Isaiah 19 Egypt in Prophecy, Part 8

Coming back to Isaiah 19:19 we come back to our question, what is meant by:

In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt and a pillar to the
at its border.”

Since everything else in Isaiah 19 is symbolic of Christendom, how will the Great Pyramid be in
the midst or center of Christendom
and at the same time at its border?

Volume 3 Pages 325 and 326, we can see just how the Great Pyramid was located at the
center and yet at the same time at the border of Egypt
literally. Now let us see likewise how it is
also [
symbolically] considered to be at the center and border of Christendom.

You recall from Volume 3 – page 323, if we were to draw a North-South Latitude line through the great
pyramid, we would find that it divides the land surface of the earth into exactly 4 equal parts, with the
Great Pyramid in the exact Center.

In our study [thus far] we have seen how Egypt is a picture of [Christendom], more
particularity of the Western Christian nations
. Basically the nations West of the Longitude line
going through the Great Pyramid – Europe – North America, South America, and most of Africa

To the East of the Great Pyramid we have, - Russia, China, India, and all the Oriental nations,
which we realize are populated primarily by either Atheistic Communist people, Muslims or other
Non-Christian religious people. Shortly we will show how
all these Non-Christian lands east of
the pyramid are
symbolized by Assyria in [this] prophecy.

West of the Pyramid we have primarily the
Western Christian Nations symbolized by Egypt. 1.6
Billion Christians
, versus [about] 684 million Non-Christian people.

East of the Pyramid we have 3.5 billion Non-Christian people versus only [about] 459 million Christian
people, thus we [can picture] how
at the START of the Kingdom Isa 19:19 will be fulfilled.

In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt and a pillar to the
LORD near its border

Since everything else in
Isaiah 19 is symbolic of Christendom, we now can see what’s meant by the
Great Pyramid [symbolically] being
in the midst or center of Christendom. Half of the Christian
nations are west and north of the pyramid, and half are west and south of the pyramid, divided by the
East West Longitudinal line.
At the same time we can see how the pyramid is at the border of
, as shown by the longitudinal line that divides the Western Christian Nations, from
Eastern Non-Christian lands.

Let’s go on [now] and see how the Scriptures also divide all of mankind into 2 divisions of Western
Christian lands and Non-Christian Eastern lands
with Israel in the middle.

Let’s now see how the Non-Christian Eastern nations are symbolized by Assyria in prophecy.

We will quote 4 Scriptures, which will show us just how all mankind – except Israel – are divided into one
of these 2 parts – Christian and Non-Christian, Egypt or Assyria.

The reason] Assyria is used in prophecy to depict Non-Christian nations is because of the root
meaning of the word

Strong’s # 833 “Ashar”, meaning Straightness

Identified with Idols called
Asherim (The name of a sensual Canaanite goddess Astarte, the feminine
of the Assyrian Ishtar. Its symbol was the stem of a tree deprived of its boughs, and rudely shaped into
an image, and planted in the ground. In the Revised Version the word "
Asherah" is introduced as a
proper noun, the name of the wooden symbol of a goddess, with the plurals Asherim
Exod 34:13 and
Judges 3:13).

Thus we can see how the root meaning of [the word] Assyria being idol worship, extends to
Assyria in Prophecy referring to Non-Christian Lands or Nations
. Incidentally [the Tenth Chapter
of Isaiah
] is a prophecy about the enemy of Israel [the Assyrians who invade Israel during the time
] Jacobs Trouble. Referring [particularly] we believe to the Non-Christian atheistic communist
people from Russia
(alluded to in Micah 5:5-7 and Ezek Chapters 38, 39). But that’s another study
in itself

Notice how
the next 4 Scriptures divide the entire world into either Egyptians picturing (the Western
world of Christendom) or
Assyrians [typifying] the (Non-Christian World.)

Notice that after having scattered the children of Israel throughout the world that in
Zech 10:9, 10 the
Lord states that he will re-gather them and bring them back into the land he promised them.

When I scatter them among the peoples, they will remember me in far countries and they with
their children will live and come back

But now notice where they are re-gathered from, [from] only two symbolic nations.

I will bring them back from the land of Egypt, and gather them from Assyria; and I will bring
them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon, until no room can be found for them

We know Israel has been re-gathered from most
ALL nations of earth. Thus Egypt and Assyria are
symbolic of all nations
, both the Christian and Non-Christian nations of earth.

We have another prophecy which shows what happens to Egypt and Assyria after Jacob’s trouble is over.
(Notice how it again must refer to all nations of earth,)

It will come about also in that day that a great trumpet will be blown; and those who were
perishing in
the land of Assyria and who were scattered in the land of Egypt will come and
worship the LORD in the holy mountain at Jerusalem
.” Isaiah 27:13 (NAS)

The Jubilee trumpet will proclaim liberty to fainthearted of all nations – Christian and Non-Christian alike,
but again notice only the two symbolic nations of Egypt and Assyria are mentioned because they
symbolize all the peoples of earth, other than Jews.

Micah 7:10-12 we have Israel personified speaking.

Then may my enemies see and be abashed, those who said to me, Where is he, the LORD your
God? Then shall they be trampled like mud in the streets; I shall gloat over them

Then God answers Jerusalem in
Verse 11

That will be a day for rebuilding your walls, a day when your frontiers will be extended. A day
when men will come seeking you
from Assyria to Egypt, …from every sea and every mountain.”

Notice again how Egypt and Assyria refers to all mankind – Christian and Non-Christian – a day all mankind
will come seeking the Lord, from every sea and mountain (

Now we come to the final 3 verses of
Isaiah 19

Verse 23 “In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrians will come
into Egypt and the Egyptians into Assyria, and the Egyptians will worship with the Assyrians.”

We believe the Highway here is referring to the grand Highway of Holiness. Notice how it will unite all
peoples of earth, from Egypt to Assyria, all worshipping together.

Verse 24 “In that day Israel will be the third part with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst
of the earth

A literal highway from Egypt to Assyria would pass through Israel – so in Verse 24, Israel is depicted as
being instrumental in uniting all people in harmony with the Top Stone (
Christ Jesus).

Verse 25 “Whom the Lord of hosts has blessed saying, blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria
the work of my hands, and
Israel My inheritance.”

Thus we have the description of the completion of the Kingdom work. All mankind will be united together.
Symbolic Egypt, Assyria and Israel will all be blessed, as they become children of God.

And the [
symbolic] Pyramid [as depicted on the Chart of the Ages] will be complete forever, with all living
in oneness and harmony with the principals of God, and the top stone.

Having made known to us the secret of his will (the divine plan and purpose), according to his
own benevolent design which he previously purposed in Himself
that in the dispensation of the
fullness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven,
and which are on earth under him
(the “top stone); by whom also we obtained an inheritance,
having been previously marked out according to a design of him who is operating all things
agreeably to the counsel of his own will
Eph 1:9-11

Personally I felt that this was a very well written and informative discourse by bother George Tabac, which
brought to my attention many issues which I had not previously thought to considered, specifically in
regards to both the literal and the symbolic significance of the Great Pyramid as God’s “
stone witness” in
the midst of Christendom, representative of the uniting of all things into compliance with the divine order.

May the Lord continue to use brother Tabac in the service of his people.

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