“A Great Storm Approaches” Part 4

It was the Pastor’s belief that Socialism would be the second phase of the trouble. I am afraid
that a lot of brethren have missed this--they have missed this
peaceful revolution, this Socialism that
the Pastor spoke of so frequently. Some places he said, "
War, revolution and anarchy." Other places he
said, "
War, Socialism and anarchy." In other words, Socialism is synonymous with the earthquake or
Maybe we think of revolution as only being violent-but that is not necessarily true.
That is not the basic thought in the word "
revolution". Revolution simply means "to turn over"
Change?). A wheel revolves. That does not mean that the spokes fall out. You turn any-thing over, what
was on top is now on the bottom--that's a revolution. And it does not necessarily imply violence either.
There have also been a number of violent revolutions in this period.

We would like to read some excerpts here. There are many others, but these few will suffice. This is taken
from the
Fourth Volume, page 486:

"We have reason to believe that Socialism will make great progress during the next few years.
But frequently it will not be wisely or moderately advanced: success will intoxicate some of its advocates,
and failure render others desperate, and as a result impatience will lead to calamity…
Rulers, capitalists
and clergymen, with few exceptions, will seize upon the first extremes of Socialism
to assault it
and brand it with infamy, and temporarily throttle it, encouraging themselves with specious
arguments which self-interest and fear will suggest
. (We want to call attention to the fact that he
doesn't say that people are opposing these changes entirely from self-interest, though that is a big part
of it. It is also a fear--a fear of our whole way of life being destroyed, particularly religion if the world goes
Communist. So there is a basis for genuine fear, and the Pastor always recognized these different
elements and motives.)
As intimated the movement will be crushed under the combined power of
Church, State and Capital and later lead to the great explosion of anarchy, in which, as indicated
in the Scriptures, all present institutions will be wrecked;--
'a time of trouble such as was not
since there was a nation

Notice Socialism will fail or be crushed, and reform being thwarted along that line, the result will
"the great explosion of anarchy." You see there will be a period of time between the
revolution and the anarchy
and it is during anarchy that all present institutions will be wrecked.
Socialists don't want to destroy the system. They want to reform it-- modify it.

This is another reference, the
1910 Foreword to the Fourth Volume, page xvi: "The masses will
seek relief through the ballot and the peaceful readjustment of earth's affairs for the elimination
of evil
(corruption in government), for the placing of monopolies and utilities and the supplies of
nature in the hands of the people for the public good. The crisis will be reached when the
hitherto upholders of the law
(government officials, elected representatives) shall become violators
of the law and
resisters of the will of the majority as expressed by the ballot. Fear for the future
will goad the well-meaning masses to desperation, and
anarchy will result when Socialism fails."

Who are the "
hitherto upholders of the law"? At the time this was written the laws were mainly to
protect property rights and the upper classes, what we call the "
have" classes. They were strong for the
law to protect their interests. Now laws have been changed. We have laws protecting human rights more
now. There is more emphasis on that than on property rights. We see the change in emphasis during the
riots. They often forget about the damage to property-- just don't kill anybody. So we have laws now
that have benefited the masses,
thehave not’s”.

The Pastor says the crisis will be reached when the hitherto upholders of the law (the privileged classes,
those in control, government officials appointed to uphold the law, the will of the people) shall become
the violators of the law (
corrupt), seeking to set aside these laws, liberal laws, civil rights, and things of
that nature, getting around it in one way or another. That's when we reach the danger point. In another
place he calls it "
sitting on the safety valve." (Foreword to the Fourth Volume, page xv) If you do
that without turning off the heat, you know what's going to happen. Even you sisters know about that
with the pressure cooker. And they are not turning off the heat, but they are beginning to sit on the
safety valve--but we are getting ahead of our lesson.

Notice, "anarchy will result when Socialism fails." That is the sequence of events. Socialism will be
tried to a large extent. It will fail--it will be sabotaged and frustrated, and the result will be
violent revolution, destruction, anarchy.

We have another reference,
Reprints 4144, Col 2 par.11. I believe this gives us the best outline of
how the time of trouble will develop of anything that I have come across
. Getting down to the
pertinent part we read:

Then Socialism will appear to the masses the only peaceable way (the words "only peaceable
" is in italics so the Pastor is stressing the fact that (in his opinion) this will be a peaceful movement)
or obtaining social and financial equality (the redistribution of the wealth?); then Socialism will
spread like wildfire
. But Socialism will fail; because money (capitalism) and brains will cooperate against
it out of selfishness and fear. Then, maddened by their failure, Socialists will
en masse turn anarchists (as
begins to be evidenced by some during the recent union protest in Wisconsinand and by the
demonstrators in Greece
), and the direct results will ensue: 'A time of trouble such as was not since
there was a nation

Socialism is not the remedy: "Our reason for keeping track of the progress of Socialism now is,
that we expect that it, or something akin to it, is about to deceive the world into looking for a
Millennium of its own, and lead them unconsciously to, and then over the brink into the anarchy
and 'time of trouble such as was not since there was a nation.'
We cannot wonder that this 'will O'
the wisp
' should attract and ensnare many of 'the groaning creation'…We sympathize...but after seeing
the divine plan... (Paraphrase) we
deem it dangerous to become engulfed in Socialism." R 3141 par. 5

In 1915 the Pastor envision that they were experiencing the first of the four manifestations in which the
Lord was to reveal himself to mankind, “
the mighty winds rending the very rocks”, viz. "The present
step is the war of the nations.
The next step will be Socialism--an attempted Socialism--among
the people
. Then the third step, anarchy will gradually come on." R 5632:2

So the jest of it appears to be this, some of the peaceful elements of society, law abiding elements will
attempt through the power of the ballet to instigate a social revolution even as begins to be evident all
around us today, however this revolution will be confounded by those elements of society aligned against
it, particularly capitalism, this will infuriate some of the baser elements of this movement to violence
turning a once
peaceful revolution into a violent revolution. It pays thus for all the Lord’s consecrated
to keep abreast of these things (
NOT to become involved in them, but nevertheless to be aware of them)
so as not to be overtaken nor surprised at the turn of events now occurring around them.

Remember although we are in the world we are not of the world, thus we are cautioned not to become
entangled in the affairs of men, visualize the following:

I saw still another mighty angel coming down from heaven, clothed with a cloud. And a
rainbow was on his head, his face was like the sun, and his feet like pillars of fire…
and he cried
with a loud voice as when a lion roars
. When he cried out seven thunders uttered their voices.
Now when the seven thunders uttered their voices, I was about to write; but I heard a voice
from heaven saying to me,
Seal up (make hidden, secret, conceal) the things which the seven
thunders uttered, and
do not write them.” (Rev 10:1-4)

The Apostle John represents the Church. He was about to write -- to record as part of his (the Church’
s) experience what he heard of the thundering, but a voice from heaven – possibly some wise Christians?
-- said
Seal up what the thunders have spoken and do NOT write them. The thought seems to be
that, even as the little book is now open, other things are also opening up; but these other things are
NOT FOR THE CHURCH. The little book is for the Church. The Church should remain aloof, separated
from the controversies, theories, and experiments of mankind now proliferating.” (
N.A.N.O.R. Page 83)

These seven thunders or controversies, 1) Political, 2) Economical, 3) Military, 4) Scientific, 5)
6) Moral, and 7) Religious and those involved in them will soon erupt into violence
leading to
the great earthquakewhich shall see the end of the present order (Rev 16:18).

“There are many other battles than ours in progress; and many different army corps fighting on every
hand; but ours is different from them all. We may be interested in some of these battles more than in
Some of them may even appeal to us much more closely than others, as being along lines
considerably in harmony with the
"good fight" which we are waging, and to that extent we may
heartily sympathize with them;
but we can do no more than this: because our covenant, our
engagement, our battle, is the most important of all, and to it we have covenanted our every
moment and our every talent
.” (R2311)

Now what of the third phase of trouble preceding the establishment of the Lord’s kingdom, the “fire
have we seen any evidence of this yet?

When protest and revolutions turn violent these are the “
sparks” which will eventually ignite the fire, and
although we have seen some of these sparks of recent as exemplified in the ongoing protests in Libya,
Syria, Yemen and here in the United States as exemplified by some of the protesters in the recent union
skirmishes yet still
that particular spark which will set the world on fire has yet to have taken place,
it awaits the appointed time, the completion of the Church and the release of the “
four winds.

To be continued.

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