“The Tabernacle its construction and furnishings”, Part 3

Previously we had mentioned three distinctive areas involved with a tabernacle study, the “Camp”, the
Courtyard”, and the “Tabernacle proper” along with its two separate chambers, the “Holy” and the
Most Holy” all of which represented the various conditions of the individuals who occupied these
areas, beginning first with
the Camp which represented the condition of the world in sin, those without
the courtyard representing those who having taken the first step, professing faith in Christ,
have passed through the “
entrance curtain” into the courtyard area, these although being “justified
by faith
” in Christ are in a provisional condition not only as prospective antitypical Levites, members of
the “
Household of Faith” but also as respects their justification, which in their present condition has
not yet been made
actual, i.e. vitalized.

It should be rightfully understood that all who are presently being drawn to the Father through the Son
(in this the Gospel Age) are in truth only being drawn for one purpose, and one purpose only and that is
to make them aware of the special privilege and offer now being presented at this time, “
Now is the
(or receivable) time” the acceptable time to present oneself a living sacrifice… which is our
reasonable service. (
2 Cor 6:2; Rom 12:1)

They have been
tentatively justified by their faith just for this purpose, providing them ample time to
count the cost” once having been made aware of this special grace or favor, a favor offered only now,
presently during this the Gospel Age. This is why we state likewise that their status as antitypical
Levites, members of the Household of Faith is only provisional now.

In the strictest sense the Household of Faith only includes those who are consecrated, but in
the broader sense it would include those still counting the cost
.”(R5358:1; 2740:4 SM638:1)

Many are called (of those tentatively justified, but alas few of these respond, many lacking the spirit
of a sound mind are unable to properly weigh the true rewards of a full submission of themselves to the
Lord) thus
few are chosen” (few prove worthy of the favor to which they have been called) and so they
receive this grace (or special opportunity, favor) of God in vain” (Matt 22:14; 2 Cor 6:1)

If after being made aware of this grace, this special favor they choose not to participate, not to make a
full consecration to the Lord at this time, preferring rather earthly prospects instead, i.e. the promised
earthly kingdom, then from that time onward theirs will be a backward course in which there will be
less and less of the Divine favor, until eventually they will once again be back where they started from
in the “
camp condition” (See Q 696)

Since their status as antitypical Levites, members of the Household of Faith was also contingent upon
acceptance of these terms then where would this then leave them but as mere members of the
professing church,
the nominal church?

As for the
Tabernacle proper, the “Holy” represents the condition of those who having counted the
cost have come to realize that the sacrifice of their little all is nothing as in comparison with the
rewards promised, (glory, honor, immortality) and so taking
the second step they consecrate
themselves fully to the Lord and enter the “
race” through the “Straight gate” the first Vail into the
Holy and there embark upon the “
narrow way” (as depicted in our illustration by the white cone
beginning at the entranced to the "
Holy"), and if they should be found faithful unto death in this
endeavor they will in time reach the end, the finish line (the Second Vail) and enter the “
Most Holy” the
immortal condition, the divine plane.

In the following diagram of the Tabernacle we have divided the tabernacle enclosure into two specific
sections, section
A and section B with the dividing point between the two centered over the entrance to
the Tabernacle proper,
entrance into section (A) being designated as theFirst Stepand
entrance into section (B) as the
Second Step”.

Now just about all professing Christians are familiar with
the first step and what it entails, that is as far
as a profession of faith in Christ for the forgiveness of sins is concerned, but when it comes to the
results of this confession of faith that is where the difficulty begins with many being taught all kinds of
vainly imagined things not supported by the scriptures save through the wrestling’s of the scriptures by
the blind guides. Many are taught that immediately upon a profession of faith one is
begotten of the
, that they have been “born again”, and that all such believers in Christ are assured of a
heavenly reward
, that is they believe that in the resurrection they will be resurrected spirit beings
occupying the spiritual phase of the kingdom, however the truth is they have been duped by the blind
guides, even as our Lord said,

Woe to you lawyers! (At that time known as the Doctors of the Law, supposed experts in the laws
and precepts of God, today known as the Doctors of Divinity)
for you have taken away the key of
(the Word of God, the written testimony, the one standard of truth, substituting instead
your man made traditions and teachings totally disregarding the central theme of its testimony, the
ransom, which if one had a proper understanding of the Tabernacle and its typical sacrifices one would
be well acquainted with,)
You yourselves shall not enter (into the spiritual phase of the kingdom)
and likewise (unfortunately) those who were attempting to enter, you have hindered (misled).”
Luke 11:52

That is to say those who were at one time heading in the right direction, at first having entered the
courtyard condition progressing past the brazen altar and onto the laver in a condition of tentative
justification preparatory to their full consecration to the Lord, you deceived, mislead and utterly
confused by your false teachings and misrepresentations so much so that they were deluded into
thinking that they had already accomplished all that was required of them in which to secure a heavenly
inheritance and reward, and so they never took the second step which leads to sanctification.

the first step of faith in Christ and a consecration to righteousness (right living) one enters
area (A) resulting in the following,

(1) The forgiveness of sins.

(2) A tentative status of justification temporarily known as “faith justification”, thereafter,

(3)Being justified by faith, we have peace with God” (Rom 5:1) that is one is no longer
considered as God’s enemy, but rather as his friend, and as a friend is equated certain favors, foremost
of these is the opportunity to sacrifice.  

(4) Likewise the individual secures a provisional status as a Levite a member of the Household of

Note: following this first step the individual still remains a natural man, there has been no change of
natures as yet nor has any sacrifice been made (the foregoing or putting away of sins is
Faith in the Redeemer, accompanied by a consecration to follow righteous, brings
tentative) justification, but does not imply sacrifice. Sacrifice is a voluntary act, not demanded.”

Now in regards to taking the second step a consecration to sacrifice this entails a little bit more
than merely a consecration to righteousness it implies the full surrender of oneself to the LORD, all out
time, talents, money, ambitions, desires, rights and etc., everything, the very surrender of ones will for
that of the LORD’s even as the Master our forerunner set forth for us as an example. This is what is
typified by passing beneath the “
First Vail”.

However there is one more very important item which is surrendered at this juncture and that is ones
restitution rights, one’s life rights (perfect human life rights) which were reckoned to us through the
imputation of the Lord’s merit, these life rights we willingly surrender in the hopes of obtaining the
heavenly reward.

Similar to the Ancient Worthies who through faith “
obtained a good testimony” (Heb 11:39) in “the
times of restitution
,” our title to life would have likewise been made good, but we have consecrated
that life (reckoned as restored).

Now the following is a list of those things which take place following the acceptance of our
remember our share in our consecration (sanctification or setting apart) took place
as in accordance with the type immediately outside the entrance to the tabernacle proper, just
before the First Vail
, when hopefully after counting the cost we fully submitted ourselves to the LORD,
and to his will, this was typified by the presentation of the two goats at its entrance (
Lev 16:7)

Immediately following the consecration of ourselves we passed beneath the First Vail, and entered into
the “
Holy” of the tabernacle. Now several important things took place while we were passing directly
beneath this First Vail
, they are as follows,

(1) First and most importantly the merit of Christ righteousness was imputed to us.

(2) Thus our justification became vitalized, actual
, that is we were reckoned as fully justified
human beings, which then resulted in,

(3) Our consecration or sacrifice being made “holy and acceptable” (Rom 12:1)

(4) Not only did the human will die at this point, but likewise as human beings we were hence
forth considered dead.
"For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.” (Col 3:3)

(5) We were baptized (made participators) in Christ death, that is “Being made conformable to
his death
” (Rom 6:3; Phil 3:10) we willingly laid down all our earthly rights and privileges as human
beings, including our
restitution rights reckoned ours at the moment when we were fully justified.

(6) We were begotten by the Father through the Holy Spirit to anew naturea spirit nature,
one possessing
the mind (or disposition) of Christ”, although presently this new creature is only in
its embryonic condition inhabiting the old earthen vessel which has been “
quickened” (made alive,
holy) to be used up in the service of the Lord and the brethren, consumed upon the Lord’s altar.
the LORD accomplishes
his share in our sanctification.

(7) We received the “spirit of adoption”, as members of the house of sons; sons of God brethren of
Christ (
Rom 8:15)

(8) We are privileged to enter the first of the King’s chambers the “Holy” in which as prospective
members of the body of Christ we are granted access to the light illuminating from the “
Golden Lamp
” representing the Holy Spirits guidance and enlightenment. Likewise we are privileged to eat
from the “
Table of Show Bread” lawful only for the priest to partake, indicating our access to special
food (spiritual food, specifically the deep things of God’s Word) things which those outside (in the
Courtyard" condition as natural men) have no comprehension or understanding. And lastly we have
access to the “
Golden Incense Altar” in which our sacrifices along with our prayers ascend as a sweet
savor both pleasing and acceptable to God through Christ Jesus our Lord.

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