“A Great Storm Approaches” Part 18

The Spirit of Demons

16:13 --And I saw [coming] out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast,
and out of the mouth of the false prophet…

THREE UNCLEAN SPIRITS LIKE FROGS: It is not clear whether there are three separate spirits
a message, proclamation or order from some recognized or accepted authority,) or one,
coming from each of the three mouths.
In any case, cooperation is shown between church and
state to
counter the threat, which the dividing of the people is causing.

Some attempt will be made to
unite the “Christian” world against its perceived threats. (To
Christendom this may possibly be the encroachment of Islam, but is seems more likely that the thing
which threatens Christendom the most is approach of the new kingdom, the Kingdom of God, this is
especially true of the un-seen powers that be, the spirits or rulers of darkness, the Kingdom of God is
most definitely a threat to their rule.

It seems clear that this is the likely time for the fulfillment of the Elijah type of the smiting of the
(2 Kings 2:7-11).

Now Elijah took his mantle, rolled it up and struck the water; and it was divided this way and
(Verse 8)

The act of
dividing the waters (typifying the people) is very much similar to the sixth plague concepts,
so much so as to make the two prophecies most compatible. The work of 16:13 is clearly an attempt
to re-unite or re-focus the divided waters

These “
spirits” (or teachings -- See 1 John 4:1) are said to be like frogs. Under the Law, frogs are
unclean animals – food no kosher person would approach.

Thus, it should be clear to all truly consecrated saints that these directives or orders, when they
happen, are beyond the conscience of a
true Christian.

Three typical characteristics of frogs may help in identifying the fulfillment of this prophecy
when it appears:

They are puffed up (pompous and proud).

2) They have inordinately large mouths. (They will speak with too much authority.)

3) They have huge eyes. (They will want to appear very wise and authoritative.)

16:14 -- FOR THEY ARE SPIRITS OF DEMONS: The first word here (“For”) is important. It means
because). The thought seems to be that these teachings are unclean because they are the work of
It is clear from history (Daniel 10:13, 20) that the demons have had a part in the
administration of various empires
(from behind the scene). They do not want their powers to pass
away and will, therefore, do all in their power (which is great) to prop up and maintain the old order.
spirits” (teachings or proclamations in order) to maintain the status quo are the
inventions of the spirit world
bringing on the most dangerous and deceptive time of the harvest
here at the end of the age


Remember Brethren we are talking about things which are shortly to transpire here if not in our
life time in our children’s life time, for
The Time is at Hand”.

It is to be expected that we
shall see the unexpected, the unexplained -- manifestations from the spirit
world in support of the old order which,
IF we were not well --informed, would deceive us, it will not be a
time to believe the eyes and ears
, but rather the promises. (1 Cor 3:13) Remember that during
this age (the Gospel Age) we walk by faith and
NOT BY SIGHT (2 Cor 5:7) there is absolutely no
indication anywhere in the scriptures that the Lord is going to change this method here at the
end of the age. In the next age, yes the world will have the
actuality however presently we have
only the

A Word of Warning

It is important that all the Lord’s true children take special note to the following scriptures, as we
deem them not only pertinent to our victory, but also to our ability not to fall prey to the deceptions
which are shortly to befall the world. The time is short my friends very soon the impending storm will
elope this present world in darkness and turmoil, the night having come in which no man can work, and
then perchance some of us will find ourselves alone unable to converse with others of like precious faith
as we do now, there will be no one to guide us or direct us as to what course we should take all we will
have is our faith in the Lord, in the promises and what we had previously learned with regards to the
impending trouble, what to expect what we might encounter and etc.

forces (the dragon, the beast, the false prophet, and all those align with them) will be gathered
against us driven by the “
Spirits of Demons” and every possible means will be employed to silence the
truth and we who espouse those truths. This it will be deemed a necessity as the truth we promote is
tantamount to treason, insurrection, the heralding of the kingdom of God and the passing away of the
present order. It is likely that we will be accused of instigating or in-sighting anarchy, though we are the
staunchest opponents of such a course

Brother will turn against brother, professed (or nominal) believer against true believer (the
, and what transpired during the early days of the Gospel age will once again
transpire here at its end, viz.

Then will they deliver you up to tribulation (bring trouble upon you), and kill you (some of us
possibly literally)
, and you will be hated by all nations (people) for my names sake (Why? Because
you refused to believe the lies the deceptions then taking place and instead of attributing them to the
Lord like everyone else you kept insisting that they are in reality of the devil).”
Matt 24:9

It is with this knowledge that we feel compelled to remind you all of our Lord’s warnings to us
of what lies ahead so that we may be prepared and not over taken.

Our first scripture is Matt 24:24, 25

For false Christ and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if
possible, even the elect

How great will these deceptions and lying wonders be? So great that if not for the fact that the elect
having been forearmed by the truth on this as well as on other aspects of God’s plan involving the
overturning of the old order, and the events soon to transpire
that even they would fall prey (be
deceived) by these deceptions
. That is how great these deceptions shall be.

The implication is most positively clear and evident;
EVERY ONE else (not of the elect, the “feet of him”)
regardless of their professions will be deceived in one-way or another,
this will likewise include the
Great Company class, some to a greater or lesser degree.

Remember there are two groups composing the Great Company Class (actually three, but we will
not go into that here), those typified by Elisha who have kept close to Elijah (the faithful, the “
”) and so are acquainted with “present truth” and thus somewhat prepared for what is to come,
and those who have been adrift in the
wilderness condition this or else still “babes” trapped within the
confines of
Babylon totally unaware of the troubles approaching.

Now note especially Verse 25 the Lord’s special warning to his people in regards to these
deceptions (the great signs and lying wonders) performed by these false Christ and false prophets, “See
I have told you beforehand
I have warned you beforehand of what is to come so that you might
prepare yourselves

To be forewarned is to be forearmed, none of the Lord’s people who are fully awake, and who have
heeded his warnings in respect to these things should be caught off guard by these
lying wonders, none
should be found later proclaiming,

Lord I didn’t know that these things were going to take place, and when they did I thought it
was you performing these wonders
, had I known it was not, I would have been better prepared
to resist these deceptions

If you succumb to these deceptions it will be your own fault, your own lack of preparation, none will be
without excuse

We shall take a look at our next crucial scripture in our next post.

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