"IT COMES", Part 6


“The chapter division obscures the connection of
Chapter 7 to what has come just before at the end
Chapter 6. It is VERY IMPORTANT to our understanding to see this connection. Rev 6:12-17
has just shown the terrible troubles of the French Revolution period. These troubles
could have
. But it was not yet time for the general Time of Trouble. Only 1/10th of the city was to fall
during the sixth period of the church (
Rev 11:13). 9/10ths must remain for the trouble of the
Laodicean period. Therefore,
Chapter 7 begins by saying: ENOUGH! STOP THE SPREAD! IT IS

This, in essence, is the entire message of
Chapter 7. But the statement about finishing the church
before the final trouble allows the sender of Revelation to tell how many will ultimately be sealed as
part of the body of Christ and what will happen to those (the Great Multitude) who did not prove
worthy of their calling. Obviously, the church
is not completed during the sixth stage of the church
That’s the message of Verse 3 But, as is so often the case in the sixth church narrative, the
Looks forward to events in the seventh stage of the church. He here looks forward to the
completion of the church and the Great Multitude.”

After these things I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding the
four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, on the sea, or on any
.” Rev 7:1

Four angels: These angels are said to be holding back the winds. The implication is that the winds
strife) cannot occur until certain information is available to cause the strife. It was truths about
liberty, etc., which stimulated the Revolution in France. It will apparently also be
truths which cause
the final cataclysm. Thus
four angels may symbolize all available messages–the accumulated truths
which culminate in the final period of the church. It is very much possible that these four angels are
the same as those mentioned in
Rev 9:14, 15. Until the advent of Protestantism, truths were
restrained (bound)
at the Euphrates — i.e., they were bound by the faithfulness of the people to
the support of Babylon (
The “waters” of the Euphrates represent peoples, nations, specifically those
who support Babylon, See
Rev 17:15).

The message of the sixth trumpet
released the search for truth as nothing had since Jesus’ first
Chapter 9 continues to show the powerful effects of these doctrines (horses). Chapter 7,
however, shows that even though the angels of
Rev 9:14, 15 are released, THEY ARE ALLOWED
. Verses 2 and 3 show that Jesus Himself FORBIDS the truths to go beyond
what would hinder His work of completing the church. Here is a specific fulfillment of
Psa 76:10.

Four corners of earth: The angels stand at the four corners of earth — in all segments of society
where all the social, financial, political, and religious messages which will ultimately conflict are located.
These elements of society actively fought the influence of the French Revolution in order to keep a
semblance of peace and order throughout Europe. Once truths are released they have dual effects.
The post-revolutionary Europe attempted, and succeeded, in putting reigns on the horses.
Thus the
four angels (
which in a sense caused the trouble) ALSO served to hold back its spread.

Four winds of earth: It is important to distinguish between the winds of earth and the winds of
(as in Dan 7:2). The various wars and strife’s (conflicts) symbolized by winds have various
causes. Some are based on ecclesiastical questions (
arguments), some on social. Some are caused by
the interactions of men, some by the interference of fallen spirits. Thus some are characterized by
winds of heaven (ecclesiastical or demonical), and some by winds of earth (social or political.)

Rev 7:1, the strife is social- political (earth). It is, however, important to note that what occurs in
society frequently has the planning or backing of the spirit powers behind it. Thus, in
Dan 7, the
winds of heaven (the fallen spirits) strive on the sea (restless humanity) to form the four empires
which will dominate Daniel’s people until the 20th Century. As each of those four apparently had a
fallen angel as its head (
see Dan 10:20), it is also likely that the final cataclysm also will have demons
behind its features. Thus we have texts like
2 Thess. 2:9, 10, Matt. 24:24, and Rev. 16:14. Then,
Rev 16:17 shows, the LAST plague will be poured out on these powers of the air which should
bring the release of the four winds of our
Rev 7 prophecy. Hosea 8:7 shows that while a wind might
blow, it is the
WHIRLWIND that brings new destruction: (Compare Dan 2:35). Thus the winds
blowing, but
not the four winds — the final blast with ALL of the directions and forces of
accumulated truths coming together causes the anarchy with which this age will end.
Job 38:1.

On earth, sea, and tree: The winds are held back so that the earth (society), the sea (the masses
of humanity
), and the trees (significant leadership) will not experience the kind of total disruption
that would make the completion of the church impossible — hence
Verses 2 and 3.

Then I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God. And
he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and
the sea, saying, “Do not harm the earth, the sea, or the trees till we have sealed the
servants of our God on their foreheads
.” Rev 7:2-3

The angel here is almost certainly Jesus (Compare Matt 4:2). He has the seal — the tool needed to
complete the work of sealing. No doubt this seal is the working of the Holy Spirit. He cries to the four
angels a message guaranteeing what they were already doing.
They were, in Verse 1, holding
back the forces of anarchy
. But Jesus adds the LOUD VOICE of His authority to control history
saying Go this far and no further. Let
NOTHING stop the primary work of this age — the completion
of My Bride. Until the church is sealed in its forehead (
the character-likeness of Jesus and the Father
— see
Rev 14:1) — not necessarily beyond the veil –nothing else takes priority. 1/10th of the city
has fallen, but the other 9/10ths is not permitted to do so until the final members of the Bride are

Verses 4-17 covers the elect number of individuals tried, proven and found faithful who will
constitute the Church, the Bride of Christ as well as the Great Company or multitude (
an innumerable
) who failed to make their calling and election sure. As this segment does not specifically pertain
to our subject we will not delve into these verses here, but rather will proceed onward to our next
subject, the Sixth Trumpet in our next post.

Excerpts taken from the
New Albany Notes on Revelation

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