Revelation Chapter 12, Part 1

Since there appears to be a lot of debate amongst the brethren in regards to Chapter 12 of the Book
of Revelation
we thought that it might help to take a closer look at this particular chapter.

In this endeavor we should like to follow along similar lines as that suggested by Brother Frank Shallieu
when in the preface of his book entitled,
“The Keys of Revelation” he states:

“No explanation of the prophetic and highly symbolic Book of Revelation and its “secret things” can be
heartily received with assurance, nor accepted by discriminating minds, unless all its component parts are
taken into consideration and given a complete and harmonious application.
This necessitates a step-by-
step approach, that is, a verse-by-verse treatment and analysis of the content
. Such an
investigative pursuit in understanding helps to minimize both conscious and unconscious evasiveness on
the part of the expositor, who is thus required to face up to and address the intricacy of detail.
purpose of this study, therefore, is to satisfy the truth-seeker who, being less interested in a
smooth, fiction-style, sermonizing rendition, is more concerned with receiving an explanation of
the vision in all its minutiae

Now generally the verse by verse method might not serve as the best method of study, but in this
unique instance we have here a particular chapter of the Scriptures which may be the exception. Note
the following remarks as taken from
“The New Albany Notes on Revelation”,

“Among the 13 chapters which form the first section of Revelation, Chapter 12, is one of the most
complete units.
Being able to interpret it correctly is the key to interpreting the remainder of
. It might even be wise for a student to begin with Chapter 12 and then work both directions
viz., Chapters 1 thru 11, and Chapters 13 thru 22) to understand the remainder of Revelation.”

We shall endeavor to proceed slowly, so as to thoroughly prove our conclusions based upon the word of
God, this we do for the sake of Gods little ones, “
babes in Christ”, and likewise for those whose faith is
weak, both in general or merely in regards to the study of Revelation, but who nevertheless are
hungering and thirsting for truth.
Be it known from the start it is not our intention that we should
convince any who have already given themselves over to the Adversary’s deceptions,
concerning this chapter
. Only those who possess true spiritual enlightenment, (that enlightenment
which comes from above) will be able to grasp the true significance of this chapter, others will most
likely continue to believe the vain imaginings of men as they have proceeded from the fathers, i.e. the
traditions of men

However there is always hope, indeed, it is our opinion that whoever in humility and meekness
shall hereby find that his false view rested upon human misconceptions and misinterpretations
will, at the same time, learn to trust hereafter less to his own and other men's imaginings, and,
by faith, to grasp more firmly the Word of God, which is able to make wise unto salvation

Here is the “Key” to understanding this Chapter:

To have the proper perspective and interpretation of the drama unfolded in the Twelfth Chapter
of Revelation, one must realize from the outset that, this chapter is the record of events
viewed in or through the eyes of orthodoxy
(the nominal church, more specifically Papacy) as it was
perceived by them, not as the true Church perceives it

Understand we are not here saying that it is presented as (we) Bible Students view it, but rather
as God has presented it, as seen through the eyes of the Professing Church
(i.e. the false
churches point of view)

The events were viewed (
by the false church) as something wonderful, indeed as God’s overruling
providential care in granting His professed Church an astounding victory over the world, the flesh, and the
devil. That Constantine, the ruler of the mighty Roman Empire, would espouse Christianity and make it the
religion of the realm was truly a surprising development. However instead of viewing the emperor’s
nominal acceptance and adoption of Christianity as the religion of the empire in its proper light—that is, as
being a most baneful and dangerous influence, as being a trap and an ensnarement of the true
brotherhood—Christianity’s adherents, for the most part, considered this development a harbinger of
better things to come and did not recognize it as an artifice and stratagem of the Adversary, (
The Master
) who now would assume the role of an angel of light (Matt 4:8,9; John 5:43; 2 Cor 11:14).”
"The Key’s of Revelation", Page 293

Papacy itself has applied many scriptures to itself that were in truth applicable only to the Christ, both
the Head and body (i.e. the true Church), and thus has ever been the method of the Adversary through
his greatest deception of all, the
ANTICHRIST. But not all have been deceived, the Lord has always
provided for his true followers

MY DISCLAIMER PLEASE TAKE NOTE: any contribution hence forth on my part will appear in italics,
this includes
1) any personal thoughts or opinions I might have on the subject, 2) any additions I might
make to any quoted material which I deem might better clarify a word or statement, and
3) any
additional Scripture that I deem might prove helpful in this study.

Likewise from now on when referring to
“The New Albany Notes on Revelation” I will be using the
N.A.N.O.R., and if referring to Brother Frank Shallieu’s book “The Keys of Revelation” simply  
T.K.O.R.  Reprints and other references will likewise be noted, however every once in a while I might add
some smaller quotes which may have been taken directly from some notes I made in my Bible or some
other source of which I don’t recall the exact author and so will simply apply quotation marks to denote
that it is a quote.

Understand that there are other well written commentaries on this subject including that of our dear
Brother Bob
“The Revelation Decoded and Explained”, and all are free to examine these, however the
two which I have first mentioned are the two I favor the most, as I believe they come the most near the
truth you may have your own favorites that’s your prerogative I don’t judge your choice nor should you
judge mine, to each his own.

Once again before we begin it is very important to remember that in order to properly understand this
chapter one must  keep in mind the symbolic nature of the book of Revelation, remember the Lords
opening words to this book,

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to show unto his servants things
which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and
signified it by his angel unto his servant
” (Rev 1:1)

The word Signified: Strong’s # 4591, to give a sign, to signify, indicate marked, indicated (sign-
ified---told in signs and symbols, which are the rule, the literal being the exception and used only when

The greatest source of error in understanding the symbols of Revelation is a too literal
interpretation; it is read as though it were a statement of facts, instead of a statement of
.” (R 497) “Revelation is told in signs and symbols, which are the rule, the literal being the
exception used only when unavoidable.” (
R 490)

Note: in this study I will be using the NKJV but you are free to use whatever version you prefer.