6000 Years from Adam, The True Bible Chronology, Part 3

After examining the first three periods of Bible Chronology, we believe that we have established that
from the creation to the giving of the Law a total of
2513 years elapsed. Let us now examine the
forth period of bible chronology

The “
Period from the Exodus to the Division of Canaan among the Tribes

Note: Link number 21 in the true bible chronology begins with Num 10:11

Israel's forty years, or "day of temptation in the wilderness" (Deut 8:2; Psa 95:8-10; Heb 3:8, 9),
was followed by
six years of war in Canaan, and the dividing of the land among the tribes. One year, one
month and five days elapsed
from their going out of Egypt to their leaving Sinai for Paran. (Num 33:
3; 10:11-13
) And it was then, from Kadesh-barnea in the wilderness of Paran, that the spies were sent.
Num 13:3-26; 32:8-13)

One of these, Caleb, when applying for his portion at the division of the land (J
oshua 11:23; 10:42),
said, "
Forty years old was I when Moses the servant of the Lord sent me from Kadesh-barnea to
espy out the land, and I brought him word again…And now, behold, the Lord hath kept me
alive, as he said, these
forty and five years, even since the Lord spoke this word...while Israel
wandered in the wilderness; and now, lo, I am this day fourscore and five years old
." (Joshua
14:7, 10
Link number 22)

Thus it will be seen that it was forty-five years from the spying of the land to its division among the tribes,
as affirmed by Joshua, and
a little over a year from the exodus to the sending of the spies, making
forty six full years and a fraction *
from the exodus to the division of the land. As the first forty
years of this period were passed in the wilderness, as shown by many scriptures, notably
Acts 7:36 and
Heb 3:9, the remaining six to the division of the land were spent in Canaan, conquering and taking
possession of the land of promise.

*NOTE: We take account of only the complete years, more accurate account being impossible.
Sometimes, as above, the years are fractionally long. And again some are short, as in the case of
Zedekiah's reign. Zedekiah is said to have reigned eleven years (
2 Chron. 36:11; Jer. 52:1); yet, from
verses 3 to 7 of the latter chapter, it is clear that his actual reign was ten years four months and nine
days. We believe that these fractional parts of years counterbalance themselves; and
that the Lord has
thus overruled and arranged the matter is our confidence
, supported by the outcome and the
results deducible from it, and the accuracy to a day, even in large periods, already noticed, thus illustrating
God's care and particularity in this matter, (
See Gen 7:11, 13; Exod 12: 40, 41).

We now have established that,

From the Creation of Adam to the end of the flood...................... 1656 years

Thence to the covenant with Abraham........................................... 427 years

Thence to the Exodus and the giving of the Law............................ 430 years

Thence to the division of Canaan...................................................... 46 years

Bringing us from the creation to the division of the land a total of 2559 years.

Once again we will pause here and continue shortly.

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