"His Number is 666", Part 1

“Some believe that every word and letter of Scriptures was divinely directed. This has led to a method
of reading Scripture called “
Gematria.” This is a method of adding the numeric value of each Hebrew
or Greek letter in a text to determine a clue to some extended meaning of the text. Here we must be
very careful not to use some value to insert a private interpretation or to fanaticize with the many
mystical interpretations of the Cabalistic branch of Judaism.
Any teaching must have a firm basis in
the written word

Yet there are some texts that invite our pursuit to a level deeper than the surface. And some uses of
numbers do not relate to time at all. One of these is
Revelation 13:18.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the
number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six, 666

This follows the prophetic symbols of the seven-headed beast, a two-horned beast and an image of
the beast. Finally this “
image of the beast” receives power to mark both small and great in the hands
or forehead and to control certain commerce.

We understand the beast to represent Papacy, the Man of Sin, a most beastly church-state
government. The other images are extensions of the ideology of the first beast, and even of
, PAGAN ROME, who fostered the whole system.

Rev 13:18 we are asked to “count” the number of the beast. The wordcountmeans to
calculate compute or sum
. It is remarkable that the Romans did not use all the letters of their
alphabet for numbers, as did the Hebrews and Greeks. They used only six letters,
D, C, L, X, V, and
. (M appears to have evolved from the original use of two adjacent D's to represent their sum of
.) It is even more remarkable, and perhaps significant, that the sum of these amounts to 666,
and that each pair sum to the three component parts of the
666 prophetic number. Also the sum of
the highest unit in each pair is

1.    D   =  500
                       +   600
2.    C   =  100

3.    L  =     50
                       +   60
4.    X   =    10

5.    V   =     5
                       +    6
6.    I    =     1


666 is the characteristic feature of the Roman numeral system, and perhaps is a reason this number
was chosen to mark the whole Roman politico-religious system in this prophecy.

We think the meaning of the wordswisdomandunderstandingin Rev 13:18 DO NOT
refer to a cleverness to understand the formula of the number, but to the spiritual perception
and wisdom in
IDENTIFYING THE MAN OF SIN SYSTEM and keeping separate in spirit from it.
These are identified in
Rev 20:4 as those who “had not worshipped the beast, neither his image,
neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, nor in their hands
” Let us be free from the
spirit of antitypical Babylon.” (
Beauties of the Truth, “Two Secret Numbers”, November 1994
Page 11

Of all the professing church, only those who are able to truly identify the Man of Sin (and who
have separated themselves both from it and its associates
) are found to be without this mark, all
others regardless of whether they understand
(or believe) it or not have been marked.

Revelation 13:18 "Here is wisdom (Here is a feature that contains much divine wisdom and
) Let him that hath understanding count ('compute,' Diaglott. -divine the
significance of
) the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man (a number that identifies
it with a man
). As the 'one new man,' Christ, Head and body (Eph 2:15) cannot be the one here
referred to, that organization being perfect and complete from the divine standpoint, the reference
must be to the other symbolic man brought to our attention in the Scriptures-the
'MAN OF SIN'; the
ANTICHRIST; and his number is Six hundred, three score and six." The literal rendering of
the Greek is
6oo, 6o, 6.

The Weymouth translation, however, suggests a little different thought: “
Here is scope for
ingenuity: Let people of shrewd intelligence calculate the number of the wild beast: for it
indicates the number of a certain man and his number is 666

“Jesus, who gave this revelation to us (
Rev 1:1), well knew that this symbol could not be properly
understood until about the
PRESENT TIME, for the reason that the Image of the Beast was only
made in
1846. Jesus also knew, of course, that ENGLISH would be the language used by probably
four- fifths of his earnest truth-seeking children, in the "
time of the end.” He likewise knew that not
many wise, not many great, not many learned in all languages (
specifically Greek and Hebrew) would
be of the chosen “
little flock”. Moreover, it was his custom to adapt his teachings to the "common
," and of this sort his Jewels have been from, the twelve disciples and since.

Therefore it would appear that the number
666, should be open to the comprehension of us all-we
being the ones told to count—as much so as were the other symbolic numbers of (
Daniel and
) Let us try, then, to apply these figures in English.

First, then, the number is that of
the [first] BEAST. Let us see whether it will apply to some of its
names, that system which Paul calls the “
Man of Sin” is the,

Roman Catholic Power

Count the Letters in the Name or Title,

R-1, O-2, M-3, A-4, N-5, C-6, A-1, T-2, H-3, O-4, L-5, I -6, C-1, P-2, O-3, W-4, E-5, R-6 = 666

He is in Revelation likewise called a BEAST (Once again count the letters in the name or title)

Roman CatholicBeast” = 666

The system is also called the “woman” (See Rev 17:18)

Roman Catholicwomen” = 666

She calls herself the

Holy Catholic Church” = 666

In reality she is (Rev 17:5)

The Mother of Harlots” = 666

Thus we see that the number fits the BEAST well.

The second BEAST was anxious likewise to have exactly the same NAME, and in fact it claimed to
have pre-eminent right to the name-

Holy Catholic Church” = 666

Other names, by which it is known, are-

English State Church” = 666

The Episcopal Church” = 666

Episcopalian Church” = 666

“The Church of England” = 666

This application of the number, will doubtless
appear to some too simple to be accepted, but
thus God ever deals with us-hiding truth under the vail of its own simplicity, so that it may
appear to the Greek
(worldly wise) foolishness, but unto them which believe (not to those who
believe without evidence, but who believe on the strongest kind of evidence --the harmony of His
) the power of God, and the wisdom of God.  (1 Cor 1:23)

The Image causes all who claim relationship, or whom it recognizes, as having a right to buy or sell--
teach-to have as a creed, that which shall mark them as having either "the name" of the BEAST, or
the "
number" of his name, viz. 666. Many take the name and in their creeds recite, "I believe in the
Holy Catholic Church" = 666.

Among those who thus openly
mark themselves in their forehead (by their creeds) are
Episcopalians, Methodists, Presbyterians and others. But others give a seeming support (
mark in
their hand
) to the general principal by organizing under various sectarian names. After these are
blended in the
IMAGE, (and no one would be admitted to membership in the Evangelical Alliance,
unless he be a member of some such sect
), they all are collectively known as the "Protestant
," = 666.

If we ourselves for instance were to organize, though we protest more than all others against the
errors of Rome, and also against the errors of the Image and second
BEAST, yet we would not be
reckoned one of the "
Protestant Churches," because we would not be recognized as upholding the
common or orthodox doctrines-They would not count our organization a church. (R323)

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