"The Man with the Writers Inkhorn", Part 7

Ezekiel Chapter 9 Verses 1-11 and Chapter 10 Verses 1-7

Many are slaughtered

After having instructed the man clothed with linen with the writer’s inkhorn at his side to go throughout
the city (i.e. Christendom) placing a saving mark upon the foreheads of those who are sorrowed by the
abominations committed there, the Lord then turned and addressed the other six men.

VERSES 5 and 6To the others He said in my hearing, “Go after him through the city and kill; do
not let your eye spare, nor have any pity.” Utterly slay old and young men, maidens and little
children and women; but do not come near anyone on whom is the mark; and begin at My
sanctuary.” So they began with the elders who were before the temple

Go after him through the city and kill

What was destroyed? We don’t consider it as literal death. Rather it shows the destruction of faith,
specifically faith in the ransom of Christ, faith in the one ransom once for ALL. It was faith that was
destroyed by the work of the six.”
This tends to support Brother Cunningham’s view, although one
could equally say that the messages of the various messengers likewise accomplished a similar
work driving some one way and others the other

“The young, the old, and the children picture those who are weaker. It depicts those in Christendom, such
the tares and the underdeveloped wheat class (mere babes in Christ, those) who are weak in faith.
They were not like those who cried and sighed for the abominations. These, when they heard the harvest
message, the truth, remained weak. They could not rouse themselves out of their stupor; they were not
spiritually minded at all. So they were slain,
condemn for holding error, their faith destroyed.” (“A Man
Clothed in Linen

“The slaughter work was to be
progressive, starting with the “sanctuary” (the inner core of the Temple
arrangement at the Brazen Altar) and working outward into the city. In antitype the slaughter begins with
those who are religious (
particularly with those who purport to be teachers, guides, instructors in truth),
and then from there the message of truth goes forth for all. Some accept it; some do not.

The elderly, the women, and the children were not to be spared. In other words, the message
affects family members differently. Some accept the message and get the mark, while others close to
them reject the message and it bypasses them.

Then two men will be in the field: one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be
grinding at the mill: one will be taken and the other left
.” (Matt 24:40, 41)

The comprehensive slaying shows a total judgment of all in Christendom. Just as all segments—young and
old, male and female—reject the truth, so the reverse is true; namely, all segments accept the truth.
Those who accept the message are
alive to the truth. Non-responders, those who reject the message,
dead to the truth, cold to it, dying to a condition where they could get life.

The slaying and death are figurative. Many stay in Babylon because they feel they are doing a good
work there (
attempting a work designated to be accomplished by the Lord in the next age, thus
unknowingly they are at odds with the Lord in essence working against him
). This type of rationalization
causes them to miss their true privileges and responsibilities in regard to truth.” (
The Book of Ezekiel
by Brother Frank Shallieu

“Since we interpret one as being a man and the teachings he used to set a mark, the other six also
represent the teachings of men. But these teachings had a slaying effect. Although undoubtedly directed
by Satan, these are man’s teachings
as was delineated in Part 4 of our study.”

Sifting and Testing by God

“The Lord sifts and tests his professed children at the time of harvest, at the time when the Lord returns,
at his Parousia or presence. That presence would reveal the wicked
one, Satan, the Papacy, and all his
false systems, to those who have an ear to hear. But of course Satan would be doubly active with lying
signs and wonders which would accompany the Lord’s presence (
2 Thess 2:8, 9). God allows Satan to
offset the proper influence of the truth by distorting it with false teachings.
In fact, this text says God
sends these
. He allows Satan to perform these lying wonders and miracles to sift and test those who do
not have the proper faith in the Word of God and who will not receive the harvest message. The ones who
are sifted out do not truly love righteousness or the truth despite all their professions.
This is why the
Lord said to the six, "
Go out and smite." They used false teachings. The Lord wants to sift those
who are not faithful, those who do not have the mark of a mature Christian in their forehead.
There is a separation between those who
have faith in the ransom and those whose faith is
shaken in some way by the false teachings of these six

After talking about the slaying of the young and the old, the women and the children, the end of
says, "begin at my sanctuary” (begin with the professing Christians in the courtyard of the
Tabernacle picture, the household of faith
). Then they began at the ancient men (the old) which were
before the house. These are those who are weak in faith—past their prime of life. They were supposed to
be the teachers of the Word of God, yet remarkably it was the clergy class who were the first ones to
those particular errors mentioned in Part 4 of our study. In the late 1800s as the people were
being enlightened from the doctrines of the dark ages, the clergy tried to adopt new teachings to keep
their flocks in their various denominational "
sheep folds."Thus they were led astray their true faith in the
ransom slain, destroyed.” (“
A Man Clothed in Linen”)

VERSE 7Then He said to them, “Defile the temple, and fill the courts with the slain. Go out!”
And they went out and killed in the city

“The court shows those who should be believers in the ransom as represented by the brazen altar.
Instead it is by this altar that a great slaughter takes place. Not only were the clergy the first to be slain,
but those who professed to be Christians were also slain and it defiled Christendom. This continues to our
day. The blind
continue to lead the blind, and both fall and are falling into the ditch.” (“A Man Clothed in

“In antitype the defilement is spiritual or figurative, not literal. Originally, Solomon’s Temple was the
houseof God, but it became defiled (Ezekiel Chapter 8). The defilement was a responsibility of both
the priesthood and the people.
Solomon’s Temple pictures the Temple of the Gospel Age, which
also became defiled and hence was rejected in 1878
. Thus another Temple is needed in the future:
Ezekiel’s (the Third) Temple. Solomon’s Temple was already defiled, but Ezekiel was told to defile it
further. In antitype, when those in the nominal system hear the truth, they think we are heretics and
speak without authority; that is, they think we are defiling their sanctuary. The reaction at the First
Advent was similar—the scribes and Pharisees did not think that Jesus, who was only in his 30s, had any

The weapons of these six men, the slaughter weapon was powerful, for it was the Sword of Truth.
Truth that separates the wheat is like a plague to the tares. To those who accept the truth, the gospel is
a life-giving message, but it is a death message to those who do not accept it.” (
The Book of Ezekiel by
Brother Frank Shallieu