“A Great Storm Approaches” Part 5

“Those things which are, and which are shortly to come”

Having now taken a somewhat broad look at the sequence of events bringing about the end this age we
should now like to take another look, a more detailed look so as to determine which things
(presently unfolding), and which things
are yet to come.

From our previous study we have determined that we are presently in the second phase of the trouble
(the earthquake or revolution phase), preceding the establishment of the kingdom, however this phase of
trouble like its predecessor the “
winds of war” comes by way of spasms, in this case “tremors
growing all the more intense as time goes by until they reach their climax in the “
Great Earthquake
spoken of in
Rev 16:18, “such a mighty and great earthquake as has not occurred since men
were upon the face of the earth
”. Presently we are in forepart of this earthquake or revolution phase,
the relatively peaceful part, the quiet before the storm, but we know that in time certain elements within
this phase even now at work, some more openly than others will soon grow impatient with the pace of
events and very soon realizing that their interest, their agendas will not be met through peaceful means
will turn to the alternative road, one of violence, of civil unrest, but then we are getting ahead of
ourselves a bit here aren’t we, let us return to the things which
are, now.

And the sixth (angel) poured out his bowl upon the great river, the [river] Euphrates; and the
water thereof was dried up
, that the way might be made ready for the kings  that [come] from
the east
(or suns rising).” Rev 16:12

The Sixth angel we believe was Martin Luther. We are (presently) in the midst of this plague.

The former plagues are history (except that their features continue) and are, thus, easier of discernment.
With the sixth plague we are leaving history and entering prophecy -- a much less clear road.

The bowl, the event that, forces the plague upon men, is most likely the information explosion --
the media, computer-networks,
i.e. world-wide web and etc.

Euphrates seems to represent the people who fed the old order, the reliable source of support for
the city of Babylon. The etymology seems to be “
the good and abounding river.” This meaning is
telling, the masses of mankind still long (hope) for the good and peaceable life (
Rom 8:22, 19). This
etymology of Euphrates suggests strongly that
GOOD is still the dominant element in the human
.  It is thebeastsanddragonsrather than the human race, which have so defiled
human history

The sixth plague is more complex than the first five.
Both the sixth trumpet and sixth plague have
events beginning in the Euphrates
. In the sixth trumpet, they eventuate in the French Revolution
one tenth of the city falling. In the plague, they eventuate in the gathering to Armageddon,
which destroys the final
nine-tenths. It is likewise also interesting to note how the sixth period events
melt into the seventh period events. Likewise here,
the sixth plague melts into the seventh; they are
gathered to Armageddon in the sixth
, but the seventh plague IS Armageddon.

AND ITS WATER WAS DRIED UP: In history, it was diverted. But as far as Babylon was concerned it
was dried up. It is not stretching the point to say that Babylon feels its support slipping -- maybe mostly
gone. The people have
diverted their thoughts and efforts to other concerns.

It is very important here, however, to remember that, while all the plagues are on Babylon, each
plague is on
a specific part of Babylon. In this particular plague, the plague is on the Euphrates -- on
the people
. The people however are not (yet) united in opposition to Babylon.

This is
NOT the thought at all. The people themselves are what are plagued here; they are upset
that they cannot support things they used to support without question (
This because the information
age has enlightened them to the truth with respects to much as was here before hidden from them,
). Their plague is one of doubt and instability fueled by the constant barrage of information
from the ever-present media
. The eventual fall of Babylon is reliant on people (individuals many)
feeling betrayed (think about how this applies to the world today, is this not precisely their thought,
one of betrayal, by governments, by the media?
). In this sixth plague the people are not (yet)
as opponents of Babylon. They are, rather, feeling sorry for themselves that nothing is reliable
any more.
Thus they are not supportive. This plague affects the people in general (the Euphrates,
the support system of Babylon). It makes them change the direction of their thinking and of their
action.” (
New Albany Notes on Revelation”, Pages 193, 194)

Some more relevant thoughts with regards to the drying up of the Euphrates,

“The River Euphrates was the life blood of great Babylon. Without the River Euphrates, there would have
been no trade, no commerce, no city,
and no empire. There would have been nothing. It was the River
Euphrates that caused it all.

Some scriptures are very clear. We have no doubt about what they mean. Other scriptures are not as
clear, and we should reason on them with that in mind. We are presently going to consider some
possibilities that seem logical, but they are not as definite in their interpretation as other scriptures are.

If the River Euphrates is the life- blood of the Western world of Christendom, then it seems possible that
a down- turn in the economy of the Western world could precipitate the crisis we are studying.

Where are we today, in the history of what’s been going on in recent years? We have seen the collapse of
Communism in the last decade. When Communism collapsed, it left only one competing system—
Capitalism. For a time the West was doing well, people were pinning their hopes on Capitalism.

Capitalism works well because it has a strong
motivation behind it. In the Kingdom, there will be the
motivation of love. Today, love is not the primary motive which drives the world, today, the motivation
which drives the world is greed and selfishness. It works. It does its job. Imagine if capitalism finally
begins to collapse
. If it erodes and totters, man’s last hope (even though at the core based on
) is gone. Communism fell. If capitalism goes, the situation will be all the more serious.

In the ‘20s and ‘30s, there was a
Great Depression in the Western world—especially in the United States—
it was very severe. However at that time, there was a social fabric in the back of the country a
moral fabric
—which kept society together somewhat. That fabric has eroded it’s been rotting for the
last few decades. If we have another downturn of that
magnitude, with the rotting social fabric which
presently resides
, it will surely bring about a great tottering to the old stability of the old world.” (Six
Day Prophecy Seminar
” Pages 214, 215)

Here now comes another very important element of this Sixth Plague, something which falls
under the category of t
he things which are.

Following the drying up of the Euphrates
Rev 16:12 continues with the statement,

traditional Bible student position is that this is The Christ, head and body. This interpretation
deserves respect and may be the correct answer. In its support are the facts that:

(1) The defection of the people from the support of the old order does prepare the way for a new order.
It creates a hunger for it.

(2) The marginal reading for “east” is literally “rising of the sun” -- a distinctly good description of Jesus.
Mal 4:2)

(3) The Berkeley translation reads: “… so that the highway of the kings of the east might be made
”, a phrase sounding much like Isaiah 35.

For the earnest expectation of creation eagerly awaits the revealing of the sons of God” (Rom 8:
) Why? Because unto them has “the ministry of reconciliation” been committed, the At-one-ment
between God and man (
2 Cor 5:18)

However there is another thought to this which also deserves our careful consideration:

As we look at the late 20th Century, a remarkable religious occurrence is happening -- an
occurrence which is
threatening Babylon’s borders.

The incursion of Islam and its problems into western events is a daily new item. It has been well
suggested that the kings of the east
MIGHT indeed refer to this threat to Babylon from the
Moslem world. This
is an eastern religion.

Persia (Iran) itself is dominated by it; and was it not Persia, which invaded Babylon in Daniel 5?
Peres”, according to the rabbis, can mean Persia, added to this also is the fact that the Euphrates was
long the border of Persia. This possible interpretation must be given consideration since today’s history is
so dominated by problems with Islam.
It is not unlikely that this plague is explaining this to us --
that Islam is
one of the factors, which will weaken the old order. If however the people had
supported the old order
(Babylon) as they used to (during the Crusades), they would have gone to
against this Islamic threat – even as they used to do. This is not the case – thus another
evidence of the drying up of the Euphrates,
the lack of popular support.

Additionally, the world’s greatest power in the world today,
the United States, has been encroached by
. We see it practiced more and more by many; another interesting sidelight is the encroachment also
of Buddhism and Hinduism into the American culture. Many of the educators in our Universities and
Colleges today are of the Hindu persuasion, and we see more and more Hindu practices such as Yoga
being accepted and practiced, along with the so-called New-Age meditation philosophies, which are
grounded in Hinduism.
The Bible has been removed from the classrooms while pagan religious
philosophies are accepted
. Thus we might say that the “King(s) of the east” these various intrusions
upon Babylon
are already here i.e. they have already arrived.” (New Albany Notes on Revelation”,
Page 194

Another one of those things which are, a sign to us that the end is very near, is taking place even today,
the reproach of Israel, but even this is as the Lord said it would be, note the Word’s of the Lord,

For I am with you,’ says the LORD, ‘to save you (in the end); though I make a full end of all
nations (governments, not the people) where I have scattered you, yet I will not make a complete
end of you, but
I will correct you in justice (“purge the rebels from among you”, Ezek 20:38), and
will not let you go altogether unpunished
(“your spoil will be divided in your midst”, Zech 14:1,2).’
For thus says the LORD: Your affliction (your troubles with the Arabs and Palestinians) is incurable,
your wound
is severe. There is no one to plead your cause that you may be bound up (no one
can solve your problems with the nations around you
); you have no healing medicines (no solution).
All your lovers have forgotten you (your allies, your friends, the U.S., Britain and others supportive of
); they do not seek you; for I have wounded you with the wound of an enemy (Compare
Rom 11:28), with the chastisement of a cruel one, for the multitude of your iniquities, because
your sins have increased. Why do you cry about your affliction? Your sorrow is incurable.
Because of the multitude of your iniquities, because your sins have increased, I have done these
things to you
.” (Jer 30:11-15)

In that day shall thou not be ashamed for all thy doings, wherein thou host transgressed
against me: for then I will take away out of the midst of thee
them that rejoice in thy pride (the
rebel element
), and thou shall no more be haughty because of my holy mountain. I will also leave
in the midst of thee an afflicted
(humbled) and poor people and they shall trust in the name of
the LORD
." (Zep 3:11, 12)

“One of the contributing factors to the sudden realization and appreciation of the Lord as their God will be
the failure of
all earthly alliances to bring them deliverance. All her "lovers," gentile nations, to whom
she has been allied, shall forget her and forsake her
(Jer 30:14). In ancient times, a frequent alliance
was sought with the government of
Egypt (typified by Christendom today). The prophet predicts of that
symbolic ally, "
It shall be the basest of the kingdoms; neither shall it exalt itself any more above
the nations: for I will
diminish them that they shall no more rule over the nations. And it shall be
no more the confidence of the house of Israel, which bringeth their iniquity to remembrance,
when they shall look after them: but they shall know that I am the Lord GOD
" (Ezek 29:15, 16).
The Herald of Christ’s Kingdom” July/August 1996, Page 9

Israel has ever sought out allies among the Christian right, especially here in these United States, and in
Britain, and while this support has been rather steady for some time amongst fundamentalist Christians
of late this support has begun to erode somewhat, this chiefly due to the reproach upon Israel due to
the Palestinian issue. Israel is made out to be the enemy in the eyes of the world because of their so-
called cruel treatment of the Palestinians in not giving into their demands for a homeland.  

In the end leaning upon Christendom for support will prove of no avail to Israel as Babylon itself begins
to wane, its support system the Euphrates (the people), is drying up and it is becoming as the Lord
states, "
diminished", “the basest of the kingdoms”. The people are no longer interested in the
troubles in the middle east particularly in Israel especially seeing as there are troubles enough right here
at home to deal with, many are of the opinion that Israel should simply give the Palestinians what they
want and end this whole argument once in for all, alas if it were just that simple

As further evidence of the nations, in particular the U.S. turning against Israel, note the following:

In 2002 the Arab League formulated an ultimatum warning Israel that it had to accept (i.e.
agree to) the League's terms for an Arab-Israel agreement
. The draft was composed by Arab
foreign ministers meeting ahead at the summit.

The 2002 Saudi Initiative, as it had come to be known, called for: 1) full Israeli withdrawal from all
lands under Jewish sovereignty since 1967, including Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and all of
Judea and Samaria;
2) Israeli agreement to accept Arab war refugees; 3) Israeli acceptance of
a Palestinian Arab state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, with Jerusalem as its capital
. In exchange,
the Arab states would agree to enter into a peace agreement with Israel, and "
consider the Arab-
Israeli conflict ended

In June of 2011 the United States gave Netanyahu an ultimatum on renewing negotiations with the
Palestinians, according to reports cited by Israel Radio Sunday morning. According to the ultimatum,
Netanyahu has to decide within a month whether he agrees to accept US President Barack
Obama's platform and resume talks
based on 1967 lines.

First it was the Arabs demanding Israel agree to the terms set by the League, and now it is the U.S.
demanding that they agree to these terms.  Does the president expect to accomplish in one month what
many have tried for centuries? What do you supposed is going to happen after a month goes by and
Israel refuses to abide by the Administrations terms?

Is the U.S. going to sever its alliance with Israel? Surely that will spell the end of this nation, likewise
speeding up the destruction of the present order, for as it is written, “
He who blesses Israel is blessed,
and he who curses Israel is cursed

We will continue once again with our next post.

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