“A Great Storm Approaches” Part 25

It is done

Then it happened, as they (both Elijah and Elisha) continued on and talked, that suddenly a
chariot of fire
appeared with horses of fire, and separated the two of them; and Elijah went up
by a whirlwind into heaven
.” (2 Kings 2:11)


Then the seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air and a loud voice came out of the
temple of heaven, from the throne, saying,
It is done!” (Rev 16:17)

air is a symbol of spiritual control, the ecclesiastical realm, the seventh plague completes the trouble
begun from the first and falls upon Satan
the prince of the powers of the air Eph 2:2, upon his
the seventh plague is ARMAGEDDON.

“The “
loud voice” John heard coming forth from the temple in heaven, from the throne, is God’s voice.
It comes forth from the antitypical throne room or Most Holy compartment common to both the
Tabernacle of Moses and the Temple of Solomon. The booming pronouncement is made: “
It is done”!

But what is done?

First: The expression emphatically acknowledges that the last of the seven vials of the wrath of God,
which He had so sternly commanded to be poured upon the earth (
Verse 1) and had so long awaited, has
finally reached accomplishment—
AT LAST! Now the wheels of God’s chariot could move forward to
demolish the old order and usher in the “
Thy kingdom come” of the Lord’s Prayer—a fulfillment the
saints have long yearned for.

Second: Being uttered subsequent to the pouring of the seventh vial, the statement “It is done” is a
reminder of Christ’s dying words on the Cross of Calvary, when he said (
John 19:30), “It is finished”!
The time frame of the statement “
It is done” and other Scriptures indicate that the events and
experiences of the last week of Jesus’ earthly ministry are a parallel to those which will befall the feet

The next verse (
Verse 18) is strikingly reminiscent of some of the events that occurred in connection with
Jesus’ agony on the Cross. These events include the darkness that came upon the land in Jesus’ last
hours and at the actual time of his death; the earthquake that rent rocks, opened graves, and tore in
twain the veil of Herod’s Temple; and possibly also a violent thunderstorm.

The Roman centurion standing guard on Calvary observed some of these events and the strange
coincidence of time in juxtaposition with Jesus’ agony and death, for the very God of all nature seemed to
be venting His open displeasure in an unparalleled public display of wonders because of the death of the
Just One. Likewise, when the heel members of the body of Christ decease, a darkening over all the earth
will forebode ominous conditions to follow. There will be “
voices” (universal tumultuous, internal, vocal
controversy), “
thunders” (universal acts of violence, sabotage, and explosive social changes as in the
French Revolution), “
lightning’s” (universal public displays of mass disapproval of all governmental
authority, accompanied by anarchistic graffiti, vandalism, and arson), and a “
great earthquake” (an
unprecedented complete overthrow of all law and order).”
The Keys of Revelation”, Page 427

Just as the fierce winds of strife, (the whirlwind) begins to blow so too the last members of the body
of Christ finish their course making their calling and election sure and are joined with their brethren
beyond the Vail.

It has been suggested by some brethren that the last or “
feet” members of the Church, not all but most
would probably pass beyond the vail in mass, possibly the result of execution after having been rounded
up by the government as dissenters and troublemakers threats to the state; of course this is only an
opinion. How exactly they shall meet their fleshly demise is not certain, nor is it of great importance, the
important thing is that they were faithful until death

Then the temple of God was opened in heaven, and the ark of His covenant was seen in His
(The Christ complete, the Church being the mediator of that covenant). And there were
lightnings, noises, thundering’s, an earthquake, and great hail
.” (Rev 11:19)

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