“A Great Storm Approaches” Part 7

As we had stated in our last post determining the exact order of events is a bit tricky nevertheless we
shall make the endeavor. Now when we initially posted our list it was suggested that we may have to make
a few adjustments here and there, possibly add a few things left out, well after considering Marty’s
thought as to which should be the first event on our list I realize he was correct the “
great earthquake
that is the first part or stage of this earthquake pre-dates Israel’s abandonment by her lovers, thus it
should be number one on our list. The first four items listed here we believe are all
in the process of

1) The Great Earthquake

Although the true nature of this earthquake, that which designates it as the “GREAT earthquake” (or
revolution) “
such a mighty and great earthquake as has not occurred since men were upon the
face of the earth
” is yet still future, nevertheless we believe that it that is the peaceful stage of it the
social revolution began sometime back shortly following the first two great world wars. Once again recall
Elijah’s vision, first comes the
wind (the “winds of war”), then the earthquake (revolution), and then
fire (anarchy). The violent stage of this revolution still awaits a future date, according to the
Scriptures this earthquake (that is the most violent stage or aspect of this great earthquake) takes place
during the pouring out of the Seventh Plague,
Armageddon, which shortly follows the completion of
the Church
(Rev 16:17, 18)

2) The drying up of the Euphrates, making way for the kings of the east, (The Church? the
incursion of Islam? which? both?)

Definitely in the process of fulfillment

3) Elijah smites the Jordan

And Elijah took his mantle, and wrapped it together, and smote the waters (representative of the
, and they were divided hither and thither, so that they two went over on dry ground.” (2
Kings 2:8

This event relates to the pouring out of the second plague, which was poured upon the sea, understand
that although we are presently in the sixth plague those plagues which preceded it still continue on until
the seventh plague is poured out, and all seven are operating simultaneously. The second plague is only
now coming to its full fruition.  
And the second (angel) poured out his bowl into the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead
man; and every living soul died, [even] the things that were in the sea
.” (Rev 16:3)

Bear in mind the sea symbolizes the irreligious masses of mankind-- those not under religious

To appreciate the trouble upon this class we must study the symbol. Blood in a living creature is full of
vitality, but the blood of a dead person is the very reverse. After death, the blood rapidly begins to
separate into two parts--a watery liquid called serum and a more solid substance termed clot. As soon as
this separation has been accomplished
the CLOT begins to PUTREFY or corrupt.

Applying this, we understand it to teach that a great and thorough disintegration will occur in this large
sea) class of humanity (once divided), after which, one element will rapidly corrupt and putrefy. Among
the irreligious masses there have been many well known noble specimens of humanity as well as many less
notable, honestly skeptical souls.
The result of the commingling of such with the masses imparted a
life principle and vitality. But reading this plague, we realize that a separation of these two
elements is due,
the result of which will be decay and death to every principle of morality and
virtue in this class--when every living thing, or soul
(active element of virtue and benevolence) in
this sea class will perish

In other words, remove the element, which advises prudence, morality, and right-doing, from
the counsels of the restless masses, and let the lower element control itself, and the result would
quickly be the destruction of life, property, laws, and peace--
a grand reign of anarchy.

From other Scriptures we are taught to expect that just such an uprising shall take place (
however on a
much larger scale, larger than that which took place during the French Revolution
), which shall eventually
overthrow all the kingdoms of earth.
But the beginning of this is all we must look for now, the
separation of the serum from the clot--of the vital from the corrupting element

This seems to be now in progress. Men of noble minds, who realized the oppression of the
masses by money
(i.e. capital, by religion) and governments and desired to assist in their
(relief from this oppression), are forced to withdraw because of the spirit of
recklessness, which pervades the masses
(A prime example of this particular plague having its effects
upon the sea class should be self evident to everyone as exemplified in the affairs of Iraq, Afghanistan,
Egypt, Libya, Syria and several other nations as well as here in these United States as noted in some of
the more pervasive elements rearing their heads in the recent union demonstrations taking place around
the country, some elements instigating violence, even death threats in order to secure their demands

It is important to remember that the full results of this evil or plague will not be felt for many
years; it only has its beginning's now
(that is as the Pastor expressed it in the year 1883, however we
living over 128 years in the future are now living in the “
due time” for the full results of this plague, very
soon now the “
four winds” will be released and then shall mankind reap the full results of this particular
.) It is likewise important to remember (as we had stated previously) that one plague or evil
goes on
ever increasingly, one after another, each added to the previous one, until in the end
the entire seven plagues or forms of evil will be operating
simultaneously, resulting in the
greatest time of trouble ever known upon the face of the world,
Matt 24:21.” (R498, 499)

4) Israel’s abandonment, all her lovers forsaking her

Surely no one would deny that this event is even now in the process of fulfillment.

From here we move on to prophecies yet fulfilled, yet to have begun, that is as far as we know. The next
several events to come, their specific order and etc. we believe can be established by a close examination
of the scriptures along with the application of a little sound reasoning. We will undertake this effort in our
next post.

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