6000 Years from Adam, The True Bible Chronology, Part 7

The True Bible Chronology as compared with The JW Chronology”


(Excerpts are taken from "A Confirmation of the True Bible Chronology" by Charles F. Redeker)

Biblical Period                                            Acording to                              Acording to

                                                        C.T. Russell
(A)                             J.W's (B)

Creation to Flood                                         1,656 yrs.                                 1,656 yrs.

Flood to Abrahamic Covenant                         427...                                        427...

Abrahamic Covenant to Exodus                      430...                                        430...

Exdodus to the Division of the
Kingdom at the Death of Solomon                   
616...                                        516...

Death of Solomon to Zedekiah's
393...                                       390...

Zedekiah's overthrow to the
Restoration of the Land                                      70...                                         70...

Restoration to A.D. 1 (Jan.1)                            536...                                        536...

A.D. 1 (Jan.1) to A.D. 1872 (Oct.)                   1872...                                      1872...

6000...                                      5897...

A.D. 1872 to A.D. 1975 (Autumn)                      103...                                       103...

Total:                                                                 6103 yrs.                                  6000 yrs.

Based on Volume 2 of "Studies in the Scriptures, The Time is at Hand", Page 42.

(B) Based on "All Scripture is inspired of God and Beneficial", Pages 284, 285.

As you can see the principle difference here between the “
True Bible Chronology” and the “JW
” is a difference of 103 years located in the periods from the Exodus to Division of
Kingdom at Death of Solomon
and in the Death of Solomon to Zedekiah's overthrow.

The widest deviation of the J.W. chronology from that of C. T. Russell occurs in the Period of the
, which the Witnesses (and some others) believe should be shortened from 450 to 350
years. Some basis for this view is found in
1 Kings 6: 1, where the length of the period from the
Exodus to the start of the building of Solomon's Temple is given as "
480" years:

"And it came to pass in the
four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were
come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month
Zif, which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the Lord."

If this text is correct in assigning 480 years to the period described, then the Period of the
Judges of necessity would have to be only 350 years in length, since the other component
periods which are included in the overall total are fixed and their lengths agreed upon. However,
for many years scholars have pointed out the likelihood that an error was made in transcribing
the numerals used, and that
1 Kings 6:1 apparently should read "580" years instead of "480"

Let us list the Biblical periods from the Exodus to the construction of the Temple to see how they
fit into the two prevalent views of
1 Kings 6:1:

Two views of
1 Kings 6:1

                                                             Acording to                             Acording to

                                                             C.T. Russell                                  J.W'S

Period from the Exodus to
thru the Division of the Land                          46 yrs.                                    46 yrs.

Period of Judges                                           
450...                                      350...

King Saul's Reign                                            40...                                        40...

King David's Reign                                          40...                                        40...

King Solomon's forth year                                 4...                                         4...

580 yrs.                                  480 yrs.

Pastor Russell believed that a transcription error must have been made in 1 Kings 6:1 because,
as this text stands, it does not harmonize with
Acts 13:19-20, where Paul defines the length of
the Period of the Judges as
450 years. Just how the error might have crept into the text is not
certain. For the most part, the Hebrew scribes entrusted with the task of transcribing the Old Testament
manuscripts were very careful and painstaking in their work. Nevertheless, some examples are to be found
obvious errors in the chronological record were made.

One such instance is found in comparing
2 Chron 36:9 with 2 Kings 24:8. Here 8 years and 18 years
respectively are given for the age of King Jehoiachin when he began his reign. A similar discrepancy is
found in comparing
2 Chron 22:2 with 2 Kings 8:26. In this case, 42 years and 22 years respectively
are given for the age of King Ahaziah when he began to reign.
If it was possible for such evident
errors to have been made here, it seems quite plausible that a less obvious one could have crept
1 Kings 6:1.

Benjamin Wilson in the Diaglott version, in a footnote on Acts 13:19 suggested that a copyist
made the mistake of substituting the Hebrew character
"four" for "five" in 1 Kings 6:1 due to
their similar appearance
. Other authorities have affirmed the fact that originally, in the Hebrew,
numerals were formed by characters rather than being spelled out as words, if so, this practice would have
contributed to the possibility of a transcription error in
1 Kings 6:1.”

Nevertheless as true bible students seeking for a “Thus saith the Lord” we have a duty to “prove all
” (for ourselves by the written Word), and this word as we have observed in our previous post thus
far confirms the fact that the period of the Judges was indeed 450 years as attested by the Apostle Paul.

Thus concludes our look at the 6000 Years From Adam