"A Great Storm Approaches", Part 30

Thus far in our study we have examined the first twelve of eighteen specific events we believe lead us
up to
Armageddon, viz.

1) The Great Earthquake

2) The drying up of the Euphrates, making way for the kings that come from the east

3) Elijah smiting the Jordan

4) Israel’s abandonment, all her lovers forsaking her

5)Lying wonders

6) Breath of life given to the image of the beast, and the arrival of the False Prophet

7) The confederacy or federation

8) Three unclean spirits

9) The Chariot of fire and Elijah taken up by a whirlwind into heaven

10)It is donethe completion of the Church

11) Silence in heaven

12) Elisha takes the mantle of Elijah

The first four of these we believe to be currently in the process of fulfillment, these fall under the
category of “
those things which are”, the remainder under “those things which are to come”. Now
understand as we had stated in the beginning of this study the exact order of these events is
problematic at best however should we attempt to apply a little of our God given ability to reason
things out for ourselves I believe we can arrive at some logical order. Another thing to keep in mind as
evidenced by the first four events on our list is that these events are generally progressive in nature
that is once they begin they continue onward until they have reached their true and complete
fulfillment. This somewhat similar to the seven last plagues which are poured out one following another
until in the end all seven are transpiring at the same time. Likewise recall that the walls of Jericho did
not fall until the seventh day, until the entire hosts of Israel had gathered and encompassed the city,
until all had been completed in exact accordance with the will of God.

Evidently, the walls of Jericho fell, not before Israel (typifying the wrath of man and of devils,
the fallen spirits
), but before the Ark of Jehovah, or rather, as it is expressly said in Josh 6:8,
before Jehovah Himself (the wrath of God), whose presence among His people was connected
with the Ark of the Covenant
. And the blast of those jubilee-horns all around the doomed city made
proclamation of Jehovah (evidence of Jehovah, of his presence), and was, so to speak, the summons of
His kingdom, proclaiming that the labor and sorrow of His people were at an end, and they about to
enter upon their inheritance… But, on the other hand, the advent of the kingdom of God always implies
destruction to His enemies. Accordingly, the walls of Jericho must fall, and the entire city be destroyed.”
The Bible History, Old Testament)

Thus it will not be until
the direct interposition of God that the walls of Heathendom (the great city,
Babylon the Great, the present order of things
) shall fall before Jehovah and the world lie open before
his people to go in and possess it. This will most likely take place during the final events of the Great
Storm particularly during the Gog and Magog incidence.

Six to go

13) Gog and Magog

14) Jacobs Trouble

15) The harvest of the vine of the earth

16) The release of thefour winds

17) The beast that was, is not, and is to come again

18) Armageddon

These last several events will surely merge one into another as the Great Storm reaches its full fury. In
our next post we will see if truly the next prophetic event is Gog and Magog or possibly something
else, something we have missed.

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