Isaiah 19 Egypt in Prophecy, Part 6

[Let us now] consider the 4 base Cornerstones of the Pyramid. Looking from a top view down, we
realize the Pyramid has 4 base Cornerstones that you might say are its foundation stones – picturing how
the entire plan of God –
the entire Kingdom arrangement is fully in harmony with the foundation
of God’s 4 Attributes – wisdom – justice – love and power

When that day comes there shall be five cities (watchtowers) in Egypt speaking the language of
Canaan and swearing allegiance to the LORD of Hosts, and one of them shall be called the City of
the Sun
.” (Isa 19:18 N.E.)

The five cities or watchtowers will consist of] the 4 base cornerstones (God’s 4 attributes,) with
the top stone
(representing our Lord, as the fifth) which [“In that day”] shall speak forth the
language or principles of the Kingdom
. [In that day] all mankind will need to conform to the outline
principles of God’s attributes, which will be manifested through our Lord as the
Top Cornerstone.

In regards to the Top Cornerstone we read from the book
Pyramidology (by Adam Rutherford…[no
relation to Joseph]
)– Book 1 – Page 48:

“In this connection it is necessary to note that unlike the case of all other pyramids, the top-piece was
never placed on the Great Pyramid, whose summit took the form of a small flat platform. We know this
from the writings of the classical writers Diodorus and Pliny, both of whom saw this Pyramid as it was left
by the ancient builders, before its exterior was interfered with by the Arab vandals.”

“One can imagine that the Egyptian builders, when they were engaged under the architect's supervision
in shaping the chief corner-stone, would find it strangely out of harmony with all their traditional ideas;
for the Great Pyramid was the first of its kind. It may be that in their ignorance they despised and
rejected it; and such an awkwardly-shaped stone with its five sides, five corners, and seven distinct
angles, must doubtless have been '
a stone of stumbling" to builders whose heads did not understand,
and whose hearts did not appreciate, the great work upon which they were engaged.” (
"Great Pyramid
Passages", Page 45

Psalm 118:22 seems to confirm this:

The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone.” (NAS)

This Scripture is referring to our Lord. The inference seems to be that in the building of the Pyramid the
builders did reject the Top Stone and it was not completed – the reason being it was symbolizing how:

He shall be for a sanctuary (to the true church); but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of
offence to both the houses of Israel
(the nominal Jewish House and nominal Christian House), for a
(a trap) and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.” (Isa 8:14 KJV)

“[Although] we may not be certain how the Egyptian builders treated the typical chief corner-stone, we
have the definite declaration of the Word of God that the builders of
the Antitypical building, those who
were permitted by God, the Great Architect, to chisel and polish Jesus Christ by the trials and sufferings
to which they subjected him, did not comprehend him. Because of their traditional beliefs and the
hardness of their hearts, he had no form or comeliness in their eyes, and as it seemed to them that
there was no beauty in him that they should desire him,
they despised and rejected him.” Isa 53: 2,3
("Great Pyramid Passages", Page 45)

So at the time of building the Pyramid this Top Stone was left off – rejected until the due time of the
Kingdom. Then it will be that
Psalm 118:22 will be fulfilled, “The stone … rejected has become the
chief corner stone
.” Then all mankind will praise and honor Jesus as the chief corner stone.

In this connection, it is interesting to note that the height of Pyramid to Summit Platform [where
the top cornerstone is to be placed] is
5,449 pyramid inches.

Bearing this in mind we want to recall that each letter of the Hebrew alphabet has a numerical

And when we add up the number equivalent of each letter in
Isaiah 19:19, 20 which are the verses that
speak of the Pyramid as an altar to the LORD, =
they add up to 5449. The exact number of pyramid
inches from the base to the summit platform.

Thus is furnished an additional confirmation in our understanding that the Great Pyramid is indeed that
which is referred to in
Isaiah 19 as the Altar or monument to the Lord in midst of Egypt, - and that it
was originally built with
the Top Stone rejected and left off.

There is still yet another possibility to consider in regards to the top cornerstone, and it's first having
been rejected by the builders. As we understand it the great pyramid was once originally covered with a
beautiful smooth white-stone casing consisting of white, dense limestone's, somewhat resembling
marble, this casing would seem to have typified the church covered in the robe of Christ righteousness,
now it is possible that the top cornerstone, which was originally rejected due to its awkwardness, was
likewise to be covered with this white casing, however this would not have fitted with the type as Christ
the “
chief cornerstone” was without blemish, without sin and therefore had no need to be covered in
righteousness for he embodied the righteousness of the Father. Thus the LORD may have permitted the
rejection of the stone. Perhaps in due time it will be found that the chief cornerstone is in fact made
exclusively of this white limestone, just a thought.

To be continued.

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