Revelation Chapter 12, Part 16

Verses 15 and 16So the serpent spewed water out of his mouth like a flood after the woman
that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood. But the earth helped the woman and
the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon had spewed out of his

In brief: Elements of the civil power were tired of being under the thumb of the Pope. They revolted.
They revolted by what history calls the “
Age of Enlightenment.” There was a large and dramatic spread
TRUTH (water) -- so much truth that it was a flood. This was a flood designed in large part, to do
away with the oppression of religion (false or true, it made no difference).
This movement was centered
in France and erupted into what we know as the French Revolution
. Among other things, it
OUTLAWED RELIGION. Things didn’t quite work as expected. The earth (society everywhere) liked the
idea of truth. Revolution spread everywhere. But many also liked religious truth also. By accepting
revolutionary trends, the world actually opened the way for religious freedom. This helped the woman.
Since 1799 A.D. Papacy has been unable to control the rapid rise of religious truth -- seeking and
investigation. In terms of the Elijah picture: it rained everywhere!” (
N.A.N.O.R. Page 156)

“The ‘
flood’ in or during which these 1260 years of Papal power terminated—as shown by the angel
upon (above) the flood, declaring the limit of the times [Dan 12:7]—symbolized a
condition of things during the French revolution.

(The posture of the angel above the river signifies
control of the waters; that is, the containment of the
turmoil and tumult of the anarchistic forces, the restraint of the turbulence of the masses.
The French
Revolution began with the fall of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, and lasted for ten years, ending
in 1799

This is the same ‘
flood’ mentioned in Rev 12:15,16, where it is shown more fully, as coming out of the
mouth of the serpent or dragon, and where its real object, from Satan’s standpoint, is explained to be to
overwhelm the ‘
woman’ (the protesting Church of God), as her three and a half times (1260 years) of
wilderness-hiding were about closing, and she was coming forward into prominence ‘
leaning on [the arm
of] her beloved
,’ The Word of God.—Song of Solomon 8:5

In symbol, water generally represents truth (but likewise can represent nations, peoples, See
Rev 17:15), nevertheless the symbol as representative of truth preserves its meaning even though it be
said to issue from the mouth of the dragon or serpent. The thought conveyed by this symbol is that
truth would issue forth through evil agencies, and with an evil intent. And just this we find: the strength
of the French revolution lay in the fact that it was instigated by many stern
truths, regarding priest-craft
and kingcraft, and regarding the individual rights and liberties of all. ‘
The Rights of Manwas indeed the
watchword of that revolt against civil and ecclesiastical oppression
. Truths regarding human rights
were seen and expressed there which cause us surprise when we consider the ignorance, superstition and
servility of that day, under which the masses had so long rested. Many of the
truths which then swept as
a ‘
flood’ over France, deluging it with blood, are now very generally accepted among all civilized peoples;
but they were too strong, and too suddenly put, for that time.

“Indeed, the prophecy clearly shows that the serpent, Satan, did not intend what under God’s providence
has resulted, but the reverse. In this he overreached himself, as he has done on other occasions.
will never send forth the waters of truth to bless and refresh and release from bondage; on the
contrary his effort has all along been to blind and securely bind mankind under ignorance and
superstition; and this sudden flood of waters
(truth) was designed to act as an emetic (used to
cause vomiting
), to lead to the casting out of the food of liberty already being received by the
people from the Bible, as the result of the Reformation, and thus to force rulers and teachers to
oppose the truth through fear of anarchy

“Satan’s design in instigating the French revolution was to create an alarm throughout Europe, especially
among the influential class, unfavorable to liberty and to illustrate in France the theory that, were the
superstitions of Rome to be overthrown and liberty to be given full sway, all law and order would speedily
end. This was a masterstroke of policy, worthy of its author, and designed, as the prophet shows, to
overwhelm the ‘
woman’ (the reformed Church), and to drive all conservatives and peace-lovers—rulers
and ruled—back to union and harmony with Papacy. The failure of the scheme was not due to lack of
craftiness in its designer, but to the overruling power of God, whereby he is able to cause all things to
work together for good.

“In this case God’s plan, for the protection of the ‘
woman’ (Church) from Satan’s wiles and for causing
the intended ill to work out good, may be clearly traced, in exact fulfillment of the prediction made
seventeen hundred years before, viz: ‘
And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her
mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth
.’ The ‘earth,’ in
symbol, as already explained, represents society—order-loving people
; and it is a fact of history
that the flood of truth which spread over France—arraigning Papacy and its priest-craft, and monarchy
and its parasitic aristocracy, as the responsible causes of much of the ignorance, poverty and superstition
of the people—was swallowed up, or absorbed by the people of Europe generally (the Roman ‘
earth’). To
such an extent was this the case, that though Papacy and royal aristocracy were thoroughly alarmed, they
were also thoroughly separated, by the fall of Papal influence as well as by Napoleon’s armies. And when
the ‘
man of destiny’ was finally crushed, and the rulers of Europe formed what was called ‘The Holy
for the suppression of the liberties of the people and the perpetuation of their own
s, it was too late to fetter the people; for, having drunk up the flood waters, they would not
submit. It was also too late to think of reestablishing Papacy, which had been so terribly humiliated and
whose anathemas against liberty and the French had so reacted against itself; so the pope was
not even
to join the ‘Holy Alliance,’ of which before he would have been the recognized head. Thus the
woman,’ the reformed and progressing Church of God, was helped, spared from being overwhelmed, and
liberty and truth stepped out to prominence before men; and from that time forward the spirit of liberty
and God’s Word have led all who were willing to follow, into more and more light and truth.

Here, then, was the ‘flood’ which marked both the end of [the long period of] Papal power (the
1260 years
), and the beginning of the Lord’s ‘Day of Preparation’ (Nahum 2:3) or ‘Time of the
(Dan 12:9).

How, then, did “
the earth” help the woman (Verse 16)? What is meant by the expression “the earth
opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mou
th”? In a
nutshell, as a result of the French Revolution, the people in other lands, as well as in France, received
greater liberty in politics, religion, conscience, etc., and Bible societies sprang up. No longer did truths
come out of the dragon’s mouth in Latin, for the Bible was
thenceforth published in all languages and the
people could investigate the Scriptures for themselves.”  (
T.K.O.R. Pages 316-318)

Then shall that wicked [system] be revealed." (2 Thess 2:8)

“The Greek word here translated "
revealed" is apo-calupto and signifies to uncover, to remove a
e. Papacy had deceived the whole world into the belief that it was the kingdom of God; and the
counterfeit was so perfect that only the few in the wilderness knew its real (Anti-Christ) character: but bye
and bye the Lord raised up Luther and others of his time (
some of these were refer to in Part 9 of our
study, which please see
), who pulled off the mask --uncovered--"revealed" Papacy in its true light as The
Anti-Christ-- the "
Man of Sin" a base counterfeit of the real kingdom and reign of the true Christ. This
was the point and edge of Luther's and in fact of all the preaching of the Reformation times, and resulted
in the "
taking away of his [Papacy's] dominion to consume and to destroy it unto the end."
Dan 7:25-27) R 307

We will finish up with our last verse, Verse 17 when we continue with our next post.

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