The Two Salvations, Part 1

A failure to clearly discern the distinction between, first: the sacrifice which Jesus gave for our sins,
on account of which we have been granted repentance and remission of sins, and
second, the sacrifice
we have been called to make with Christ
as sharers of his sufferings and to fit us to share his glory,
has been the source of much confusion of thought.

In consequence, some preach: It is ALL grace, we can do nothing; God through Christ does all. These
would quote in proof,
"By grace are ye saved through faith and that [grace] not [because of any
merit] of yourselves-it is THE GIFT OF GOD,"
--"not of works, lest any man should boast." (Eph.
.) Others declare: It is GRACE truly, but unless you DO WORK in harmony with it, you never will be
saved. It is written,
"Present your bodies a living sacrifice," and "WORK OUT your own salvation."
Rom 12:1, and Phil 2:12)

The party which mixes works and faith gradually comes to regard faith as of little value, and works as all
important, and detracts from the value of the sacrifice which Jesus gave, while adding to the importance
of the sacrifice of the sinner, or as they term it the sinner's death to sin, as the means or cost of his own

The party, which depends wholly on faith, generally inclines to
an opposite EXTREME and ignores the
possibility of any fallen being doing works acceptable to God. In their endeavor to show that Jesus fully
and amply
"paid it all," these frequently assert that the penalty of sin was ETERNAL TORTURE, and
that Jesus endured as much
SUFFERING in a few hours in Gethsemane's garden as all mankind would
have suffered in an

Each of these parties is without argument when confronted with the Scriptures of the opposite party, and
without denying or disproving the texts in opposition, each quotes the texts and teaches the view which
seems most approved to itself; while the infidel sneers--

There is a difficulty somewhere-- what is it?

It is this: The doctrines of ELECTION AND FREE-GRACE, both are true; both are supported by
Scripture, and
the difficulty has been a failure to note the TWO AGES to which the two doctrines
(“rightly dividing the word of God”) an election according to favor during the Gospel age, and
Free and complete favor to all during
the Millennial age.

So also the doctrines of Faith and Works--BELIEF as a ground of salvation, and SACRIFICE as a
ground of salvation.
Both are true: When we rightly divide the word of truth, its beauty and harmony
is manifested. As in the doctrine of Election, the harmony is seen by observing the
TWO AGES, so with
this doctrine, the beauty and force can only be distinguished by recognizing

Does some one hastily say: I cannot believe that; the Scriptures teach of two salvations? We reply: How
do you know? Have you searched the Scriptures with that in view, to see? We can show clearly that the
Bible does indeed teach
TWO KINDS OF SALVATION and two totally different classes of saved.