“A Great Storm Approaches” Part 15

As if wounded and yet healed

Sometimes we run into situations where two opposing views and/or interpretations are presented to us
both of which appear at first glance to be correct, this is one of those occasions. Both Brother Shallieu
“The Keys of Revelation”), and the New Albany classes (“Notes on Revelation”) present somewhat
differing views on the subject at hand, both present excellent cases in defense of their positions,
unfortunately in such cases we are left in a pickle as to which view is correct one. There is nothing that
we can do but weight the evidence and attempt to reason things out as best we may for ourselves taking
in consideration all the facts presented that we might arrive at the best sound conclusion to the matter.
It may be that we will have to discard certain suggestions while retaining others thus in the end arriving
at a viewpoint which consist of parts of each, but of course that is for each to determine for himself.

Now recall the last paragraph of our previous post viz.
Now a most important clue comes to light in Verse 14; viz., that the image referred to could not
have been fully formed prior to 1929
, for in that year the temporal power of the pontificate was
Only then was the death-stroke healed. Therefore, only sometime subsequent to 1929
could the two-horned beast be portrayed as saying to those who dwell upon the earth that they
should make an image of the beast “
which had the wound by a sword, and did live.”

Let us attempt to reason this out clearly as I believe this is something which is crucial to our study of
events leading up to the end of this age. Once again take another look at
Verse 14 (emphasis added).

And he (the two-horned beast) deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs (great
wonders, miracles and etc.)
, which he was granted to do (before or on behalf of) the beast (i.e. the
first beast, the ten-horned beast)
, telling those who dwell on the earth (all professing Christians, but
particularly Protestants, whether members of one of the various denominations or not)
that they both (i.
e. the two-horned beast and the Protestants)
should make an image to the beast (the first beast, the
ten-horned beast)
who was wounded by the sword and lived.”

Who, What, Where, and When?

Now we already have a relative idea as to who the characters are in these discussions as listed below
however two very important questions still remain which are pertinent to our properly understanding this

1) The first or ten-horned beast (Papacy)

2) The two-horned beast (the Church of England)

3)Them that dwell on the earth” (independent Christian fellowships, Protestants who have not
previously supported either of the two beast systems)

4) The Image of the beast (a composite of Protestants and Anglicans specifically the Church of
England set up into an organized body or system similar to that of the first beast)  

Question 1) when, where, and by what means was the (first) beast wounded?

Here some of the brethren differ on their opinion as is alluded to in our two Revelation commentaries.
Some are of the opinion that this
wound took place during the Reformation period commencing in
while others that it took place in 1799 when Papacy was first shorn of its temporal dominion
and later completely extinguished in 1870
(The 70 years previously mentioned in Part 8 of this

But by
what means was this accomplished? Our text indicates that the beast was wounded by the
(the sword of the spirit, the Word of God, the spirit of truth, Eph 6:17).

Now we can see how this sword could have affected the reformation, but how was this sword
instrumental in stripping temporal dominion from the Papacy?

“The political reform witnessed during the Nineteenth Century, dating particularly from 1799, the "Time of
the End
," though very different from the former (the religious reformation), is none the less a
reformation. The revolution and independence of the American colonies-- the successful establishment of
a prosperous Republic, a government by the people and for the people, without the interference of either
royalty or priest-craft--had set a new lesson before the now awaking people, who for so many centuries
had slumbered in ignorance of their God-given rights.” (

Truth brings to light all errors, all lies and deceptions no matter what the source may be, thus was the
so-called dominion of Papacy over the Lord’s heritage exposed as a lie even as the same truths exposed
the errors of the divine rights of kings

Question 2) when was the wound healed?

Here likewise the brethren differ, some being of the opinion that,

Papacy's wound began to heal from the time the Reformation Church united to worldly empires,
for how could the Reformers any longer use the
Sword of the Spirit against Papacy as a church-- state
organization when they themselves were the same. And not only did this cause them to cease to wound
and injure Papacy, but when they justified their own church and empire organization and demanded for it
the respect and reverence of the people, they virtually caused all, both papists and protestants to
worship, respect and honor the Papal Church. To such an extent is this true, that to-day the Papal Church
is recognized among Christians as one of the churches of Christ, instead of, in its true character as the
Antichrist," that the Lord recognizes as "The Abomination of the Earth." The utterance of early
reformers against this church, if made to-day would be denounced by both Christians and the world.”

While others are of the following opinion,

“In 1870 the Franco-Prussian War forced France to withdraw its soldiers from Rome. The Roman people,
instead of supporting and advancing the cause of the pontiff (Pius IX), welcomed with acclamations the
army which Victor Emmanuel II marched into Italy’s ancient capital. This event terminated even the archaic
semblance of the temporal power of the pope. For the rest of his days he and his successors lived as
voluntary prisoners within the Vatican, until the Concordat or Lateran Treaty of 1929 between Italy and
the Papacy, which formally recognized the temporal power of the pontiff as sovereign ruler over the
Vatican and a small adjacent territory…
The Lateran Treaty of 1929 signalized the healing of
Papacy’s “deadly wound”
(“The Keys of Revelation”, Pages 338, 339)

Napoleon's work, together with the French Revolution, broke the spell of religious superstition,
humbled the pride of self-exalted religious lords, awakened the world to a fuller sense of the
powers and prerogatives of manhood and broke the Papal dominion against which the religious
Reformation had previously struck a death-blow, but which it’s after course
(as noted above) had
. (Rev 13:3) The era closing with A.D. 1799, marked by Napoleon's Egyptian campaign, sealed and
defined the limit of Papal dominion over the nations. There, the time appointed (1260 years of power)
having expired, the predicted judgment against that system began, which must finally "
consume and
destroy it unto the end
." Dan 7:26 (C50)

The consensus appears to be that the deadly wound took place shortly following the Reformation and
culminated in the actions of Napoleon when he took possession of the city of Rome, and carried the Pope
a prisoner to France, setting up a Roman republic in the city where once the Pope had reigned supreme
for a thousand years

According to Verse 14 the making of an image to the beast was supposed to have taken place
after the wound was healed.

Now even if we were to agree with those who say that
the deadly wound was healed shortly following
the reformation
when the virgin protestant sects first formed their own creedal fences and began to
unite themselves with the kings and princes of earth, we would still have difficulty with the idea that the
formation of the
Evangelical Alliance in 1846 was the image to the beast spoken of in the text, an
image of the beast
in part yes, but not specifically THE image being referred to.   

How do we arrive at this conclusion? Well for two very important reasons 1) because we hold to the
view as alluded to in the comments above that the healing of the beast was not simply accomplished by
Counter Reformation alone when the various protestant churches first began to take on the form
of the first beast, and unite to the kingdoms of this world, but likewise when its
restoration of
temporal power
stripped in 1799 by Napoleon (completely by Victor Immanuel in 1870) was restored
(to a minor degree) in 1929 under the Lateran Treaty, and
2) because if due attention were paid to a
proper interpretation of the text, viz. that
both (*Greek kai- Sinaitic MS) the two-horned beast AND
the Protestants
working together were to make an image to the beast then we would know that
the Evangelical Alliance could not have been the image of the beast spoken of in this verse because the
Church of England per se had no part in the formation of the Evangelical Alliance

*With unanimity translators either intentionally or unintentionally omit the extra Greek word kai found in
the Sinaitic text, some perhaps because of its seeming redundancy or its apparent disharmony with the
contextual flow of the passage or its seeming disruption of the proper intent of the passage.
reasoning could be largely due to the unwarranted assumption that, of necessity, the two-
horned beast is directing attention to what others should do,
rather than to what the two
horned beast itself will do
in cooperation with others.

There are three optional interpretations with the inclusion of this extra word in the text:

1.That they even should make an image

2.That they also should make an image

3.That they both should make an image

The last option is preferred and
in part seems to be historically verified. It is interesting that this very
kai is translated as “both” in Verse 15. See also 1 Cor 6:13. (“The Keys of Revelation”, Pages
354, 355

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