The Great Pyramid, Part 4

Ancient Egypt was divided into two regions, known as Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. To the north
was Lower Egypt where the Nile fanned out with its several mouths to form the Nile Delta. To the south
was Upper Egypt, stretching to Syene. The two kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt were united in
3000 BC, but each maintained its own regalia. Thus, the pharaohs were known as the rulers of
Two Kingdoms.

While the labeling of "Upper" and "Lower" might seem counterintuitive, with Upper Egypt in the south
and Lower Egypt in the north on modern maps, the terminology derives from the flow of the Nile from
the highlands of East Africa (
upstream) to the Mediterranean Sea (downstream).” Wikipedia

“Likewise the ancient Romans thought of Egypt quite differently than we do today, to them as
previously stated, the Delta was Lower Egypt and the Nile Valley was Upper Egypt. If you went 'upriver'
you were travelling south and 'downriver' north.
To an ancient traveler everything on the right
bank travelling upriver was '
Libya' and everything on the left bank (the eastern bank) was

“Both Egypt’s are actually mentioned in the Bible—Lower and Upper Egypt.
When only one is meant,
the Hebrew word
Mazor is used (Isa 19:6; 37:25; 2 Kings 19:24; Micah 7:12; see ASV,
); but when both are meant, as in Isa 19:19, the Hebrew word Mizraim, two Egypt’s, is
(Gen 50:11, etc.). The Great Pyramid is on the boundary between these two Egypt’s and thus is
on the
border of these two Egypt’s and is also 'in their midst,' i.e., between them. The Hebrew word
betoch is frequently in the Bible translated by the words between, in and within. Thus it is in,
within, both of these Egypt’s and on the border which separates them.”

Having now we hope established the fact that
literally speaking the Great Pyramid fulfills the Scriptural
requirements of being the LORD’s witness found in the midst of Egypt yet at the same time at its
border let us further go on to see how this is likewise equally true
symbolically speaking especially
seeing as the whole jest of the
Nineteenth Chapter of Isaiah is centered on what happens to
antitypical Egypt (the so-called Christian world otherwise referred to as Christendom) Now what shall
we make of the Pyramid in this symbolic sense?

What is it symbolic of that will be in the midst of Christendom and yet [found] at its border?

How will the Great Pyramid be
in the midst or center of Christendom and at the same time at
its border

From Volume 3 page 325,326, we can see just how the Great Pyramid was located at the center and
yet at the same time at the border of Egypt
literally (As was shown in the previous diagrams). Now
let us see likewise how it is also [
symbolically] considered to be at the center and border of

If we were to draw a North-South Latitude line through the great pyramid, we would find that it divides
the land surface of the earth into exactly 4 equal parts, with the Great Pyramid in the exact Center.

“The north-south axis (
31 degrees east of Greenwich, the Prime Meridian) is the longest land meridian,
and the east-west axis (
30 degrees north) is the longest land parallel on the globe. There is obviously
only one place that these the longest land-lines of the terrestrial earth can cross, and that is through
Egypt and the Great Pyramid!”

Antitypical Egypt is a picture of Christendom, more particularity of the Western Christian
. Basically the nations West of the Longitude line going through the Great Pyramid – Europe –
North America, South America, and most of Africa.

To the East of the Great Pyramid we have, - Russia, China, India, and all the Oriental nations, which we
realize are populated primarily by either Atheistic Communist people, Muslims and or other Non-
Christian religious people,
all these Non-Christian lands East of the pyramid are symbolized by
in [this particular] prophecy.

West of the Pyramid we have primarily the
Western Christian Nations symbolized by Egypt. 1.6
Billion Christians, versus [about] 684 million Non-Christian people, and East of the Pyramid we have 3.5
billion Non-Christian people versus only [about] 459 million Christian people, thus we [can picture] how
at the START of the Kingdom Isa 19:19 will be fulfilled.

In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt and a pillar to
the LORD near its border

Since everything else in Isaiah 19 is symbolic of Christendom, we now can see what’s meant
by the Great Pyramid [
symbolically] being in the midst or center of Christendom. Half of the
Christian nations are west and north of the pyramid, and half are west and south of the pyramid,
divided by the East West Longitudinal line.
At the same time we can see how the pyramid is at the
border of Christendom
, as shown by the longitudinal line that divides the Western Christian
, from the Eastern Non-Christian lands.

We shall continue with our evidence of the Great Pyramid’s divine purpose in our next post.

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