"A Great Storm Approaches", Part 35

“The Four Winds”

After these things I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding the
four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, on the sea, or on any
.” Rev 7:1

“After these things”

The chapter division (an arbitrary division of the narrative decided upon by the translators of the
Authorized Version
) obscures the connection of Chapter 7 to what has come just before at the
end of
Chapter 6. It is VERY IMPORTANT to our understanding to see this connection.”

“The reader should keep in mind the previous, rather abrupt introduction to a violent land eruption and
an equally alarming disturbance in the celestial realm, followed by the panic of all classes of society—
identified internally as the participants and the spectators. Therefore, the scene of the holding back of
the four winds in this chapter is but a continuation of the former sequence of events.

Two truths are thus revealed:

(1) The Revolution itself was initially precipitated by an outside wind or extraneous source.

(2) It was considered expedient to countermand or stop this evil wind (spiritual power), which
fomented or stirred up the trouble
, by the introduction and exercise of an equalizing and stabilizing
force of Providence in order to prevent the disorder from continuing and from spreading to other

If allowed to continue unchecked, the French Revolution would have eventually provided an impetus to
the creation of a larger, circuitous air current, producing a whirlwind effect that would embrace the
entire civilized world—and thereby would not have been limited to “
a mighty wind” in France only. The
setting of Verse 1 indicates that an abrupt termination of the disorder of
Revelation 6:12–14 had
been set and its limits previously determined by divine mandate.”

Four Winds of Daniel

“The four winds seen by the Prophet Daniel that “strove upon the great sea” (that is, restless
) effectively dramatized, in time past, the role of Satan and the fallen angels, even the strong
mental projection of thought (
Matt. 4:1–11) and the exercise of their influence upon the minds of
Adam’s race (
John 8:44). This spirit power engendered the development of ideologies and events
conducive to the origin and birth of the various beastly world powers from the Prophet’s day onward
Dan. 7:2–7).

The blowing of wind upon the waters shows a direct relationship between principalities and powers, of
which the Apostle Paul spoke (
Eph. 6:12), and earth beings here below (Rev. 17:15). The striving of
the winds upon the great sea implies some frenetic difficulty in manipulating the minds of “
the children
of disobedience
” (Col. 3:6) on the part of the Adversary and his cohorts, as well as some degree of
dissension in the ranks of the fallen angels themselves. Yet Beelzebub, as leader of the demons, has
yet to be displaced as the great usurper in spite of the various changes in regime. He is still “
the god
of this world
,” “the prince of the devils,” “the prince of the power of the air” (2 Cor. 4:4; Matt.
12:24; Eph. 2:2

The difference between the four winds that are responsible for the emergence of the former
(Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome) and the four winds brought to attention under the sixth
seal is
(a) previously Satan and his minions were involved in the formation of governments;
(b) at the time of the French Revolution, this same power was directed toward the
destruction of government—the abolition of all semblance of law, order, and morals. The implied
intensity of wind pressure held back by the four angels suggests a proportionate effort also to break
the shackles of restraint and to materialize in human form to wreak havoc as in the antediluvian era.”
Keys of Revelation, pages 187- 189)

Rev 6:12-17 has just shown the terrible troubles of the French Revolution period instigated by the
Adversary and his cohorts
. These troubles could have spread, but it was not yet time for The Great
. Only 1/10th of the city was to fall during the 6th period of the church (Rev 11:13). 9/10ths
must remain for the trouble of the Laodicean period. Therefore,
Chapter 7 begins by saying:

Enough! Stop the spread! It is not time for the whirlwind. The church must be finished first.
Then the winds can be set free

This, in essence, is the entire message of
Chapter 7. But the statement about finishing the church
before the final trouble allows the sender of Revelation to tell how many will ultimately be sealed as part
of the body of Christ and what will happen to those (the Great Multitude) who did not prove worthy of
their calling. Obviously, the church
IS NOT COMPLETED during the 6th stage of the church –That’s
the message of
Verse 3! But, as is so often the case in the 6th church narrative, the Revelator looks
to events in the 7th church. He here looks forward to the completion of the church and the
Great Multitude.” (
N.A.N.O.R. Page 75)

After these things I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding the
four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, on the sea, or on any

FOUR occurs three times in this verse. The number appears to be a symbol of universality and
completeness of coverage
. The expression, “The four corners of the earth” is still used today to
mean that very thing.

FOUR ANGELS: Whether or not four actual angels (spirit beings) are involved behind the scenes is
not very material.

Note: The word angel, “messenger” or “agent” although generally relating to a spirit being can
likewise refer to a human being, or for that matter any animate or inanimate agency used by the Lord
in order to convey a message and /or to accomplish his will for example famines, storms, pestilent,
earthquakes and etc. In this particular instance it would seem highly probable that these four angels
represent various “
agencies” being held in check until the appropriate time.

These angels are said to be holding back the winds. The implication is that the winds (strife) cannot
occur until certain information is available to cause the strife. It was
truths about liberty, etc., which
stimulated the Revolution in France. It will apparently also be
truths which cause the final cataclysm.
Thus four angels may symbolize all available messages, the accumulated truths which
culminate in the final period of the church
. It is very much possible that these four angels are the
same as those in
Rev 9:14, 15.

These four angels are probably the PARTS OF SOCIETY WHICH ULTIMATELY WILL GO TOO
thus in suing the total breakdown of society into anarchy. They are probably (1) social,
(2) political, (3) financial, (4) and the religious elements of society.

Until the advent of Protestantism,
truths were restrained (bound) at the Euphrates -- i.e., they
were bound by the faithfulness of the people to the support of Babylon. The message of the 6th
released the search for truth as nothing had since Jesus’ first advent. Chapter 9 continues
to show the powerful effects of these
doctrines (horses). Chapter 7, however, shows that even
though the angels of
9:14, 15 are released, they are allowed to go only so far. Verses 2 and 3
show that Jesus Himself
forbids the truths to go beyond what would hinder His work of completing
the church. Here is a specific fulfillment of
Psa. 76:10.

FOUR CORNERS OF EARTH: The angels stand at the four corners of earth -- in all segments of
society where all the social, financial, political, and religious messages which will ultimately conflict are
located. These elements of society actively fought the influence of the French Revolution in order to
keep a semblance of peace and order throughout Europe. Once truths are released they have dual
effects. The post-revolutionary Europe attempted, and succeeded, in putting reigns on the horses.
Thus the four angels (which in a sense caused the trouble) also served to hold back its spread.


It is important to distinguish between the winds of earth and the winds of heaven (as in Dan.
). The various wars and strife’s symbolized by winds have various causes. Some are based on
ecclesiastical questions, some on social. Some are caused by the interactions of men, some by the
interference of fallen spirits. Thus some are characterized by
winds of heaven (ecclesiastical or
), and some by winds of earth (social or political.) In 7:1, the strife is social-political
(earth). It is, however, important to note that what occurs in society frequently has the planning or
backing of the spirit powers behind it. Thus, in
Dan. 7, the winds of heaven (the fallen spirits) strive on
the sea (restless humanity) to form the four empires which will dominate Daniel’s people until the 20th
Century. As each of those four apparently had a fallen angel as its head (
see Dan. 10:20), it is also
likely that the final cataclysm also will have demons behind its features. Thus we have texts like
Thess. 2:9, 10, Matt. 24:24, and Rev. 16:14
. Then, as Rev. 16:17 shows, the last plague will
be poured out on these powers of the air which should bring the release of the four winds of
Rev. 7 prophecy. Hosea 8:7 shows that while a wind might blow, it is the WHIRLWIND that
brings new destruction:
(Compare Dan. 2:35). Thus the winds blowing, but not the four winds --
the final blast with
ALL of the directions and forces of accumulated truths coming together will cause
the anarchy with which this age will end.

ON EARTH, SEA, & TREE: The winds are held back so that the earth (society), the sea (the
masses of humanity
), and the trees (significant leadership) will not experience the kind of total
disruption that would make the completion of the church impossible -- hence
Verses 2 and 3.
N.A.N.O.R. Pages 75, 76)

“It should be remarked that now as in the past the Lord is not acting as a policeman to safeguard the
world against its own fallen conditions, appetites, covetousness, etc. For 6,000 years the Lord seems
to have contented Himself with letting mankind learn their own lessons, except so far as their course of
sin might interfere with the outworking of God’s great plans. In such cases the sentiment of the Lord
seems to have been—“
Thus far shalt thou go and no farther.” Undoubtedly the permission to
mankind to do great injury to themselves is a very practical way of teaching certain lessons. Now God
seemed to be bidding the angels to no longer restrain but to let loose the four winds of heaven—to
allow mankind to engage in universal strife, unhindered, the result is the most stupendous of wars,
impoverishing all nations engaged therein costing millions of lives in the flower of manhood, and
entailing debts, to pay interest on which will impoverish the people for long years to come, debts which
probably never can be paid. The Bible indicates that following the war will come a great revolution, and
then anarchy. The winds of strife now let loose may be expected to injure the world, unrestrained by
the Almighty, until in man’s extremity God’s opportunity will come and the Kingdom of Messiah will be
established for the blessing of the world.” (
Brother Meggison’s Notes, Page 390)

We will continue with the releasing of the four winds in our next post.

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