"The Tabernacle its Construction and Furnishings", Part 1

    In this examination of the Tabernacle we will be concentrating specifically upon the general
    construction of the Tabernacle itself, its courtyard and all that pertains to it, i.e. its boards, pillars,
    sockets, curtains and etc., to determine what if any these might picture or typify individually and/or
    collectively, we will also take a look at the various items of furnishings associated with the
    Tabernacle, such as the brazen altar, the laver, the golden lampstand, the table of show bread, the
    golden altar, and last but not least the Ark of the Covenant.

    It should be understood that much of what is to be presented here has been gleamed from the
    writings of Brother Russell, Brother Frey and many other faithful brethren who have written on the
    subject of the tabernacle, however this does not mean that all the brethren (all “Bible Students”)
    share the same views which we will be presenting in this study, this is merely a compilation of some
    of the finer points which they have brought to our attention as faithful stewards of the Lord’s

    Now naturally the Lord does not wish us all to be merely spectators, but rather to be participators,
    he did not instill within us the ability of reason things out for nothing, but rather expected us to
    make use of this ability. Now this is especially true of those who have been begotten of the Holy
    Spirit who proclaim to be the Lord’s children, we are each expected to contribute according to what
    the Lord has seen fit to give us, each in knowledge and understanding, less that knowledge which
    we have be taken from us and given to a more faithful servant, thus every member in the body
    should make every effort to contribute whatever they have gleamed in their own personal studies.
    The Lord has not given all the truth to any one particular member of the body, but has graciously
    spread it amongst all his children, so that all would have need of each other that is if we are to
    properly grow in the graces and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. As it is written we are
    not only joined to our head, our Lord, but also to each other by that which every joint (in
    the body) supplies (and/or contributes not only in love for one another but in knowledge and
    understanding, i.e. personal study and experiences in trials) according to the effective workings
    (of the Holy Spirit, i.e. through its guidance) by which every part does its share (contributes),
    causing growth in the body for the edifying of itself in love. (Eph 4:15, 16) Thus it is that I
    myself have added some of my own personal thoughts here and there to this study, which as always
    will be presented in italics so as to avoid any misunderstandings.

    Now before we get into the details on the construction of the various items we will begin with a
    general overview of the tabernacle layout and its significance not only for the benefit of those familiar
    with its true value to the student of God’s Word but also for new interest and for those unfamiliar
    with its true role in the plan of God.



    (1) Upright frames overlaid in gold each individually set in two silver bases                                    

    (2) Crossbars overlaid in gold

    (3) Most Holy

    (4) Ark of the Testimony

    (5) Pillars overlaid in gold set in silver sockets

    (6) Second Vail

    (7) The Golden Incense Altar

    (8) The Holy

    (9) Table of Show-Bread

    (10) The Golden Lamp-stand

    (11) Pillars overlaid in gold set in copper sockets

    (12) First Vail

    (13) Copper Laver

    (14) Linen Curtain surrounding Court

    (15) Brazen Altar

    (16) Curtain Post set in copper sockets

    (17) Entrance Curtain to the Court

    (18) The Court

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