The Tabernacle its construction and furnishings”, Part 39

The Construction or Erecting of the Tabernacle

Here we have what are considered the four most common views of the Tabernacle, the question is which
one or ones fulfill both the
spiritual aspects as well as the practical aspects of a tabernacle?

“Tabernacle Designs”

It is apparent that in some instances some in the desire to present the tabernacle in all its glory and
beauty quickly forget what it was truly meant to typify, what it was truly meant to represent, and so in
their haste to present the tabernacle (as they imagine it) they would have it illustrated as a thing of
beauty, with its entrance pillars of gold and exquisitely embroidered curtains exposed for all to see and
marvel at, thus when it comes time for rendering the tabernacle they generally present a picture of a
tent like structure which naturally consists of the three final coverings which were placed over the
tabernacle, however these are placed in such a fashion so as not to inhibit the elaborate beauty of the
linen curtains from being exposed for all to see. (I have seen such an illustration of the tabernacle on
the Internet) This of course we as “
Bible Students” familiar with the true purpose and intent of the
tabernacle and what it foreshadows understand to be grossly incorrect.

In our previous post we pointed out that the tabernacle structure with its elaborately embroidered linen
coverings was in fact what was actually considered
THETabernacle”, and that following this the next
covering (the goat skin curtains) were what were referred to as
THEtent” over THETabernacle
Exod 36:14) this tent was then covered by to unique coverings, one of rams skins dyed red and the
other of seal skins (
Exod 36:19).

Now in regards to the “Goat Skin Curtains” the Scriptures clearly indicate that the true purpose of
these curtains was that they were to serve as “
a tent OVER the tabernacle” (Exod 26:7) that is to say
they were
designed to conceal that which was below, the tabernacle itself, remember the
Tabernacle itself consisted merely of the structure itself, the boards, pillars, sockets and etc., and the
first set of beautifully embroidered linen curtains. However
the primary purpose of the Goat Skin
Curtains was that they were to be used to completely cover and conceal the linen curtains
, this not merely from above, but from all sides (excepting of course the front). They therefore
must of needs be placed directly over and in contact with the linen curtains below, for in no other way
could they have fulfilled their purpose completely concealing the curtains below

It should likewise be recalled that the length of the linen curtains were 28 cubits each (Exod 36:9) and
when stretched out over the tabernacle structure would then fall to within 1 cubit of touching the
ground on both sides, the significance of which represented the fact that the Church is not connected
with the world, in the world, but not of the world, whereas on the other hand the goat’s skin curtains
measuring 30 cubits in length (
Exod 36:15) which when stretched out over the linen curtains not only
completely concealed those curtains below but likewise consisting of a slightly longer length reached all
the way down to the surface of the ground around the tabernacle structure completely concealing both
the linen curtains and the structure itself that is save where the silver sockets which supported the up-
right frames might be seen protruding at the base. Had the goat skin curtains been placed in any other
way they would not have accomplished this task. Their coming into contact with the earth represented
our Lord’s perfection as a human being while on the human plain of existence

As to how the final two “COVERINGS for the tent” (Exod 36:19) were employed, we really don’t have
any dispute with how precisely any choose to illustrate these (except of course for those who lean
toward extravaganza) the Scriptures are silent as to how precisely these were employed. It should be
noted however that even in the instance in which most “
Bible Students” depict the final two coverings
as draped directly over the first two, that this is merely an assumption on their part, purely speculative,
there is no more evidence to support this view then there is for any other, save possibly one, which we
will address shortly. The fact is most “
Bible Students” simply prefer to accept the draped over view
because it fits all the
spiritual aspects needed in the picture and they simply chose to ignore the
practical aspects. This of course shows a lack of appreciation for the Architect of this structure.

Think about it, when we consider the
Great Pyramid do we not take into consideration both its
spiritual aspects as well as the wonder of its construction, its structural integrity, form, purpose and
precision to detail as evidence that it was designed by the Great Architect himself? Therefore should we
not consider that this same architect would likewise design the tabernacle so that it too could
incorporate it spiritual significance and or purpose within a structure which is both sound (stable), and

What kind of example would we be setting to others if we did not rightly consider all the facts before
coming to any conclusions, if we did not exercise soundness of mind in our presentations?  Why do you
think most Creationist are refuted by Evolutionist, I’ll tell you why, it is because they have not
presented their case properly, in their haste to present the spiritual aspects of their views (the spiritual
side of the argument) they neglect to apply sound reasoning, they neglect to apply logic to their
presentation. Our God is not a God of chaos (of disorder and confusion), but rather he is a God of
order, of logic and of reason and so it stands to reason that the tabernacle likewise should incorporate
these principles in both its design and or functionality and in its spiritual significance

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