
only after they have made a full consecration to the Lord. They are justified to the
privilege of approaching, but they are not privileged to be Priests, (
they cannot enter the Tabernacle),
nor can
they come into God's full favor without going on still further. Suppose anyone went as far as the
Laver and then began to reason that he was advancing too rapidly, and then stands still arguing that he
must stop this rapid progress by taking matters slowly and wishing to remain here for some time before
going on to the Priesthood, that one never has his Justification completed.
His Justification is never
fully completed because he never takes
the final step by which that Justification is vitalized. That
is the step of
FULL CONSECRATION. After wandering around in this way for a length of time without
any sign of going on in the way, some grow cold and get out of the way, and perhaps out of the Court
altogether. That represents the use of the Court at the present time.” (

These having realized the purpose of this Gospel age, who reframed from taking this final step, fully
committing themselves to the Lord have in essence “
received the grace of God (tentative
) in vain”. 2 Cor 6:1

“God’s grace as freely bestowed upon those who have come to a knowledge of the redemption which is in
Christ Jesus our Lord is the grace of forgiveness of sins, of justification through faith; and the very
object of this grace is to permit or qualify us to become living sacrifices acceptable to God’s altar through
the great sacrifice of our Redeemer.” (
Rom 12:1) If this offer is declined it implies that the individual is
lacking in the “
spirit of a sound mind” that they consider the present advantages, which are but
fleeting of far greater worth than the “
pearl of great prize”, glory, honor, immortality, joint heirship
with their Lord in the kingdom of heaven.

Their lot in the next age will not fare as well as that of others who “
knew not”, for as it is written, “That
servant who knew his master’s will
(His will concerning consecration and sanctification, 1 Thess 4:
), and did not get ready or act in accord with his will, shall be beaten with many stripes. But he
who did not know, yet committed things deserving of stripes, shall be beaten with few.
everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required
; and to whom much has been
committed, of him they will ask the more
.” (Luke 12:47, 48)


However not all who enter the courtyard reach this point for as you recall we mentioned some who,
Know not the way”, some who wander in and out not knowing the proper steps to approach God,
most of whom who are heavily influenced by the false doctrines and teachings of Babylon. They took
first step
of faith in Christ and were permitted to enter into the courtyard, but were quickly diverted by
the “
Blind Guides”, robbers who had entered in another way and subsequently were corralled into one or
another of the various “
pens” of the nominal church, which reside just outside the courtyard in the
camp”, with some left wandering in the wilderness “outside the camp”.

These unfortunately are not the only ones corralled or trapped within the confines of Babylon, so too are
many of the Lord’s
consecrated people, “Babes in Christ”, unripen wheat, spirit begotten, but starved
for the truth which alone promotes growth and development into the full likeness of Christ Jesus their
Lord. This true nourishment, the truth is no longer to be found within the confines of Babylon for the
light of the lamp” the enlightenment of the Bible, the Holy Scriptures no longer shines in her anymore,
all that remains are a few scraps of (basic) truths in order to make Babylon’s teachings more palatable.  
Nor is heard the voice of the bridegroom (the Lord) and his bride (the true Church), for the Lord
has cast off the nominal church, and true Church (those of greater spiritual development) have all but
heeded the Lord’s injunction to, “
Come out of her”, to depart (Rev 18:4, 23) thus leaving none but
babes”, and these lacking in proper spiritual understanding themselves are of no benefit to the church
nominal even if they had chosen to listen to them.

Nevertheless one may ask, how comes these spirit begotten ones in Babylon in the first place, if
they were fully consecrated are they not represented as being in the “Holy”?

You have to remember that the various areas within the enclosure, viz., the courtyard, the Holy
and the Most Holy
represent conditions, not places. Those who were begotten of the spirit were
begotten at the same location as all the spirit begotten, at the door of the Tabernacle proper, however
just as some of the tentatively justified wander in and out of the courtyard so too some who entered the
holy” or spirit begotten condition have been drawn back towards the world due to worldly ties, friends,
family, work and etc., these have not denied their Lord, but have been overcharged with the cares of this
world. As the Lord so states one cannot serve two masters, both God and mammon, one will be
sacrificed at the cost of the other.

These will eventually be freed, but not until Great Babylon comes crashing down around there knees,
they will suffer great loss (loss of the “great prize” for which they were called, to honor and glory and
joint heirship with their Lord),
but nonetheless will be saved as through fire (that is through severe
trials and testing’s),
1 Cor 3:15 many of these will come up out of the great tribulation at the end of this
age having washed their robes (which they allowed to be contaminated through contact with the world) in
the blood of the Lamb.
Rev 7:14

Having reached the End of the Age (the Gospel Age), and thus the harvest, the Lord has sent
forth the reapers to gather the
wheat” (the fully consecrated) into his barn, those on this side of
the vail into the “
Holy”, the spiritual condition; the condition of security, of separateness from the worldly
those on the other side, that is those who have passed beyond the vail having made their calling and
election sure he is gathering into the glorified condition, as represented in the “
Most Holy”, the heavenly
granary. Meanwhile the “
tares”, nominal Christians are being bound and bundled together into their
various sects awaiting the fire of the Great Day, not to be burned as individuals however, but as a class
to kill, to put and in to) their professing that which they are not, i.e. Christians in the truest sense
of the word.

“When it comes to
the end of this Age and to the perfection of the saints at that time, those who were
approaching unto God sincerely during this Age, and who have come all the way there (
all the way to the
Most Holy”, having made their calling and election sure) will be accepted. The remainder (those in the
courtyard condition, the tentatively justified
) will no longer be justified in this way, but will exit the
courtyard, and join
the rest of the world waiting for the blessings of the next age, and to actual
. The Court will be emptied, so to speak, and all those who have entered fully into the Most
Holy will then remain as the Members of the Body of the Christ.
Likewise at the end of that time a
distinction will be made between those who have been found worthy and those who have not been found
worthy. Those who are found worthy shall pass into the Most Holy to be there forever with the Lord, but
the others who are not found worthy will be excluded from that
select company and will belong to the
second company (the “Great Company”, the antitypical Levites). They still have justification, they got
it the moment they (
took the “Second Step”, and) passed the First Vail of Consecration-- the moment
Jesus Christ became surety for them,
however felling to make their calling and election sure they cannot
be of the Elect,
the Royal Priesthood. They are of the Levites. These positions represent the attitude of
the two classes.
All the Levite Class represents the Court condition; all the Priest Class, the Elect
.” (Q310)

Remember only the Priests were allowed in the Tabernacle. All who are running for the prize of the
heavenly calling are considered
prospective priests, (thus their entry into the “Holy”), but those who fell
to make their calling and election sure lose this “
probationary status” as priest and are resigned back
the servant or Levite class, that or should they likewise chose to deny the Lord who bought them
be consigned to “
second death” from which there is no recovery. Likewise remember all who entered into
covenant relationship with the Father;
a covenant of sacrifice (Psa 50:5) agreed to sacrifice all their
earthly interest, both the present and the future. This implies not only the forfeiture of many rights and
privileges (various desires, ambitions and etc.)
lawful to any earthly creature at the present time, but
nevertheless deemed as obstacles or obstructions in the development of the new creature, but likewise
the sacrifice of their future
human life rights secured to all through the ransom sacrifice of Christ, once
these life rights are placed upon the Lord’s altar in sacrifice they cannot be returned. At the very moment
of consecration and its acceptance the individual was begotten to a new nature, a spirit nature, the fleshly
body in the eyes of God is reckoned dead, and when the individual physically dies it is gone forever, he will
never get that life back, he will either be born a spirit or he will cease to exist going into second death.

Having been reckoned justified all the fully consecrated are on trial for life or death right now, “
begins at the house of God
”, the household of faith. The decision rendered is final there are no
remakes.  Thus the Lord’s admonition that one sits down and thoroughly counts the cost of what one is
truly surrendering before entering into this covenant arrangement with the Father.  As for mankind their
trial or judgment is reserved for the next age, they will receive justification, actual justification even as
have the fully consecrated, but theirs will come to them gradually as they make progress in righteousness
working their way up the highway of holiness and to that
human perfection once held by father Adam.

We will continued with our next post.