“A Great Storm Approaches” Part 22

I Come As a Thief

Once again we return to Revelation Chapter 16 and the Sixth Plague

16:13, 14 --And I saw [coming] out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the
beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits, as it were frogs: for they
are spirits of demons, working signs

WHICH GO OUT TO THE KINGS OF THE WHOLE WORLD: The Greek is important here = “The
inhabited earth
” – this is NOT a symbol of society, but a representation of the globe itself. This is saying
that this appeal will go beyond the “
Christian” world and take in all the influential ones of the diverse
places on earth. Weymouth translates this interestingly: “
spirits that go out to control the kings of
the whole earth
.” That is the point. The world is going out of control. The demons want to
restrain that tendency
. (It is not only the nations of Christendom who are in political, financial and
economical turmoil, but so too the rest of the world the non-Christian world. The demons wish to
maintain the present order, to stabilize matters, in order to maintain their present control, for they know
full well right that with the passing of this present evil world they too shall soon pass away

TO GATHER THEM TOGETHER: to unite them, unity (out of necessity) will be the plea. (Zeph. 3:8) The
nations of the world are coming together in a global effort to attempt to shore-up and to stabilize the
economies of their neighbors realizing all the more that with each collapse of one of their neighbors the
chance of their own collapse of a total collapse of society becomes even more probable. In this effort to
sustain the present social and economical order,
the old order (which is primarily based upon
selfishness and creed) they unknowingly and unwillingly are at war with
the new order (based upon
righteousness and love for ones neighbor), the in-coming kingdom of God

FOR THE WAR OF THE GREAT DAY OF GOD, THE ALMIGHTY: This is NOT another world war! This
is the battle between the old order and the new, between the kings of the earth and the Lamb. This is the
last battle to maintain the old order. It will fail. It is the war
it is not a war between the nations, (but rather a war between Heaven, and heavens law and the
earth, which is not, subject [presently] to those laws)
. It is a welcome war for those who know the

Note however, Armageddon cannot yet proceed until the vivifying or vitalization of the Image
(i.e. until the 2-horned beast givesbreathto the image).

In spite of a universal cry of "Peace and safety," the effect of the policies of the civil powers and church
systems, has been to rally the people to their respective standards in such a way as to lead them in the
direction of inevitable war, and “
the time of trouble such as was not since there was a nation” (Zeph
3:8, 9; Dan 12:1
). On the one side of this battle will be aligned religion, government, and big
business, capital (money)
, on the other the masses, labor, the discontent, the poor. Even now
these two sides are gathering their armies

Cannot we all see this, take a close look at how the government is handling the financial crisis catering to
the select few to big business, to capital but supposedly all in the name of the people, for their supposed
welfare, who do they think they are kidding, we’re living in the age of the sixth plague,
the information
, do they honestly believe the people to be so blind as to what they are up to? In so doing their
policies are only serving to alienate the people, the rich and the poor, the haves and the have not’s, to
drive a wedge between the two groups preparatory to the great battle coming

this verse in parentheses and in quotation marks. Both are appropriate

Right in the midst of these demonic deceptions comes a warning in the form of a memory -- a
voice behind us: the words of Jesus reminding us
. He is saying,

No matter what you see (or hear), remember the MANNER of My parousia (presence). DO NOT

This should give us a hint as to the possible nature of some of the deceptions.

Keep in mind the Scriptures we had mentioned in our previous posts, don’t forget them, if you
do it will be to your own detriment

Several items are worthy of note here. First is the word “
Behold”. As always, it precedes a thought
worthy of much meditation and study. Here we are admonished to study the MANNER of His second
the implication being that thesignsperformed by these demons will be explicitly
designed either
to challenge these concepts or to counterfeit them.

It is not unlikely that an attempt will be made to pretend that a reformed old order is, indeed,
the beginning of a new order
. After all, has it not been Satan’s policy all along to provide substitutes?
Instead of
Christ, we have had Antichrist. Instead of THE MAN, we have had the MAN OF SIN. Instead
the kingdom, we have had Christendom. NOW, instead of THAT PROPHET (Acts 3:22, 23),
perhaps we are to have the FALSE PROPHET. Since we now seem to be in the time of the sixth
plague, it behooves us to be watching more closely than ever. For those acquainted with the manner of
our Lord’s return, bear in mind the warnings of our Lord found in
Matt 24:26

Therefore if they say to you ‘Look, he is in the desert!’ do not go out; or ‘Look he is in the inner
Do not believe it.”

The following taken from
Reprint 510 is also significant in regards to the sixth plague and should be

Verse 15 is abruptly thrown in as a parenthesis. It reads literally thus: “Behold, I am coming as a
. Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walks naked and they see his

This is very significant. It declares that at the time when this evil doctrine will be apparently uniting all upon
the side of law and order—upon the side of kings (
rulers) and clergy (church)--our Lord will then be
PRESENT, but secretly and unknown except to the watching ones. Only those who are truly his and
watching in the light of his Word will not be deceived by this impure teaching, but will realize his presence
and the necessity of the foretold fall of all these things, because the rightful king is present to remove
these out of the way of his kingdom. The position of this declaration-- thrown in disconnectedly--is
It teaches that our Lord will be present BEFORE the impure teachings (lying wonders)
begin to
GATHER them to their destruction.”

BLESSED IS THE ONE WHO STAYS AWAKE: What a strange remark in light of all that is going on!
Who could sleep through frogs, signs, and demons? Apparently we can! We are far into the
harvest, and our expectations have been delayed.
It is so easy to slumber, to be numbed by the
onslaught of media events, to be thinking it is all still distant
. (Recall Hab. 2:3)

AND KEEPS HIS GARMENTS: It is a time when insufficient clothing (compromised justification, due to far
little exercise of faith) is a real possibility. (
See Rev 3:18) The meaning is very likely that at this late
time in the harvest, the tendency will be to have INFORMATION more than CHARACTER
development -- a fatal flaw
. We are not justified by what we know. Our garments are kept pure by the
exercise of faith –
the APPLICATION of truths to our characters (faith through works, faith in action).

LEST HE WALK ABOUT NAKED: -- insufficiently clothed. This seems much like the insufficient oil in the
possession of the foolish virgins.
At this point in time, it is getting a bit late to buy (the truth) at
the market,
however there will nevertheless be those who will sell out the truth at a price.

Many there are who have not spent enough time to properly developed their characters, the fruits and
graces of the spirit as well as attend to their faith structure and because of this when the delusion come
even though appraised of the situation in advance, lacking true faith (faith in action) they will fell to act
upon the Lord’s warnings as to what is to come and will fall prey to some one of the many delusions
shortly to come. Like the “
foolish virgins” who lacked sufficient “oil” in their vessels they will be found
wanting (inquiring as to what they should do, what course of action they should take).

AND THEY SEE HIS SHAME: Who are THEY? It is difficult to say. Perhaps it is the wise virgins who
would have to look at the situation (
of the “foolish virgins”, the Great Company class) with pity. Perhaps
it is the demons who would squeal with glee to see saints fail.
After all, this is the time of their
. (Jude 6)

16:16 -- AND THEY (The Lord and his Anointed) GATHERED THEM TOGETHER: The demon-backed
croaking’s gather the influential ones of the world into a temporary unity (
Rev 17:12, 13, 17) united
against the “
Lord’s Great Army” the masses.

TO THE PLACE: Places symbolize conditions. The condition here meant is symbolized by its name

WHICH IN HEBREW IS CALLED: For some reason the Lord chose to add the two words: “In Hebrew.”
It is likely because He wants to draw attention to the fact that the final catalyst for Armageddon will
involve the Holy Land. In
Rev 14:20 we saw that the winepress feature of the trouble was to be “outside
the city
” (of Babylon.) Babylon’s fall will occur in the Middle East. The Ezekiel 39 account of the end also
ties the fall of Babylon to the deliverance of Israel. Here, in
Rev 16:16, God is with two words reminding
us that all of the prophecies relate the fall of the old order and to His deliverance of His people, Israel.

HAR-MAGEDON: Armageddon meansMount of Destruction”. The place name represents the
condition-- the old mountain is to be destroyed (
Matt 21:21). It is now, after six plagues, in a condition
ready for that destruction. It has been gathered there with the help of the fallen angels -- NOT
what THEY had in mind!

It is important to keep in mind what the sixth plague accomplishes. It plagues the people (Euphrates)
with a feeling of instability and mistrust -- a lack of desire to be supportive of their leaders and
. It has, therefore, frightened the leaders into a confederacy of convenience for self-protection
and a willingness (knowing or unknowing) to work with the powers of darkness so that they can avert a
socio-political crisis. We have two sides for the battle: The people and the self-interests. They have
become irreconcilable. The battle is inevitable. The Lord is “
The Lord of Host”; He will fight for the people!

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