Our disclaimer: first and foremost it should be rightfully understood that much of what is
presented here is simply excerpts taken from the various studies of many other find Bible Students
written over the years, including the Pastor (i.e. Pastor Russell), some of these brethren are still
among us while others have since passed beyond the veil to be joined with our Lord, nevertheless
their works and efforts in the service of the brethren continue in their writings. What we have done
here is simply presented some of these studies we personally have reviewed and studied for
ourselves, and in some cases have elaborated upon, subjects which we believe may be of special
interest and benefit to others.

Understand we did not undertake this work with the intention of any disagreement, that is to find
fault or error in any of these works, but naturally in some cases we may agree or disagree more
with one brother than with another or simply share another opinion of our own altogether, that is
the liberty (the freedom of thought) we all share in Christ Jesus our Lord. This difference of opinion
however should not be misconstrued as disunity among the brethren, disunity in the faith, far from
it, most of the differences we have either involve minor technicalities or are in reference to prophecy,
much of which is yet still unfulfilled at this time, and thus not fully ascertained. When it comes to
the unity of the faith, our shared beliefs, WE ARE ONE IN FAITH, that is in regards to the basic
fundamental truths we all hold true taught to us through the works and efforts of the Lord's
faithful and wise servant, and as we have proven and established for ourselves by and through the
Word of the God itself.

Our intention here in reexamining some of these works is simply to point out, and at times
elaborate upon some of the more pertinent points mentioned, thus contributing our individual share
in personal study as admonished in the Holy Scriptures. (
See Eph 4:13-16)

In some cases what might be presented in these studies may simply be the results of a
conversation and/or debate of a particular subject which we may have had at one time or another
with another student of the Lord’s Word. Nevertheless we believe some of this material may prove
beneficial to the student, especially here now as we have come to the end of the age.


The Tabernacle


The Consecration of the Priesthood (Illustrated)
The Great Day of Atonement (Illustrated)
The High Priest Garments of Beauty (Illustrated)
The Tabernacle its construction and furnishings (Illustrated)
Dimensions of the Tabernacle Courtyard
The Tabernacle its Spiritual Significance



Chapter 12 "Michael and the Dragon"
Chapter 13 "The Beast and the Image of the Beast"
"His Number is 666"
Chapter 16 "The Seven Last Plagues"
Chapter 17 "The Beast that was, and is not, and is to come again"



The Great Pyramid (updated 12/18/2017)
Isaiah 19 Egypt in Prophecy
The Hour of Temptation
What Will Happen Next?
A Great Storm Approaches
The Man with the Writers Ink horn
"A Dark Night Approaches"
Daniel Chapter 11
Ezekiel's Temple



6000 Years from Adam, The True Bible Chronology



Understanding the Judgment

The Resurrection


Understanding the Resurrection



The Parable of the Talents
The Parable of the Marriage Feast
The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares
The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats

Ransom and Restitution


A Life for a Life
A Ransom for Adam
The Mediator and the New Covenant


The Two Salvations
More on the Two Salvations

Education in Truth

The Proper Method of Study
Taught of the Lord
Vision of the Lamp-stand and Olive Trees
Who are the Levites?



In a Beginning (updated 12/18/2017)


At this time I am undertaking the process of setting up a blog in which some of the subjects found
on this website along with some new material will be available. I find a blog allows more opportunity
for individuals to comment and/or present their thoughts on various scriptural subjects. Presently
the articles covered in my blog are some which should be well know and established among the
brethren. You can find this blog here,


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List of Studies