“A Great Storm Approaches” Part 24

Having we believe sufficiently covered the first eight events of the Great Storm we see approaching we
should now like to examine the next possible four viz.

9) The Chariot of fire and Elijah taken up by a whirlwind into heaven

10)It is donethe completion of the Church

11) Silence in heaven

12) Elisha takes the mantle of Elijah

By this time with all power signs and lying wonders at his disposal Satan will have fully initiated his last
ditch efforts in deception in order to deceive and if possible stumble the very elect, failing in this endeavor
he will then attempt to destroy these individuals, and thus in his mind’s eye foil the divine intention, the
completion of the body of Christ, and the plan of the God.

It is expected that by this time that the great signs and miraculous wonders first begun in the Church of
England would have spread throughout all of Christendom and that the
False Prophet would be the chief
or prominent figure in the propagation and operation of these deceiving wonders.

Now understand this false prophet is known only as such by the true church, (even as the true
identity of the antichrist has always been known by the true church yet unbeknownst to the majority of
the professing church), to the nominal church this prophet is none other than
the new and invigorated
(by means of satanic operation)
World Council of Churches. In essence a new entity which was
created by means of the merging of the Church of England with the protestant sects, the bringing life to
the image of the beast.

All who bare the mark of the beast (Catholicism, whether upon the forehead or upon the hands), and
all who worship
his image (who pay homage to the World Council of Churches, Protestants) will be
deceived by the lying deceptions propagated by this entity
(See Rev 19:20).

What types of deceptions will these consist of, well as we had previously stated in an earlier post such
things as?

Miraculous healings, cures from disease and sickness, possibly even fringed resurrections, (remember
when the spirits in chains are released they will once again be able to materialize into fleshly bodies thus
deceiving many into believing that the resurrection is taking place, but of course those properly informed
of God’s plan, i.e. “
the times and the seasons”, will not be deceived by these things.

Now keep in mind what we have learned thus far, Satan’s primary purpose is to stumble the faith of the
elect, the fully consecrated and to a limited extent
he will prove successful in this endeavor, that is in
respects to
the Great Company Class, however failing to stumble the Very Elect he will attempt by
every means available to him to destroy the Church, and what better way to accomplish this goal than to
turn professed (or nominal) brother against (consecrated or true) brother.

Then will they (the nominally professing believers) deliver you up to tribulation (bringing trouble
upon you)
, and kill you (some of us possibly literally), and you will be hated by all nations (people)
for my names sake (Why? Because you refused to believe the lies the deceptions then taking place and
instead of attributing them to the Lord like everyone else you kept insisting that they were in reality of the
Matt 24:9

Understand it will not be they themselves personally who will extinguish the flame of the true people of
God (except in those rare cases where some of the more fundamental and radical elements of the
professing church are involved), but rather as Jezebel delivered up the prophets of God to Ahab so too
will the professing church deliver up the true saints of God to the government for judgment and
prosecution, deeming them a threat to society and to the stability (i.e. the preservation) of the present
order of things.    


"We think that the chariot of fire in antitype signifies a division between the little flock and the
great company...
We are not to judge one another... ‘The Lord knows them that are his.’ "When the
Lord’s time comes for separating his little flock class, he will make no mistake. It will be the little flock that
will go in the chariot, and no others. Let us, therefore, keep ourselves in the love of God. Never mind what
anyone else thinks... Some of the brethren may misunderstand us. But trust it all in the Lord’s hands. He
will take care of the entire matter... St. Paul says, ‘
Judge nothing before the time’ (1 Cor 4:5). All will
soon be manifested.

Fire typically represents trouble, judgment, destruction, and a chariot of fire would seem to signify
some very trying experience that will separate the Elijah class from the Elisha class, and bring the
deliverance of the Elijah class.

"When Elijah’s chariot came, it was in a whirlwind that he was carried into the heavens, into the
atmosphere, beyond earthly vision ...
The Lord pictures the great time of anarchy that is coming as
a great storm or whirlwind
. He says, ‘Behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a
great whirlwind shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth. And the slain of the Lord shall be
at that day from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth; they shall not be
lamented, neither gathered nor buried; they shall be dung upon the ground
’ - Jeremiah 25:30-
33; 30:23, 24

To our understanding the Elijah class will be amongst the first to be affected by the great
whirlwind of anarchy.
We believe it signifies that many of the Lord’s people - all of the faithful at
that time - will be taken from the present life in some anarchistic movement...
We think that our
final experiences will be during some kind of anarchistic uprising. “(
R 5845)


"But here is the way the Lord pictures the matter: First, there will be the chariot of fire... We understand
that some fiery experience will cause a separation between the two classes of the Lord’s people. Then will
develop the whirlwind of anarchy... We are to be just as wise, kind, meek, gentle and as faithful to the
Lord as we know how to be, and then have our minds perfectly calm and restful. When the Lord’s time for
us comes, all will be right. Let us rest in his love and wisdom and care. What he provides for his children
will be the very best thing for us, and we shall be glad to have it.

"... This matter of Elijah’s rolling his mantle together and smiting the waters of Jordan seems to mean
something, and also the crossing of the river. This picture is not given for nothing. ‘What does it mean?’
you ask. Ah, we know that most prophecies are understood only after they are fulfilled...
In Bible
water represents truth, and it also represents peoples. Both of these are given in
Scripture as being symbolized by water
(Rev 17:1 Jer 51:12, 13 Rev 17:15 22:1, 2 Ezek 47:1-12
Eph 5:26
). Furthermore, Jordan means testing, or judging down. Now who or what would be
judged in the antitype?


"We answer; we believe that the peoples of earth, the public in general, are to be judged by the
truth. The people are represented by waters.
It would seem that in some way the people are to
be judged and tested; and that a division of public sentiment is to be caused, in connection with
the truth
. Waters are to be separated from waters, people from people, the truth being received by some
and rejected by others. Elijah wrapped his mantle together and smote the waters; and they were divided.
Elijah’s mantle was the outward indication, or sign, of God’s power with him, and represented God’s
power and blessing with the church. The mantle was in Elijah’s hand when he smote the waters with it. So
the church, it would seem, will use what is in their hand,
the power and authority of the truth, the
power of God, in smiting the waters - peoples.

t could very well prove possible that events may unfold even as we imagine, that Satan operating as an
angel of light with all power signs and lying wonders at his disposal will be feverously about engaged in
performing miraculous wonders all throughout Christendom in order to deceive
. “Our Lord's own
words indicate that when matters come to this condition, where Satan will cast out Satan and
heal disease, it is a marked evidence that his throne is tottering to its fall--that, so to speak, this
is the last extremity of the adversary's efforts to deceive
.” (R 2669:6)

We believe that the test which shall result in the division of the people will be between those who side
with the Church and their denunciation of the miraculous wonders then taking place, who attribute these
to the devil rather than to the Lord, and those who believe to the contrary. Now of course we can see
why it is that some would be so admittedly opposed to such a suggestion for did not some likewise once
say that it was the power of Beelzebub acting through the man Christ Jesus who performed the miracles
he did?

"... We are keeping watch to see in what way God will exercise some very wonderful power causing some
division as respects the truth. We are merely thinking aloud with you.
We are looking for some very
pronounced division on the subject of the truth,
something that will eventually lead up to a great
. You remember that in our Lord’s ministry he presented certain truths that caused the scribes and
Pharisees to hate him. It was their hatred that led up to his arrest and crucifixion. The hate was there.
They said, ‘
We must kill him.’

It appears the same situation shall arise once again; this time with respects to the last members of the
Church this side of the Vail, they will be found espousing certain truths which in the eyes of orthodoxy
are deemed heresy specifically their declaration that the miracles preformed throughout Christendom
are of the devil. Thus it will be deemed expedient that such heretics be silenced, imprisoned, killed as
they will be accused of being dissenters, opponents of the Lord and of the truth.

"We shall not do anything foolish; we shall not go out on the streets to stir up trouble. We are to exercise
the spirit of a sound mind - gentleness, meekness, patience, brotherly- kindness and love. We are to be
wise as serpents and harmless as doves’ (
Gal 5:22, 23 Matt 10:16). All these instructions we must not
forget. But when we see any trouble coming upon us when we are doing what is right, when we are
obeying the Lord, then we are able to take it as from him. If we do not manifest the Master’s spirit, if we
speak proudly or boastfully to people, then we shall have it to regret that we did not follow in the
footsteps of Jesus.

There is a distinction between extorting the truth on a subject with the intent to aid, instruct and to
inform as opposed to the thought of extorting boastfully, proudly in order to elevate oneself at the
expense of the ridicule and ignorance of others.

"We are being more and more impressed with the closing features of the Elijah and the Elisha type. More
and more we are impressed that Elijah’s smiting of the river Jordan, the waters thereof being thus divided,
pictures a mighty work yet to be accomplished, and apparently in the very near future. What will be the
antitype of the folding up of Elijah’s mantle, symbolizing his power, and how long it may require to thus
concentrate the forces for the smiting, we do not know. We must wait, watch, and do our pans. Then how
long it will require to accomplish the smiting of the waters is also an uncertainty; and how quickly the
people will be divided by the truth is also an uncertainty." (
R 5845, 5846)

It will be after the smiting of Jordan - after the division of the people by the message of the
truth and the mantle of Elijah’s power - that the separation of the church into two classes will
take place, thereafter, the Elijah class, the Little Flock class, will be clearly manifested, separate
and distinct from the Great Company class.
The division, be it remembered, will be caused by the
fiery chariot - some very severe, trying ordeal, which the elect class will promptly accept and
enter into; the Elisha class holding back from the persecution, but not drawing back to sin or
repudiation of the Lord
. It will be but a little later on that the whirlwind (probably anarchy) will bring
about the ‘change’ of the Elijah class.’

The garnering of the wheat continues; but apparently the consuming of the tares will
correspond very closely with the division of Jordan ...
The smiting of the waters will reveal the truth
in respect to what is the real church of Christ, and what are imitations; and
the honest- minded tare
will be undeceived, and cease to longer pretend that they are the church of Christ - thus they will be
burned or cease to be as tares, continuing however as noble- minded worldly people and will have a share
in the general blessings of the ‘sweet by and by’ under the kingdom for which we still pray." (
R 5950,

We believe that in the end orthodoxy, infuriated by the claims of those who continue to insist that the
miracles then being performed are the works of the devil and his cohorts will in hatred incite the masses
to turn upon these individuals. This will bring
severe persecutions (the “chariot of fire”) upon the
more prominent and outspoken of this class the results of which will lead to a division with some
drawing back in fear of these persecutions, thus
the Elijah class, the Little Flock, will be clearly
manifested and separated from
the Elisha class, the Great Company, and soon will be taken up in the
whirlwind. (
2 Kings 2:11)

As was stated previously “
Waters are to be separated from waters, people from people” It will not
be merely the true Church which is divided, separated, but so too the professing or nominal church. The
truths then being espoused by the Lord’s faithful and their stand in defiance of orthodoxy will make
manifest just who the true followers of the Lord are and hence forth all the truly noble (honest minded)
of the tare class will cease from making any more pretences of being Christians, Christ’ followers

Continued with next post.

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