"The Man with the Writers Inkhorn", Part 5

Ezekiel Chapter 9 Verses 1-11 and Chapter 10 Verses 1-7

Who are the Six Men?

Now baring in mind our previous post where we had suggested the possibility that the man clothed with
linen was none other than Pastor Russell, and
that his presence in the court implied that he was still in the flesh,  
thus the need of the imputed righteousness of Christ as a linen robe, the question would naturally be
why is there no
mention of linen robes for the other six individuals?

We believe there are two possibilities here which deserve some consideration, the first is that of
Brother Frank Shallieu who suggest that the other six individuals are not actual human beings at all
that in fact they are merely abstractions

The six men with the slaughtering weapons represent The Six Volumes of Studies in the
Scriptures Series
, written by the seventh man, the one with the writer’s inkhorn, Charles Russell.

To justify this application of
the six men representing messages or Volumes and the seventh man
being a living personality—that is,
six abstractions plus an actual individual in the same setting—we
have a Scriptural precedent in the Throne Scene in
Chapter Four of the Book of Revelation. There God
is seen sitting on His throne and
four cherubim (His four attributes, justice, love, mercy, and power),
who look like living beings, are supporting the throne (Verse 6). Likewise part of the scene involves
the 24 elders (
Verse 4), who portray the 24 books of the Old Testament, emblematic of the entire Word
of God.”

Our second thought comes from Brother Ric Cunningham, who suggest that these are indeed human

These seven men are those who had authority over Christendom in the sense that they came
from the way of the higher gate, from the way of higher learning, that they were teachers in
(not necessarily Christians themselves understand, but teachers in Christendom
having sway or influence over the thoughts of men
) …We think this means that Jehovah, at the
appointed time
, allowed seven individuals to be gathered together who would have authority over
Christendom as teachers and who would come forth to spread their teachings.
These teachings would
either slay the one class, or would mark or spare the other
. They were gathered around the brazen
altar in the court. That altar pictures the ransom sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. We therefore suggest
that the teachings of these seven individuals surround, or concern the ransom sacrifice.

Since we interpret one of these individuals as being a man and the teachings he used to set a
, the other six also represent the teachings of men. But these teachings had a slaying
. Although undoubtedly directed by Satan, these are man’s teachings. Here is one
suggestion about who might be represented by these six

1) Charles Darwin wrote the Origin of the Species and proposed the evolution theory. The evolution
theory teaches that we can determine the origins of life. It contradicts the scriptural teachings of creation
and the entire Word of God.

2) Robert Ingersoll came to be known as the great agnostic. He was a popular orator who attempted to
expose "problems" with the Bible, in the light of the dark-age creeds. He personally produced much
skepticism in the Word of God.

3) Sigmund Freud popularized a therapeutic practice called "Psychoanalysis."His 1913 book entitled The
Future of an Illusion said "religion is a universal, obsessional neurosis of mankind. God, in short, is a
creation of man."Because he believed science can take the place of religion and faith, he taught that
mankind does not need a Redeemer.

4) Karl Marx was an atheist who was the chief theorist of socialism and communism. His work Das
Kapital was published in a series of volumes beginning in 1867 and laid the foundation for radical
socialism. He taught that religion must be annihilated in theory and in practice because the ultimate
salvation for man would be the communist revolution!

Through these four "
higher critics," Satan was furiously attacking the Word of God, and he used
perverted science and false education to do it
. The masses of Christendom, in their spiritual lethargy,
didn’t understand that they were being overwhelmed and
their faith destroyed.

5) Mary Baker Eddy founded Christian Science. In 1875 she published Science and Health, with a Key to
the Scriptures. She taught that sin, death, pain and sickness were simply imagined. "All is life; there is no
death."This was the claim of the serpent in the Garden of Eden suggesting the false idea of the
immortality of man. Bro. Russell has well said, "Christian Scientists are neither Christians nor Scientists."

6) Madam Blavatsky was a Russian occultist who in 1875 started the Theosophical Society. She taught
that all of us are immortal and we don’t really die. The Theosophical Society is the forerunner of the New
Age Movement that is so popular today. Their spirit mediums are called "chandlers" because they channel
the communication from the fallen angels to their fellow man.

The first four of these six represent "
Higher Criticism" in the form of so called "education and science."
The last two represent
Spiritism which attracts by a claimed secret inner power. These individuals
attracted the weak amongst professed Christians and destroyed what little faith they possessed through
these teachings.