Isaiah 19 Egypt in Prophecy, Part 3

Verse 11 (NE Version) “Fools that you are, you princes of Zoan! Wisest of Pharaoh’s counselors
(civil leaders)
you may be, but stupid counselors you are. How can you say to Pharaoh (Satan), I
am the heir of wise men and spring from ancient kings?”

was the city that Pharaoh Remises the Second established as the Civil Capitol [of the kingdom]
with a huge temple as his residence.
It was called the Royal City.

Verse 12 (NKJV) “Where are they now? Where are your wise men? Let them tell you now, and
let them know what the LORD of hosts has purposed against Egypt

Behold, you despisers (of God’s plans and purposes), marvel and perish! For I work a work in
your days
(“His strange workIsa 28:21, in “the day of his preparationNah 2:3), a work which
you will by no means believe, though one were to declare it to you
.” (Hab 1:5; Acts 13:41)

Although the truth has been proclaimed (declared) throughout Christendom
(1) in regards to the
parousia (presence) of our Lord, and
(2) of the change of dispensation, and (3) of the desolation of
Babylon, and
(4) of the work of the Harvest, the gathering of the saints separating them from the tares
who are being bound together in a great confederacy, i.e. “
rolling together as a scroll” (Isa 34:4), and
(5) of the elements [both] the heavens and the earth getting ready for the final conflagration (2 Pet 3:
), yet even so the wise men of Christendom are dull of hearing, still yet being heard saying, “Lo, all
things continue as they were from the beginning of creation
” (2 Pet 3:4)

Verses 13 and 14 (NAS) “The princes of Zoan have acted foolishly; the princes of Memphis
are deluded; those who are the cornerstone of her tribes have led Egypt astray. The Lord
has mixed within her a spirit of perverseness; they have led Egypt astray in all that it does,
as a
drunken man staggers in his vomit

In the previous verse we saw how the city of Zoan was the Civil Capitol, [of the kingdom] and how the
princes of Zoan represented the Civil Leaders, now we have reference to the city of
Memphis (or Noph).
Memphis was the foremost sacred city of Egypt with many shrines to their Gods.

The Princes of Memphis = Religious Leaders who were deluded.

Notice how the Religious leaders [here] are referred to as the cornerstones of Egypt. Yes, the
religious leaders were to be the cornerstones of Christendom – that is the very foundation – having the
responsibility of watching over, guiding, [and] directing the spiritual welfare of Christendom.

But we are told they were
deluded (with error) and led Christendom astray, that they were drunk with
false doctrine [which] made them to stagger [waver] to and fro –
[lacking] stability.

And even these (religious leaders) reel with wine, and stagger with strong drink; the priest and
the prophet reel with strong drink, they are swallowed up of wine
(false doctrines), they stagger
with strong drink; they err in vision
(and thus are unable to perceive the “times and the seasons”),
they stumble in judgment.” (Isa 28:7) And thus, being tossed to and fro, they are "carried about by
every wind of doctrine
” (Eph 4:14)

The vary doctrines which they at first professed to believe and later denounce (vomited forth) they now
stagger in, proving their inability to judge truth from error,
to rightly divide the Word of God.

We want to emphasize again that it was the Princes of Memphis – the Religious Leaders who were
considered the
Cornerstones of Egypt, or Christendom. We will tie the cornerstone aspect in again

Verse 15 “And there will be no work for Egypt, which its head or tail, its palm branch or bulrush,
may do.”

The “head” or “palm branch” represents the higher or more predominant leaders in Christendom even as
the palm branch is generally found upon a very high tree in comparison to the “
bulrush (reeds)”, which
would represent the “
tail” or lower workers within the ranks of Christendom.

There will be no work for Egypt, for very soon the Great Time of Trouble will have reached its peak,
and there will be “
a great earthquake, such a mighty and great earthquake as has not occurred
since men were upon the earth
“(Rev 16:18), Armageddon (anarchy will erupt throughout
) destroying the very fabric of society. Once again see "The Seven Last Plagues", Part 11

Even now there is
little work (true work) to be found in her, for she (Babylon the Great) has fallen from
God’s favor, “
for all the nations have drunken of the wine of the wrath of her fortification” (Rev
) and “winter” has arrived, and so the Lord's statement, “Woe to those who are pregnant and to
those who are nursing babes in those days (Ministers and Teachers bearing young [professed]
Christians not begotten of the truth), “
the sound of the millstone (which has been grinding out the so-
called “
food” for Christendom) shall not be heard in her anymore”, for [soon, very soon] there will
be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no,
nor ever shall be
.” (Matt 24:19-21; Rev 18:22)

The fact is if we recall, not even the true Church will be able to work.

As we read in
John 9:4 (NAS) “We must work the work of Him who sent me, as long as it is day;
night is coming, when no man can work.”

Yes also for the True Church it will be a time when “no man can work.” Incidentally notice that the New
American Standard
translates it as “WE must work” – not as King James [states] “I must work”,
Rotherham, the New English, Nestle/Marshall, and the Diaglott all [translate it as] “WE” (i.e. we the
Church, Head and body).

We have a work to do. We must all continue working in the Vineyard. How long? As long as it’s
possible –
until the dark night when no man can work – brings it to an end.

This dark night can refer to two things (1) the night of darkness, when the church nominal curtails all
opportunity for the preaching the good tidings to any who do not consent to their false teachings, in
particular the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity, and or
(2) the ability to work while it is yet “daythat is
while you are still alive
, “…for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave
where you are going
.” (Eccl 9:10) However for those who make their calling and election sure there is
no night, no cessation of their works in the Lord’s service (
Rev 14:13)

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