“A Great Storm Approaches” Part 3

The release of the Four Winds

After these things I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding the four
winds of the earth
, that the wind should not blow on the earth, on the sea, or on any tree. Then
I saw another angel ascending from the east
(The Lord Jesus), having the seal of the living God.
And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and
the sea, saying, “Do not harm
the earth (society), the sea (the masses of humanity), or the trees
(significant leadership)
till we (members of the body of Christ, more specifically the saints on this side of
the veil)
have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads (with an intellectual knowledge
of the truth, and with a developed character likeness similar to that of our Lord’s). And I heard
the number of those who were sealed.
One hundred and forty-four thousand of all the tribes of
the children of Israel were sealed
.” Rev 7:1-4

“What is a good definition of the four winds in this chapter? It seems to be generally understood that
these winds are a destructive process that is going to destroy the false church systems, and the
governments involved with them, but what is the process of destruction? Winds are usually understood to
be wars, since wars destroy things, and even the world sees them in this manner, using the term "
of war

We are going to suggest that we need to modify this definition slightly in that winds could be
war, but they could also be anything else that causes major changes in society, or a political
change in a government.
These winds or changes could be caused by financial failure,
revolutions, anarchy, or anything that destroys or weakens or changes an existing empire
. We
get the definition of it being political and societal change from the bible, by looking at
Dan 7:2, 3, where
we see the four winds blowing on the sea. Those four winds blowing on the sea brought about 4 different
beasts) kingdoms out of the masses of people. In actuality those four winds are most likely the same four
winds that we find in Revelation,
where we see them being held back from making any more changes until
the saints are sealed in their foreheads.

That the angels are holding back the four winds of destruction during the gospel age seems to
a time-frame of protection that is intended to give the church a chance to complete itself,
without being killed off by the time of trouble
. If there would have been massive civil, political,
financial, and religious collapse during the Gospel age, the True Church would not have had a chance to be
completed. A good example of this sort of problem was when the Moslems captured the Eastern Roman
Empire. This eventually caused the loss of almost all the Christian beliefs that were held in the eastern part
of the empire. To have that happen all over Christendom would have been disastrous. Even though we
would not have shed any tears for the demise of the Papal system before the onslaught of the Moslems,
we know that the true saints would have perished as well. For that reason they were being protected yet
at that time (
as an indirect result of the Crusades to retake the Holy Land).

believe that there did come a point in history when the winds could blow without destroying the sealed
saints. It was only necessary
first that they be separated out from the false church and state systems
composing Babylon, and then the winds could begin to blow destructively. Did not the 40 year harvest
begun in 1874,
end in 1914, just as WWI began? After that point in time the tares could then begin to be
destroyed without hurting the true church, because those who had crowns were to have “
come out of
her my people
”. (Excerpts taken from Revelation Notes (Southern Wisconsin), Pages 199, 201)  

Some more thoughts on the “Four Winds

It is important to distinguish between the winds of earth and the winds of heaven (as in Dan 7:
). The various wars and strife’s symbolized by winds have various causes. Some are based on
ecclesiastical questions, some on social. Some are caused by the interactions of men, some by the
interference of fallen spirits.
Thus some are characterized by winds of heaven (ecclesiastical or
and some by winds of earth (social or political.) In Rev 7:1, the strife is social political
(earth). It is, however, important to note that what occurs in society frequently has the planning or
backing of the spirit powers behind it. Thus, in
Dan 7, the winds of heaven (the fallen spirits) strive on the
sea (restless humanity) to form the four empires which will dominate Daniel’s people until the 20th
Century. As each of those four apparently had a fallen angel as its head (See
Dan 10:20), it is also likely
that the final cataclysm also will have demons behind its features. Thus we have texts like
2 Thess 2:9,
10, Matt 24:24, and Rev 16:14
. Then, as Rev 16:17 shows, the LAST plague will be poured out on
these powers of the air which should bring the release of the four winds of our
Rev 7 prophecy. Hosea 8:
shows that while a wind might blow, it is the WHIRLWIND that brings true destruction: (Cf.
Dan 2:35
). Thus there are winds blowing presently, but NOT THE FOUR WINDS -- the final blast with
ALL of the directions and forces of accumulated truths coming together will cause the anarchy with which
this age will
come to an end.

GOD FINALLY SPEAKS out of the WHIRLWIND -- Job 38:1.” (New Albany Notes on Revelation”,
Page 76

So in essence the first phase of trouble preceding the establishment of the kingdom, the “winds of
", “the mighty winds which tore into the mountains, breaking the rocks in pieces (weakening
the nations)”
1 Kings 19:11 have already begun to blow, beginning with the First Great War of 1914,
and continue even now unto the present day with each succeeding conflict growing more and more
intense (this being especially due to advancements in warfare) stirring up the fury of the winds (the
social and political elements of society) until they reach hurricane strength

And what is to be expected of all this, note the Pastor’s remarks in regards to the First Great War,

“What a sad spectacle the war presents--twenty millions of soldiers engaged, at a cost of over forty
million dollars per day for their maintenance! Twelve millions of men in the prime of life have already been
wounded, captured or killed. The consumption of ammunition is astounding. One of the British ministers
recently declared that in one battle in Belgium the British forces used more ammunition than in the entire
Boer War!

National debts were already enormous, and British consols (bonds) were selling at twenty-five per cent.
Less than their face value before this war began.
Can any rational person suppose that the debts of
the warring nations represented by their bonds will ever be paid?

Were these debts ever fully repaid? No! In most cases these debts were forgiven by none other than
the leading nation who purchased this great debt, that’s right, the United States of America, and what
about now, what of the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? These have costs and continue to cost
the taxpayers well over
$1,200,000,000,000, that’s one trillion two hundred billion dollars and
climbing. The Iraqi conflict alone cost the U.S. taxpayers close to
720 million dollars a day. We’ve
come a long way from the 40 million a day for WWI and keep in mind that was the combined estimated
costs for all participants not merely a single nation. The national debt currently stands at well over
$14,000,000,000,000 increasing on average by 3.95 billion per day. The estimated population of the
United States is
310,741,660 so each citizen's share of this debt is presently $46,200.84. Once again
the question is asked again,
“Can any rational person suppose that this debt will ever be repaid?

The Pastor continues,    

And when the people shall realize the meaning of all this (debt) AND of the crash of financial
which this will involve, the discovery will be terrible. The only logical result to be
expected of the discouraged people will be as the Bible predicts--so great an earthquake as was
not since man was upon the earth--
social earthquake, revolution, gigantic in its character.--Rev
.” (R 5457)

Just like the seven last plagues these events, the wind, the earthquake and the fire follow one right after
another however we should not suppose that the next event awaits the completion of the previous, but
rather that they overlap each other until all three are in operation simultaneously like the interweaving of
a rope bringing about the whirlwind of trouble which is to end this age

There have been and presently are many earthquakes (revolutions) taking place around the globe, (for
example in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and etc.), even as there have been and presently are many wars
taking place around the globe, however with reference to the earthquake mentioned in Elijah’s vision as
well as that of Rev 16:18, we would suggest that all of these are but “
tremors” tremors which precede
the great earthquake” spoken of, “such a mighty and great earthquake as has not occurred since
men were upon the face of the earth
”. These tremors merely serve as evidences of the unrest now
encompassing the world, the earth begins to buckle and shake in preparation for what is to come

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