Revelation Chapter 16, “The Seven Last Plagues”, Part 2

Keep in mind that what we present here are specifically the thoughts on the subject as presented in the
New Albany Notes on Revelation, however if something comes up from another source I will state it
as such. As always my personal thoughts are to be found in

VERSES 1 and 2 “Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels, “Go and
pour out the bowls of the wrath of God
on the earth. So the first (angel) went and poured out
his bowl
upon the earth, and a foul and loathsome sore came upon the men who had the mark
of the beast and those who worshiped his image

Bear in mind that the plagues are aimed at the same targets, as their respective trumpets (i.e. the
first plague is the response or results of the first message of the first trumpet not being heeded, likewise
the second plague is the results of the second trumpet message not being heeded, and so on and so

Or as the Lord so states,

I have set watchmen over you, saying ‘Listen to the sound (ing) of the trumpet!’ But they said,
‘We will not listen.’ Therefore hear, you nations, and know
(take note), O congregation, what is
(what befalls) them, Hear, O earth! Behold I will certainly bring calamity (wrath manifested
in a specific action or event
) on this people, the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not
heeded my words, nor my laws, but rejected it
.” (Jer 6:17-19)

A lesson was being presented here by the Lord not only to the various nations or peoples living at that
time (“
hear you nations”) but also to those future nations (the “congregation” or “assembly”) who
would likewise hear the trumpets sounding, that if they heeded not they would reap the same results,
calamities, troubles, or as expressed at the end of the age, the “
bowls of wrath”.

Thus we note the duel significance of this prophecy, it applies both to the
nominal fleshly house (Israel
after the flesh
), and the nominal spiritual house, Christendom, its first fulfillment was after the death
of our Lord, in the siege of Jerusalem, its second fulfillment is even now taking place as the seven last
plagues are poured out, because
once again the trumpets go unheeded.

It is our belief that each of the seals and trumpets parallel the messages of their perspective
(i.e. Ephesus, first seal, first trumpet, Smyrna, second seal, second trumpet, etc, etc.), we
therefore contend that the messenger or angel to each of the respective churches was not only the one
who blew the trumpet, but likewise the one who was given the privilege to pour out “
the judgments” or
bowls of wrath”, this now in their risen and glorified condition.

This honor hath all his saints to execute the judgments written." (Psa 149:9)

We are not to assume erroneously that every one of the saints, all 144,000 take part
in every aspect of
the judgments
, merely that they all have a share in rendering THE judgments, some, the few are
chosen to pour out the plagues, others join in to “
smite the nations”, “To bind their Kings with chains
and their Nobles with fetters of Iron…
” still others shall be privileged, in the next age, to render
, to shed light and truth upon mankind.

We believe the first angel or messenger to have been the Apostle Paul, (we understand that some
brethren differ on this, but we will not spend the time here go into that, as that will only sidetrack us
from our primary subject, rather we will leave that for another discussion at another time
). As he was
honored to sound the first trumpet, likewise he is the first angel sent forth to pour out the first bowl of

pouring out is apparently the administration of the details of the EVENT, which forces the first-
plague truths
on the establishment.”

It is important to note that these plagues have their effects BOTH on the false church as well as

In regards to the world we see it thusly,

“Remember the bowls are
the media of delivery, specific events, which are used to force truths
(plagues) to the attention of the old order.

The first bowl appears to be the First World War. (1914)

“This bowl was
POURED UPON THE EARTH. Note that, unlike other plagues, this one IS on THE
rather than on a specific PART of the earth. WWI was a plague upon all society (the earth). It
is acknowledged by all historians that this was an event, which changed the world forever. WWI put an
end to Divine Right of Kings. Previously this doctrine had been the very foundation of governments since
Rome. However while many kings had been bad, think of the horrors which have in this century replaced
them: Communism, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, etc., etc.”

And a foul and loathsome sore came upon men

“This “
sore” is probably the inability ever since WWI to find a stable form of government. It is
(concordance = bad or evil) because instability is one of the worst curses to happen to any
social structure.
It is MALIGNANT because it is incurable and spreadable. Note particularly who was
primarily affected by this plague (
that is in regards to the world) -- those who had been a part of the old
Divine Right structure.
It was AIMED SPECIFICALLY AT EUROPE. Those who lost the most were
those who depended most upon the old church-state system.” (
N.A.N.O.R. Pages 122-23)

In regards to the false church, note specifically to whom this plague befalls, first of all upon
those who had the mark of the beast and secondly on those who worshiped his image.

“It is upon this class that the trouble
first comes. While Roman Catholics constitute an important
proportion of this earth class,
yet the trouble does not affect them at first, as shown from the fact
that the ulcer is
NOT upon those worshiping the BEAST, but on those worshiping the IMAGE and
having the marks or characteristics
of the Beast (Papacy), which indicates clearly the various shades and
degrees of

Their trouble is compared to an ulcer or “
loathsome sore” --"an evil and malignant ulcer." To
appreciate the symbol let us consider the literal: An ulcer is a running sore; it is an evidence of
constitutional disorder, and very painful.
A CANCER in its worst stages becomes a malignant ulcer. An
ulcer is a cankerous sore, that is, one,
which eats, corrupts and destroys. Now carry the thought—
what an ulcer or bad cancer is to a man will illustrate the character of the consuming, life-draining trouble
coming upon the systems constituting Protestantism, so called, which ultimately will destroy it.

It arises from within itself; it is a constitutional disorder, caused by the errors inherited and retained
from the "
Mother of harlots and abominations." There is no cure for this evil --the blood is
poisoned, it has permeated the entire body, and death must ensue

There was a time--in the days of Luther and reformation—when the daughters might have been radically
healed, but her false ministers "
healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying peace,
peace, when there is no peace
." (Jer 8:11) Now there is no balm in Gilead, there is no physician there—
therefore she is not healed. Her King is not in her; she is spewed out of his mouth. (
Jer 8:22; Rev 3:16
and 18:23
) There is no remedy, these systems must die the disorder comes from within. Already
these disorders have broken out, and though the canker is carefully concealed, the bad odor and distress
are quite noticeable.” (

When we continue we will take a look at the
Second Plague