"The Tabernacle, it's Spiritual Significance"

1)   The Key to the Divine Plan
2)   "Our Journey Begins"
3)   The Courtyard
4)   Within the Walls of Justice
5)   "Fillets of the Tabernacle"
6)   The "Altar" and the "Laver"
7)   "Wolves" in the Courtyard
8)   That which is "in part", and that which is "perfect"
9)   The "Wedding Garment"
10) The Tabernacle "Now and Then"
11) The Tabernacle Complete
12) Believers, Christians, Disciples, Who?
13) The Five "W's", and the How
14) The Spiritual Divide
15) The "Door" to the Tabernacle, the "First Vail"
16) The “First Vail”, Consecration and the Real Baptism
17) The Three "Entrances"
18) Beneath the First Vail
19) The Three "Barriers"
22) Who could enter the Tabernacle?
23) The Golden Pillars
24) Following Directions

"Dimensions of the Tabernacle Courtyard"

1)   Define "Hangings"
2)   Still "hanging" in there
3)   Length and Width
4)   "Pillar Position" ???
5)   Getting it Right

"The Consecration of the Priesthood"

1)   Seven Parts
2)   The Sin-Offering, the "Bullock"
3)   The two "Rams"
4)   The "Wave-Offering"

"The Great Day of Atonement"

1)   Two view-points
2)   The "Sin-Offerings", the Bullock and the Lord's Goat
3)   The "Scape-goat"
4)   "Then comes Judgment"   
Atonement for the Holy Place   
"Sins" laid upon the "Scape-goat"
7)   The "Scape-goat" and the "Great Company"

“The High Priest Garments of Beauty”

1)   "Garments of Beauty"
2)   Shoulder Pieces
3)   Two parts to the "Breastplate"
4)   The Breastplates "Jewels"   
The "Jewels" and their meaning
6)   The Under-priest    

“The Tabernacle its construction and furnishings”

1)   Basic Layout of the Tabernacle                                
The “Key” to the Divine Plan
3)   The “First” and “Second” Step
4)   The Entrance Curtain
5)   The Courtyard Curtains and their attachments
6)   “Cubit” measurements
7)   The Courtyard its dimensions and Posts
8)   The Tabernacle “speaks”
9)   The Brazen Altar Represents?
10) The Brazen Altar and its construction
11) The Brazen Altar and its “Grating”
12) The Brazen Altar and its “Coverings”
13) The “Horns” of the Altar
14)  No “steps” or “ramps” ascending the Altar
15)  Dimensions of the Altar and their significance
16)  The Laver
17)  The Tabernacle its “boards” and “tendons”
18)  The significance of the “boards” and “poles”
19)  Silver Sockets
20)  Solid or hollowed “boards"
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