“The Tabernacle its construction and furnishings”, Part 21

The outside of the Most Holy measured 10 cubits high x 10 cubits wide, giving a total of 100 cubits, the
Lord’s number
, whereas the outside measurements of the tabernacle as a whole, beginning with the
west end 10 x 10=100, the north and south side’s 10 x 30=300, or 600 respectfully, followed by the
top or ceiling 10 x 30=300 gives us a grand total of
1000 God’s number.

Now if we measure the outside of the Most Holy from the outside of the upright frames or boards at the
rear end of the tabernacle to the front side of the pillars which suspended the Second Vail at the
entrance to the Most Holy we have 10 cubits, this times the height and width of the tabernacle equal

It will also be noticed that
the Most Holy is a perfect cube 10 x 10 x 10 this represents the final
perfection of the body of Christ (the Church) both as a whole and as individual members when
completed, glorified and made perfect having passed beyond the Second Vail, this is in contrast to the
present condition of the Church both as a unit and as individuals not yet complete, not yet perfect, thus
pictured in
the Holy as a rectangle.


It might also prove interesting to note the following,

The volume of the Ark of the Testimony is 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.5=5.625
The volume of the Most Holy is 9 x 9 x10= 810 cubits

Now if we divide the volume of the Ark into that of the volume of the Most Holy we get 144, this times
the perimeter of the Most Holy (10x 10x 10=1000 cubits) 144 x 1000=

“It is interesting to note how these members of the true Church here represented in the gold-plated
boards, are related to the “
Brazen Altar” which stood in the Court; which altar first of all represents the
ransom sacrifice of Christ Jesus (T22) and then also the “altar” whereupon they, the Church, are
privileged to be offered together with Him, as “
sin (burnt and peace) offerings” for the people.”
R4389:3) If we are correct in our deduction that the thickness of the boards was a half cubit, then the
volume of each of these boards was 1.5 x 10 x .5 equaling 7.5 cubic cubits. Multiplying this figure by the
Tabernacle’s sacred number 10, we arrive at 7 1/2 x 10= 75 cubic cubits, the same exact volume as that
of the Brazen Altar 5 x 5 x 3= 75 cubic cubits! (
Notes on the Tabernacle”, Page 108)


As was stated the
48boards” represent the Church as the sanctuary of God, “For ye are the Temple
of the living God…
” (2 Cor 6:16) Each of these boards measured 1 ½ cubits wide and 10 cubits long
(high), thus giving them a surface area of 15 square cubits.
In two ways do these boards indicate
the exact number of the very elect, the “Temple Class”

(1) If we take the square area of all the boards (8 x 1.5 sq. cubits) we get 720 sq. cubits, dividing this
figure by the structural unit .5 the
*quotient is 1440 which when multiplied by the Lord’s number (100)
yields us

(2) If we take merely the width of each of these “boards” 1.5 cubits for the 48 boards we get 72 cubits,
dividing this figure by the structural unit, .5 the quotient is 144, which when multiplied by Jehovah’s
number (1000) yields

In view of the fact that only the 144,000 are thus represented one might ask where Christ is found in all
this. Simple let us recall that the “
silver sockets” which supported these boards, likewise those which
supported the four pillars upon which the Second Vail was suspended number exactly 100 our Lord’s
Both collectively and individually these sockets represent Christ, each board had two
tendons by means of which the sockets afforded support to the boards this as if to suggest
that these two tendons correspond to our justification and sanctification both of which are
only as we stand in Christ Jesus.

*Quotient: A number indicating how many times one quantity is contained in another; the result
obtained by division.

Likewise note the following from Brother Frey’s notes,

“The square area of each board by the measurements given, taking into account both sides of the
, is (2 x 1 1/2 x 10=30 square cubits. For 48 boards it will be exactly (48 x 30) 1,440 square
cubits. Since these boards represent the Church, whose very existence as “
the Tabernacleor
Sanctuary of God, is based on the redemption which is in Christ Jesus
, we are not surprised to
find them standing in the silver sockets made out of Israel’s redemption money (
Exod 26:19,21,25; 36:
24,26,30; 38:25,27
). There were just 100 of these silver sockets supporting the Tabernacle’s boards
and the four pillars which upheld the Vail; and 100 seems to be Jesus’ number in the numerical
symbolisms of the Tabernacle. Now if we multiply the square area of the 48 boards which represent the
Church, by the number which represents Jesus, we get (1,440 x 100) 144,000, the number of those
who because of the sacrifice of Jesus will be privileged to become identified with the mystical Tabernacle—
the Church which is his body! (
Notes on the Tabernacle”, Page 107)

It is quite evident here that the Tabernacle even as the Great Pyramid speaks for itself, the
question is who is listening?