Revelation Chapter 12, Part 15

Verses 13Now when the dragon saw that he had been cast down to the earth, he persecuted
the woman who gave birth to the male child

The “
dragon”—and it was angry—instead of directing its hostility against the “man-child,” directed it
once again against the “
woman” (the Church) that gave birth to it! And, strange as it may seem, little by
the outcast Devil (the dragon) and theman of sinbecame allies in the persecution of the
; in fact, the civil powers soon “took orders” from this “Michael”— the “man of sin.” And,
stranger yet, the civil powers, and the ecclesiastical, became wedded to each other (
about 260 years
), and after A.D. 800, became known as “the Holy Roman Empire”! Notes on the Revelation of
Jesus Christ
”, Page 201

Remember, therefore, that hereafter the dragon (i.e. the serpent called the Devil and Satan)
represents the empire or military power (civil power) under the control of its ecclesiastical head
the man-child or “man of sin).”

“The civil power relished its job of cooperating with the man of sin in putting down all “
Heresies, of course, were the truths promulgated by the “
woman” (covenant) and those being developed
under her.”

“When the dragon was cast down to the earthly plane, it persecuted the woman at the prompting of the
papal power.
Previously the dragon, as Pagan Rome, gave the orders; after 539 it carried out the
. In Justinian’s time the emperor recognized and asserted that of the four Christian churches—
Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople, and Rome—the Roman bishop was supreme. Two and a half
centuries later, in Charlemagne’s day, the papal office attained a still higher level of authority which it more
or less sustained until 1799. Sometimes
this period of highest attainment and influence (that is,
from A.D. 539 to 1799)
is referred to as the papal millennium.” T.K.O.R. Page 313

Roman Catholics hold that they set up the kingdom of God about the year 800 A.D.; first by
dividing between clergy and laity, and exalting the clergy to a special class; then, the Roman Church
having great power, and the kings of the earth being comparatively weak, Papacy established a spiritual
rule over the kings and princes of earth in the name of Christ—the popes being recognized as Christ’s vice-
gerents, as reigning instead of Christ, as his substitutes.

“The kings and princes of earth were informed that they might continue to rule the people if they would be
obedient to the Papacy; that in that event they would be kingdoms of God; but if they should fail to be
obedient to Papacy, the latter would inform the people that such kings were no longer to be recognized,
but were disowned by God’s spiritual kingdom, and would appoint other kings and other princes in their
stead. The rulers of Europe readily assented to this partnership, by which the people would recognize
them as having divine authorization to rule.” (
R 5829:3)

Verse 14But  the woman was given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the
wilderness to her place, where she is nourished for a time and times and a half a time, from the
presence of the serpent

“When the apostasy got under way some of the church realized it, as, but a Babylon condition and to
such the "
two wings" were given to help them back to their proper wilderness condition separate from
the world and from Babylon--"
Without the camp" (city).” (R 307)

Note: in regards to this verse it should be righty understood that the woman is not seen here fleeing into
the wilderness
for a second time. “Verse 6 and Verse 14 no more pertain to two flights of the same
woman than do
Verses 9 and 13 refer to the same dragon being cast out twice. For that matter, the
same is true of
Verse 6 and 14 in regard to the two places, the two feedings, and the two time
.” Verse 6 and 14 are speaking of the same event but from different perspectives Verse 14
merely offering a little further elaboration

What do thesetwo wings of a great eaglerepresent?

Verse 6 alluded to Elijah’s experience by the waters of the brook Cherith, where the Prophet was fed by
the mysterious “
they” class that is, by the ravens ordained of God to feed him there… Verse 14,
however, with the introduction of the “
great eagle” into the scene, calls to mind another typical
representation of the same wilderness experience of the Gospel Church: the rendezvous of the Israelites
of old at the holy mount of God (
Exod 3:12). There the Lord said, “Ye have seen what I did unto the
and how I bore you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself” (Exod 19:4).
Verse 14, therefore, is another illustration of God’s watch-care over His people, similar to His deliverance
of natural Israel from the tyrannical rulership of Egypt and His leading them through the Wilderness of
Sinai. In their sojourning the bread of heaven and water from the rock were their means of nourishment
and sustenance. While these experiences typically portray God’s concern and providential care for the
spiritual necessities of life for His people of the present age, yet by no means were their basic material
needs overlooked.”

“The “
place prepared of God” and “into her place” are none other than that pictured by the cloud and
the Tabernacle which accompanied the Israelites in their wilderness journeying. They are also none other
than that referred to by the Psalmist, “
For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in
the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me
” (Psa 27:5) and “He that dwells in the secret place of
the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty
” (Psa 91:1). T.K.O.R. Page 314

To the woman were given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness
(literally the place deserted)
into her place." The two wings are probably thetwo witnesses” (Rev
) the Word of God--Old and New Testament Scriptures, which now showed the true Church
from which Papacy had sprung
, her true condition—ON earth instead of, as at first, above the
, with the moon under her feet. These two witnesses assist her, not only to mount upward again,
but to return to `
the place deserted,’ i.e., to a condition of harmony with God, not with the world. She
was nourished in this wilderness 1260 years.” (

“The Lord speaks directly to his church as
thou or you; but of the world, as they or them. He came to
his own, and in a sense delivered them out of Babylon;
bearing them up on eagles’ wings (Rev 12:
), and carrying them into the wilderness; `into her place, where she is nourished.’ . . . from
the face of the serpent, Satan
. To them—Babylon, he comes with the sword, and by the sword they
are cut into two—
The Roman and Greek churches.” (R 359:6, W. I. Mann)

“Notice she is hidden from “
the face of the serpent.” Face is a symbol of favor. She was OUT OF
with the civil authorities.”

“A wilderness condition is one of separation from the blessings of civilization; it is a cut-off condition, a
separation from the world. In the case of the church, we read that the Lord provided her with two wings,
that she might go into the wilderness 1260 symbolic days or years. Apparently she went into the
wilderness condition of her own accord, and became voluntarily an outcast from the privileges and
advantages of the world’s society; she underwent a general ostracism or separation…The Lord’s people
can be in this wilderness condition even while surrounded by all the affairs of the world. We are separate
from the world; we are in the world but not of it—isolated…In figurative language the city represents
honor, distinction and prominence in the world, while the wilderness signifies the reverse condition—that
of being ignored, ostracized, etc.
During the 1260 symbolic days (“a time, times and half a time”) the
church was in the condition of ostracism. The governments paid no attention to her; but on the
other hand, they gave a great deal of attention to the great system, which exalted itself and
became ‘that great city which reigned over the kings of the earth
—Mystic Babylon.” (R5628:3)

The term “time” corresponds to 360 years, the plural usage of this term, i.e., “times
corresponds to 2 x 360 equaling 720 years, and naturally “
a half of a time” consisting of 180
years, thus we are furnished with the length of time of Papacy dominion, 1260 years.
Rev 12:14 with Dan 7:25; 12:7

We shall continue with our look at Revelation Chapter 12 beginning with Verse 15 in our next post.

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